LABRADOR RETRIEVER CLUB OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA INC
                                                   (Affiliated with and held under the rules and regulations
                                                           of the South Australian Canine Association)
                                                                  will conduct a

                                                    RETRIEVING TRIAL FOR GUNDOGS

VENUE:            Purnong                  Contact A. Putterill 08 8322 3463 week prior to trial
                  DATE                     STAKE                          JUDGE                                      VETTING TIME
                  21/07/2012               Novice                         B. Kendall (Vic)                             8.00am
                  21/07/2012               Restricted                     M. Mason                                     8.00am
                  21/07/2012               All Age                        B. Kavanagh (Vic)                            8.00am
                  22/07/2012               Novice                         B. Kendall (Vic)                             8.00am
                  22/07/2012               Restricted                     G. Allen                                     8.00am
                  22/07/2012               All Age                        B. Kavanagh (Vic)                            8.00am

                     ENTRY FEES:                  MEMBERS                  NON-MEMBERS
                     All Age                      $18.00                   $22.00
                     Restricted                   $16.00                   $20.00
                     Novice                       $14.00                   $18.00

Trial Managers               :       A. Putterill and B Kradolfer                              Membership (complete form with payment)
Stewards                     :       From the Competitors                                      $25 - double
Vet. Stewards                :       From The Club                                             $20 - single
SACA Reps.                   :       Sat – TBA                                                 $15 - pensioner
                                     Sun –TBA                                                  $35 - family

ENTRIES CLOSE ON 13th July 2012 with the Trial Convener: -                                               J Bird
SACA MEMBERSHIP NUMBER MUST BE PLACED ON ENTRY                                                           2 Lichfield Court
ALL ENTRIES MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY FEES                                                                  SALISBURY HEIGHTS 5109
NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED                                                                         PH: 08 8281 5282

TROPHIES & SASHES :                        1st, 2nd, 3rd in each stake receive Royal Canin product and sash from
the Club.
GENERAL CONDITIONS : The only persons permitted to handle exhibits at any exhibition conducted
by an affiliate of the S.A.C.A. are -
1.                        Members of the Association; or
2.                        Members of the controlling bodies in the state or territory in which the person is domiciled; or

All dogs must be pure bred gundogs and registered with the S.A.C.A. or recognised body.
All trials will be conducted in accordance with the A.N.K.C. Rules for the conduct of Retrieving Trials for Gundogs.
A copy of the rules will be available at the fixture.

The Club reserves the right to change the judge should this be necessary.

Gun Licence / Shooters Licence details are required on ALL ENTRY FORMS.
When not running a dog, competitors will be required to act as Gun or Game Stewards for the events in which they are entered.

No competitors or spectators are permitted to return to the trial grounds after the trial.

The Committee reserves the right to remove any competitor or spectator by law or other means, from the Trial area or campsite who is clearly disruptive
to the Members and/or participants of the Trial. Rule 61 of the Rules for the conduct of Retrieving Trials for Gundogs also applies.

Any protests shall be immediately lodged (in writing) with the Trial Manager or Trial Secretary, accompanied by a $20 deposit which will be refunded
unless Members of the Retrieving & Field Trial Committee deem the protest frivolous in which case the deposit shall be forfeited.

Due to the nature of Retrieving, cooperation of landowners and managers is required for continued success. All participants, spectators and officials
need to be aware that they are guests of the property owner, and that any problems or queries arising about the property should be directed to the Trial
Manager, SACA Representative or Club Secretary (unless life or property is under immediate threat). If you are not satisfied with the response, then
report the incident to SACA via the SACA representative.
                                                                    CATERING: Nil

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