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									             Five Lessons
1.   The Bible comes into being
2.   The Manuscripts of the Bible
3.   The Translations of the Bible
4.   The Bible and recent discoveries
5.   The Canon and the Apocrypha
1.Canon   = Standard, rule
2.Canonical = accepted as authentic
3.Inspired = God breathed
4.Apocrypha = hidden, secretive
5.Deutero = second canon
6.Scripture = authorized by God
7.Josephus = 1st Century historian
8.Origen   = 3rd Century - 22 books
9.Justin Martyr = 2nd Century
10.Murtorian = list of N.T. books
Gen.1:1 “In the beginning God
created the heaven and the earth.”

 2 Tim.3:16

Rev. 22:21 “The grace of our Lord
Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”
Gen.1:1 “In the beginning God
created the heaven and the earth.”

Rev. 22:21 “The grace of our Lord
Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”
•   Greek ~ measuring stick
•   Standard - Rule
•   Books received as Scriptures
•   Canonical book is from God

     Apocrypha - Hidden, secretive
      Books excluded from Canon
                 Tests for Canonicity

1. Inspiration
2. Written by spokesman of God
3. Can it be proved to be genuine?
4. Is it an authentic book?
5. Testimony of people at time
          Canon of Old Testament

N.T. quoted
    Called them scriptures
    John 5:39, 46, 47
    Jn. 7:38, 10:35
    Acts 17:11

  Over 300 quotations in N.T.
         Canon of Old Testament

   Luke 24:44

 Law of Moses        Prophets

          Canon of Old Testament

O.T. claims
   Ex.24:1-8 ~ God spoke to people
   Deut.17:18-20, 31:24-29

   Josephus           Origen
  1st Century      3rd Century
         Canon of New Testament

         Justin Martyr
         2nd Century

   Murtorian Fragment
   List of books 2nd century
          Canon of New Testament

N.T. Evidence
   Col.4:16 - circulating of epistle
   2 Pet.3:16
   1 Thes. 2:13
   1 Tim.5:18 from Lk.10:7
        3 steps in Canonization

Hidden or secretive
“Apocryphal” - books not inspired
O.T. books - and N.T.
Deutero canonical = second canon
Apocrypha        O.T. Apocrypha
                   Letter of Jeremiah
I & II Esdras
                   Prayer of Azariah
                   Bel & the Dragon
Esther [additions]
                   Prayer of
Baruch             Mannasseh
Ecclesiasticus     I & II Maccabees
Wisdom of Solomon
Apocrypha       O.T. Apocrypha

 None of these were ever received
 into the canon of the Hebrew O.T.
 Produced between
 2nd Century BC and 1 Century AD

 Do not claim       Never quoted
  inspiration          In N.T.
Apocrypha       Rejected because
                    of content
Wisdom 18:13-17
Barauch 6:56-60    Tobit 4:10
Sirach 31:20-23   Tobit 12:9
Tobit 6:1-8       Tobit 14:10-11
Judith 13:6-10    Sirach 3:30
Baruch 3:4
Apocrypha      Rejected because...

 1. Never in Hebrew Canon
 2. Not considered scripture by
 Jesus or apostles
 3. Not accepted as scripture in
 the first century
Apocrypha       Rejected because...

Many Errors
                   Some examples:
                   Wisdom of Sol.11:17
                   2 Maccabees 1 & 9
                   2 Maccabees 14:41
                   Tobit 6:1-17
 Apocrypha         New Testament

Gospel of Thomas
Acts of Pilate    Shepherd of Hermas
Gospel of Peter   Epistles of Barnabas
Acts of John      Infancy Gospels
Acts of Paul
Acts of Andrew
Apocrypha          Rejected because
                      Of Content

 I Infancy 17:10
 I Infancy 19:22-24
 Gospel of Thomas
   66 books of the Bible
   2 Tim. 3:16-17
   Good evidence for these

Apocryphal books not inspired
•By Arthur Pigman
•Evans Church of Christ
•Evans, Georgia
•Sunday Evening – 13 March 2005

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