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					                             ERIFON BOP CONTROL FLUIDS.

Erifon BOP control fluids are all synthetic hydraulic fluids and are designed to operate at levels
down to 1% in fresh water, except the pilot line fluid, which is used as supplied. All are resistant to
microbiological attack, providing anti-wear, anti-corrosion and stability. These features make
Erifon BOP fluids reliable and economical.

Full HOCNF information is available and all the Erifon BOP products are biodegradable, non-
bioaccumulating and have low toxicity. All the BOP fluids have been tested and found to be
compatible with equipment and materials used in the drilling industry.

Erifon HD 856

This fluid has been the workhorse of the exploration industry for over fifteen years; it is still the
worlds best selling BOP control fluid concentrate. Dilutable down to 100:1 it offers a good balance
of lubrication, corrosion protection, and microbiological resistance with the track record to give the
operator and equipment suppliers confidence in the performance of the BOP system.

Erifon HD 2000

This fluid was developed from our experience over the last fifteen
years. It is designed to cope with the poor water supplies and the
warm ambient temperatures of the equatorial seas. Ordinary
BOP fluids can suffer from mould and fungus infestation due to
the ideal conditions for micro-organism growth. It should be
remembered that all the Erifon products are biodegradable and
poor dilution or water supply can turn any BOP fluid into bug
food. Erifon HD2000 can cope with more mistreatment and
stands a better chance of recovering should infestation occur. All
other properties are the same as Erifon HD856 including dilution

Erifon HD 603

                                                    Due to public concern about the oil and gas
                                                    industries     environmental     track     record,
                                                    European legislation on chemicals discharged
                                                    at sea has tightened. Currently all the Erifon
                                                    fluids can be used in the EU sectors but Wm
                                                    Canning took one step further with Erifon HD
                                                    603 to produce the least toxic fluid to date. This
                                                    fluid is not a rework of an existing formulation
                                                    but has been put together from chemicals
                                                    known to be environmentally acceptable but
                                                    still have the properties necessary to perform in
                                                    the modern BOP systems. Again all other
                                                    properties are the same as Erifon HD856 with
                                                    an improvement on the lubrication of shear seal

Erifon Pilot Line Fluid

Incorrect dilution or the use of poor water can compromise even the sturdiest BOP fluid
concentrate. This may not cause too much trouble in the main power hydraulics, as the fluid follow-
through is high, a bad mix of fluid will soon be replaced with use. This part of the system is also less
susceptible to damage from inferior fluid.

Incorrect fluid mixes cause the most damage in the control or pilot line system. Relatively small
amounts of fluid are discharged; this leaves the BOP mix in the hydraulic lines for a long period.
Also the shear valves and spool valves are more sensitive to contamination and lack of lubrication.

Wm. Canning have resolved this problem by providing a pre-mixed fluid for use in the control or
pilot lines that is fully compatible with current BOP fluids on the market.

The product exhibits excellent stability, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. It also possesses
extremely high resistance to microbiological attack. These features make Erifon Pilot Line Fluid an
ideal hydraulic operating medium for the control circuits in equipment designed for high water based

Erifon Pilot Line Fluid is particularly well suited to operations in hazardous environments and where
fluid losses may be high. The toxicity of the product is at a minimum allowing discharge into all oil
producing sectors.

Wm Canning used to supply the old phosphate ester motion compensator fluids for Monsanto.
Following explosions offshore we developed the first water/glycol fluid in conjunction with a major
equipment supplier. The equipment supplier was so pleased that they re-branded the fluid under
their own image.

Since then the Erifon 818 range has become well established and recommended by all motion
compensator equipment manufacturers.

All the Erifon 818 fluids have excellent stability and lubrication. It’s main advantage over the
competition is the use of a vapour phase corrosion inhibitor or VPI which protects metal above
the fluid surface as well as components that are immersed. This is of particular importance to Mo-
Comp systems as air is often used as the balancing media.

Even though the fluid is not designed for discharge full HOCNF discharge information is available.
This is provided as small amounts of fluid leak in practice and major leaks can still happen.

Erifon 818

This is the standard version of the fluid designed for general use in all parts of the world between
the Arctic and Antarctic circles. It has been in use for about 20 years with no reported problems.

Erifon 818L

This fluid has been designed in conjunction with manufacturers for colder climates. At lower
temperatures it behaves in the same way as the standard fluid at normal temperatures. It is used
during winters in the North Sea and Canada or all year round above the Arctic or below the
Antarctic circles.

Erifon 818 TLP

As its name suggests Erifon 818 TLP is for use in motion compensator equipment on tension leg
platforms. The pistons inside compensators on TLP’s move over a shorter distance more often,
the pressures are also higher due to the cable pull. Using normal tensioner fluids the seal and
cylinder wall can wear causing fluid loss and breakdown.

Again Wm. Canning got together with a major equipment supplier to produce Erifon 818 TLP for
the Saga Snorre instillation. The fluid was only accepted after extensive testing with seal and
cylinder materials. Erifon 818 TLP is now recommended by some equipment manufacturers
where extra contact lubrication is required.

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