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					                              Press Release
                                                  Islamabad 18 May 2012

Attacks on the media persons are not only condemnable but also
tantamount to causing interference in the free dissemination of
information to the general public. Safety, security and protection of the
media persons should be the top priority of the law enforcing agencies
who are not only required to maintain law and order but also uphold the
law and the constitution. This was stated by Chairman, Press Council of
Pakistan, Raja Shafqat Abbasi in a letter written to the Inspector General
Police, Government of Punjab.

      Mr. Abbasi urged the Inspector General Police, Government of
Punjab to “Arrest the killers of Raja Assad Hameed, Court Reporter
of the Daily Nation”. who was gunned down on 26th March, 2009
at10:10 p.m. the unidentified killers, who were on motor-cycle, when he
has just parked his car outside his house at Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi. The
matter was reported by his brother, Raja Amjad the same day with
Sadiqabad Police Station, Rawalpindi.

      The Chairman PCP, in the said letter has stated that, “Court
Reporters are the vital part of the judicial system. They are the officer of
the court who informed the public about the court proceeding”. The
investigating agency is duty bound to complete its investigations within
15 days and to submit the challan in the competent court of law as per
section 173 Criminal Procedure Court (CrPC), but despite laps of more
than three years, no solid and concrete steps have been taken in tracing
or arresting the culprits, which indicates the level of dedication and
commitment shown by the local police in the matter.

      PCP Chief further stated that, The family of Raja Assad, media
organizations, office bearers of the Press Clubs including Crime and
Court Reporter Association, of Rawalpindi/Islamabad on various
occasion demanded for the arrest of the culprits. They have running
from pillar to the post in order to seek justice, but none has paid any
attention in their grievances.
      Chairman PCP under clause 9 of the PCP regulation has taking
notice; ask the Inspector General (IG), Punjab “let me know what action
has been taken on the account of journalist murdered case”. Asked to
submit detail report in this regard within 15 days in PCP office.

      He has further stated that “under Article 19 and 19-A of the
Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, freedom of press and
right to access of information has been granted. Under sub-section 1(i)
of the Press Council of Pakistan Ordinance, the freedom of Press is to be
preserved. Under sub-section 2 of Section 8 of Press Council of
Pakistan Ordinance,2002, it is statutory obligation of the Press Council
of Pakistan “to act as a shield to freedom of press or against any sort of
interference in the proper functioning of the press, in any manner, by
any person, party or organization”.

                                                           Kashif Nawaz