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              THE 631 PRIZE RULES

The 631 Prize will be awarded to the first person or persons to paddle
by canoe or kayak the full 631 mile length of the Alabama Scenic River
Trail. Entrants agree to comply with all rules stated herein, the
requirements of the Alabama Power Company, the US Army Corps of
Engineers, the Alabama Marine Police and any other authorities with
jurisdiction over land and water that must be involved in taking the
Trail. The exact plan of the route, which is mapped in detail in the four
guidebooks comprising the four segments of the journey, are described
as follows:

   1. The Coosa River at the Georgia State Line east of Cedar Bluff,
      including as part of the portage at Logan Martin Dam a small
      distance on Kelly Creek, to its confluence with the Tallapoosa
      River south of Wetumpka, Alabama.
   2. The Alabama River from its beginning northeast of Montgomery
      to the point where it joins the Tombigbee River.
   3. The Mobile River to the inception of the Tensaw River.
   4. Bottle Creek from the Tensaw to its confluence with the Middle
   5. The Middle River to its confluence with the Tensaw River.
   6. The Apalachee River to the point where the Trail switches to
   7. The Blakeley River to Mobile Bay, and finally
   8. Following within one mile of the eastern shoreline of Mobile Bay
   9. The end of the Trail at historic Ft. Morgan where Mobile Bay
      joins the Gulf of Mexico.

Paddlers vying for the 631 Prize may not start down the Trail before
9:00 a.m. October 1, 2008.

Each paddler must register in advance of his trip with the ASRT using
the required ASRT entry form, the medical form, and American Canoe
Association waiver of liability form, all of which can be downloaded
from the ASRT website. Fully complete forms must be signed and and
delivered to the ASRT, c/o ASRT President Fred Couch, P.O. Box 182,
Choccolocco, AL 36254 not less than two days before the contestant
commences his paddle on the ASRT.

When more that one paddler will be involved in a team effort, forms
must be signed and submitted for each one, but only one prize will be

Each participant must report to Mr. Clark 334-396-4656 or Mr. Couch
at 256-591-0437 not less than twice a week at one of the phone numbers
specified above to facilitate verification and coverage of the
participant’s passage at unannounced checkpoints along the Trail. Mr.
Clark is authorized to answer questions regarding the Trail or the
event, including the most recently-reported position of any other

To evidence his or her having paddled the route, each paddler must
obtain and later expose to ASRT for copying an authorized stamp on
the Passport Page in each of the ASRT’s four Trail Guides from at
•      one place in each of the six Alabama Power Company lakes;
•      one place in each of the three Corps of Engineer’s Lakes;
•      the Isaac Creek Campground at Claiborne Dam; and
•      two separate places in the Lower Delta or Mobile Bay.

A single paddler or a pair of paddlers may enter in a single boat, but
only one prize will be awarded. The person(s) receiving the 631 Prize
must have paddled the entire trail. A paddler may leave the Trail at any
point but must return to the trail within 100 yards of the last departure
point. Portages must be taken (with the exception of Mitchell Dam,
where a shuttle is an available option for a fee of $50), or at the Corps of
Engineers dams where the locks can be used. Portages are to be as
outlined in the Trail Guide for the Central Section.

Each paddler must reasonably cooperate with any journalist seeking
interviews and photographs for publication and with any representative
of ASRT.
Details and Trail Guides for the four sections of the Trail are available
from the Trail’s website Entry forms
may be downloaded from the website by clicking on “Paddle Alabama.”

ASRT reserves the exclusive right of interpretation of these rules and
may amend the same from time to time at its convenience. In special
cases either Mr. Couch (256-591-0437) or Mr. Clark is authorized to
grant waivers, but such will normally not be granted retrospectively.

No person may be a participant who is now or has in the past been a
member of, a consultant for, an advisor to, or an employee of ASRT.

In accordance with IRS rules, the winner must provide information,
including social security number before payment can be made.

The undersigned confirms receipt and understanding of its rules as
stated herein, agrees to abide by all of the terms and conditions, and has
executed the American Canoe Association’s waiver of liability form
which is included with this entry along with a check payable to the ACA
in the amount of $5.

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