How to Improve on Customer Relations

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                                             How to Improve on Customer Relations
                                                                By Tom Tessin

  You might have heard about Customer Relation Management. It might looks like a piece of normal
software that has forms for your customers to fill and many other things that are included. The truth is
Customer Relation Management is more than just a software to manage your customers. If you truly
understand the meaning, you will realize that it is a way of doing business in life.

 As we all know customers are very important for any kind of business, no matter what you are selling
or offering. With no customers, there is no way you can make money let alone in making big bucks.
However, if you can target on your customers and make use of their data or details, you are on your
way for winning in your business. However, you will need to spend time analyzing and devising a plan
in order to get them stay loyal to you.

 Do you know what information you should get from your customers in order to understand your
customers better? First of all, you must ask them how they feel about the services or products they
have purchased from your business. This is crucial because you will be able to break down the
percentage of those who are satisfied and not satisfied with what you are offering. Then, you can work
your way to improve on what they don’t like. On the other hand, you must maintain on what they like
about your business.

 Secondly, you also need to find out how many times the manager of your business store has to go out
and meet the customers regarding of their complains or problems. This is to get a general idea on how
your business is dealing with customers affairs and the quality of customer service provided.

 The third is to find out what they purchase and who they bring along when they shop at your store.
Usually, you can observe them whenever they come to your store. However, the easiest and perhaps
the cheapest way is by doing a survey. Pass them a survey form whenever they pay for their items at
the counter or simply leave the survey forms at any location that is easy to spot and fill up instantly.
Then they can either return it to the counter or just insert into the feedback mail box in your store.

 Get some people to gather all the data in readable form such as in excel format so you can analyze
everything easier. You might not see how powerful these data can be but when you see the result
coming from the analysis and your business plan, you will be surprised.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

 A customer is a very important aspect to a business and it's important that you do everything you can
to keep that person happy. Sometimes you amy find that there may be problems that do exist but make
sure you do everything in your own power to keep him/her, even if you have to lose out on a sale.
Remember that old say, the customer is always right, even when they seem wrong.

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        Improving Communications with Your Customers While Creating Sustainable Profits
                  By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

Improving Communications with Your Customers While Creating Sustainable Profits by
Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

If there were just one magic word you could use to double your profits, Wouldn’t you use it? It seems
there is something, not a word, but something you do with words that can do just that. Its
communications, and these lessons learned can improve your company’s bottom line.

Ask your customers where you can serve them better. Seek to improve from their feedback, strive to
serve them better, but do not ask what you do wrong -- it could overshadow your accomplishments.

Ask your best customers for more business. In effect, ask for referrals, check on reorders to keep you
customer supplied, and do other things to keep the customer coming back for more with top-of-mind

Personally thank your top 10 customers. A personal face-to-face thank you means more than anything
to keeping customers coming back, however, do not make it a sales call – truly be thankful and treat
the customer without underlying motives.

Send a personal thank you after each sales transaction. Even if it is from the front line worker who
packaged the order, a personal and sincere thank you after every transaction puts a face with a
product and helps employees understand whom they serve.
As simple as it may sound, improved communications between your organization and your customers
solves customer relations problems you will face, it increases sales, and improves your profits. These
tips also work with your partners, vendors, and others you interact with in the course of business.
Tackle one of these areas today and you will be astonished in the results.

Copyright © 2002 Justin Hitt, All rights reserved.

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