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					      Canon       F-1/n/N Collection
F-1   w/Prism finder/camera holder F2/Angle finder B
      programable Data back unit
F-1   w/Power winder F/Waist level finder
      all in red wine leatherette covering
F-1 “ HS MD “ version w/Battery case/Motordrive
F-1   w/Prism finder/NPC Polaroid back old version
F-1   w/Prism finder/NPC polaroid back new version
F-1 “Montreal 1976“ w/Motordrive Unit/Battery pack D
      250 film chamber/film cassettes/film loader 250/
      Booster finder/battery pack/6V connector cable 2B
F-1   U.S.NAVY version w/U.S.Navy engraved body and
      Prism finder/Motordrive MF/connecting cord MF/
F-1   “ Gold plated “ w/gold plated flash unit V3/
      brown snake leatherette covering/flash coupler F
F-1n w/Motordrive MF/Servo finder EE/Data back F/
      12 V connector cable 2 E/battery pack
F-1n “Lake Placid 1980“w/Power winder F/Sport finder/
F-1n “Police” version with complete “Multanova” VR 5F
…………radar speed control unit with special tripod and flash,
…………control unit and special camera film back for the F-1.
F-1n w/ Ikelite UW housing/UW flash housing/sport finder
F-1n ODF-1 version w/oliv drap neck strap and camera soft
      leather case /orig. Box w/Manual
F-R by Canon modified F-1n version for opthalmologie w/
    spezial “Chimney” finder/spezial Screen/Motordrive MF/
    Canon Polaroid back CR-PB ( for 1 polaroid photo)
F-R by Canon modified F-1n version for opthalmologie w/
   spezial “Chimney“ finder /spezial Screen/Motordrive MF/
    Canon Polaroid back CR-PC ( for 2 polaroid photos )
F-R by Canon modified F-1n version for opthalmologie w/
    spezial “Chimney”finder/spezial Screen/Motordrive MF
    Canon Polaroid back CR-PC1 (for SX-70 polaroid film )
F-Rb by Canon modified F-1 New version for opthalmologie
      w/spezial Power winder CR3-FN/spezial Screen/spezial
    “Chimney“ finder/optional Canon Polaroid Unit CR3-PC
F-Rb by Canon modified F-1 New version for opthalmologie
      w/ spezial Screen/spezial Power winder CR4-FN/spezial
      magnification fiew finder with +/- dioptrin adjustment
F-1 New ( partiell Oliv Drap ) US Government version w/
          NPC spezial magnification Polaroid back MF-9 w/
          Polaroid camera Holder/ SX-70 film cassette /
         full format Polaroid cassette/Polaroid lens protector
F-1 New “ Chrome plated “ version w/ AE-finder/blue-green
         Snake imitate leatherette covering
F-1 New “50th anniversary“version w/golden Canon F-1 letters
         and Medaille /orig. Box /certificate Papers/Manual/
      AE Finder/AE Motordrive FN/high power Ni-Cd pack
F-1 New “ Los Angeles 1984 “ version w/FN finder /Canon
F-1 New w/ AE Finder/AE Motordrive FN/high power
         Ni-Cd pack/grey snake leatherette covering all over
F-1 New U.S. NAVY version w/Waist level finder FN-6X/
          Film chamber FN-100/AE Motordrive FN/Battery
           pack FN/film cassettes
F-1 New “ Canadian Forces “ version w/AE Motordrive FN /
          Sport Finder FN/Data Back FN/Ni-Cd pack/
          spezial all over “ cold weather cover “ pack
F-1 New w/Power Winder FN/Waist Level finder FN/
F-1 New w/NPC Forscher Pola back/mini tripod/FN finder
F-1 New HS MD version w/Battery Pack/connecting cable/
         Charger S-12/ 2 x Batteries /Manual/FN finder
F-1 New “Pin registrated“version w/spezial Screen/ spezial
          film back from Double M industries/FN finder
F-1 New “ Post “ version w/fixed ALOS 35/3,5 mm Lens/
          was used without finder from Switzerland Post
F-1 New “ P “ version for Japanese Press photographers/
          AE Motordrive FN/Ni-Cd pack/ without film
          rewind botton/AE finder FN

      other     F-1/n/N System parts
F-1 &F-1 New different Books/camera straps/advertisement/
Intervaltimer L/Flash coupler D/Flash coupler L/Selftimer E
Battery tester MD/Remote switch MD/Finder iluminator F/
Wireless controller LC 1/Macro Light ML-1/Flash coupler
A2/B2/ Speedlites: 133D /011A/J3/V3/480EG/533G
577G /155A/166A/177A/188A/199A/Canon CR3-45NM unit
to adapter the F-R/F-Rb camera bodies & Polaback CR3-PC
Canon FL/FD 50/55/58 mm lenses :
FL 50 mm 3,5 macro / FL 50 mm 1,4 / FL 50 mm 1,8 /
FL 55 mm 1,2 / FD 50 mm 3,5 macro SSC /
FD 50 mm 1,8 SC / FD 50 mm 1,2
FD 50 mm 1,4 U.S.Navy / FD 50 mm 1,4/
FD 50 mm 1,4 SSC / FD 50 mm 1,2 L / FD 50 mm 2,0 /
FD 55mm 1,2 S.S.C Aspherical
FD 50 mm 1,8 / FD 50 mm 1,4 U.S. Navy chrome /
FD 50 mm 1,4 chrome / FD 50 mm 1,8 chrome
FD 50 mm 3,5 macro / FD 55 mm 1,2 SSC /
FL 58mm 1,2
           Canon items wanted !!!
Canon Speedlite 500A
Canon Speedlite 1000 ????didn´t knew if ever produced ??
Canon Macro Speedlite 120A ??didn´t knew if also aviable ?
Canon Time Laps Programer A & B
Canon FD 55mm f/1,2 AL
Canon FD 55mm f/1,2 AL S.S.C.

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