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					           Kim Willis, Retired Master Police Officer, K9 and Search & Rescue Profile

Capabilities and Response
K9 response for light disaster, and search & rescue in urban, industrial, rural or wilderness for all lost individuals or
run-a-ways at risk, and those with dementia or autism. Criminal investigations for, but not limited to, abductions,
kidnappings, murders, assaults, car trails, suspect vehicle identification, all with the use of advanced scent
discrimination skills. Training law enforcement K9 Teams in advanced scent discrimination skills. Animal’s is
disaster or rescue response including equines, under Chesapeake Community Emergency Response Team, and
the training of all first responders in horse handling for emergency situations. At this time I am assisting with the
organizing of a Greater Tidewater area large animal rescue organization that will fall under the Virginia State Animal
Rescue Organization. I also own a K9 Training business that will offer the service of Search Dogs for lost or stolen
animals, including pets, livestock, escaped exotics, zoo animals, and more.

Began dog training at age 7, apprenticed with several Master Trainers, worked in all phases of the canine industry,
and put over 40 performance titles on dogs. Began search and rescue work in 1984 as a deputy mounted searcher
until 1988. Over 15 years worked for two police department with positions in crime prevention, community policing,
street patrol, DUI task force & fatality team, and detective. Retired in 1999 as a Master Police Officer.

Began K9 SAR 1994. K9 SAR dog teams that I have trained from beginning to certification (assisted many teams):
Max Rhodesian Ridgeback, Man Trailing, and Area Search (personal dog)
Keno Rhodesian Ridgeback, Tracking, Man Trailing, Area Search, Article Search (personal dog)
Kobe Rhodesian Ridgeback, Area Search, Man Trailing, Tracking, Article Search (personal dog)
Pearl Bloodhound, Man Trailing (Sheriff’s Deputy handler)
Tucker Australian Shepherd, Area Search, Man Trailing (civilian)
Two-Way Rhodesian Ridgeback, Area Search, Man Trailing, Human Remains (personal dog)
Toby Mastiff/Rottweiler, Man Trailing, beginning area search (civilian)
Tazz Rhodesian Ridgeback, Article Search (personal dog)
*All certifications done with North American Police Work Dog Association except Max

Training Summary
Self Defense & Fire Arms Safety and Tactics, Evasion Tactics, Crime Scene Preservation
FBI Hostage Negotiations School
Weapons of Mass Destruction and all facets of Terrorist Activity and Gang Violence
Attended many search and disaster drills, and canine educational seminars
Community Emergency Response Team “CERT”
FEMA ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800
Mass Casualty I & II, Hazardous Materials, Bloodborn Pathogens, OSHA
CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Ground Search, Forty-Hour Man Tracking Course
Forty-Hour Human Remains workshop
K9 Legal Update on the legalities of all K9 Deployment (a must read if you are going to use any
Advanced Weather Spotter, Critical Incident Stress Management
Lost victim traits of persons with dementia and autism
Professional training for handling animals in disaster
Last three years SAR training stats: 2005 training hours 680, 2006 training hours 675, 2007 training hours 405
Provided lectures and training in safety, crime prevention, Lost but Found Program
Trained K9 teams for three search and rescue units, and Managed K9 Operations for two search and rescue units

Seventeen canine training articles published in national, international magazines, and the Internet. In 2008 I had a
personal interview published in a national magazine as a trainer/breeder, featured in another article not written by
me, and was the key speaker in Oct. of 2008 for Psychiatric Service Dog Society’s yearly conference.

Current Positions
City of Chesapeake CERT K9 Operations Coordinator/Trainer/Operational K9 Teams, Animals in Disaster
Coordinator, Southern Team Member
Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, (founding member), current trainer and member
North American Police Work Dog Association, Associate Member and Associate Member Co-Liaison for East Coast
Owner of Kustom K9 Training Specializing in training scent work, performance, behavior, and service dogs

Other Memberships
National Search Dog Alliance
                                      Kim Willis K9 Teams Profiles

                                   Kobe started her career in air scent work, but is now a great
                                  detail dog for Man Trailing, Tracking, Article Search, and can
                                  perform Scent Specific Area Search. Kobe can identify her
                                  person’s footprints, and car tracks when a vehicle is involved.
                                  She is able to work car trails down busy roads, and can trail in
                                  urban, rural, or industrial areas. For criminal investigations she
                                  is able to work secondary scent/scent transfer cases that might
                                  occur with abductions, rapes, or murders, and she can work
                                  missing man cases. Kobe has a nice easy work pace that most
                                  LE can keep up with. She is also an excellent dog for building
                                  searches, and has advanced obedience and agility skills.

                                  Keno started her career in tracking, and now is also an excellent
                                  man trailer, and scent specific air scent dog. She has a quick
                                  pace and is my most experienced article search dog. She will
                                  also indicate on an article from her subject while tracking. She is
                                  good with building and area searches, and has been trained to
                                  pull a travois with an injured person. She additionally has AKC
                                  titles in obedience, agility, and other performance events.


                                  Two-Way started his career with human remains work. At the
                                  time it was difficult to get training aids so he was switched to live
                                  find after gaining a good knowledge of his job. He has turned
                                  into an excellent scent specific area search dog, and man-
                                  trailing dog. He trails mostly by air scent and can cut out a lot of
                                  the middle ground. It also allows him to work out of hard scent
                                  pools very fast.

All three dogs are available for scent specific live animal search for stolen pets, livestock and escaped zoo
animals or reptiles. This service could be crucial if you have a dangerous lost animal. Also with gangs
and dog fighting on the rise in our area, stolen pets can meet with a brutal death, so fast recovery is
important. There is a fee for this service that is offered through Kustom K9 Training, a canine training
business owned and operated by Kim Willis. All the funds go to help support the expensive volunteer
work of K9 Search and Rescue.

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