Feasibility Reports for the subject of Engineering Economics (ME-303)

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					Feasibility Reports for the subject of Engineering Economics (ME-303)                                                        2011

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      09-ME-1   Cut Flower Farm (Rose)      [Mar-2007]            (96 KB)

      09-ME-2   Green House Farm (Export of Fresh Cut Roses)                      [May-2011]          (371 KB)

      09-ME-3   Off-season Vegetables Farming (Low Tunnel)                    [Nov-2007]           (515 KB)

      09-ME-4   Off-season Vegetables Farming (Walk-in Tunnel)                     [Nov-2007]          (526 KB)

      09-ME-5   Seed Processing Unit (Wheat & Rice)               [Apr-2008]           (129 KB)

      09-ME-6   Off-season Vegetables Farming (HighTunnel)                    [Nov-2007]           (555 KB)

      09-ME-7   Animal Feed Mill   [Mar-2009]          (279 KB)

      09-ME-8   Maize Starch and Related Products             [Jun-2006]           (251 KB)

      09-ME-9   Aloe Vera Processing      [Jun-2006]        (538 KB)

      09-ME-10 Rose Water    [Mar-2008]       (125 KB)

      09-ME-11 Fodder Production & Trading Company                 [Jul-2008]          (281 KB)

      09-ME-12 Cut Flower Farm (Gladiolus, Marigold, Statice and Chrysanthemum)                                [May-2009]

             (558 KB)

      09-ME-13 Hand Made Carpet Manufacturing               [Nov-2007]           (261 KB)

      09-ME-14 Sanitary Ware Manufacturing             [Jun-2011]           (633 KB)

      09-ME-15 Light Weight Roof Tiles Manufacturing Unit                    [Jun-2010]           (346 KB)

      09-ME-16 Plaster of Paris Tiles - boarders Trim and made-ups                       [Jun-2011]          (294 KB)

      09-ME-17 Essential Oils Distillation Unit (Basil & Cornmint)                 [Jun-2010]          (275 KB)

      09-ME-18 Oxygen Gas Producing Plant         [Jun-2006]           (375 KB)

      09-ME-19 Housing Construction Company            [Jun-2011]           (864 KB)

      09-ME-20 Prefabricated Construction Blocks            [Dec-2006]            (282 KB)

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Feasibility Reports for the subject of Engineering Economics (ME-303)                                                   2011

      09-ME-21 Dairy Farm (25 Animal)        [Oct-2008]           (443 KB)

      09-ME-22 Environmentally Controlled Dairy Farm (50 American Cows)                          [Jun-2010]    (733
      09-ME-23 Dairy Farm (100 animals)         [Jun-2008]         (414 KB)

      09-ME-24 Dairy Farm (200 Animal)         [Jun-2009]           (630 KB)

      09-ME-25 High School   [Jun-2010]         (239 KB)

      09-ME-26 IT College   [Mar-2007]       (78 KB)

      09-ME-27 Montessori School     [Jun-2010]          (404 KB)

      09-ME-28 Electrical Fittings Manufacturing Unit               [Dec-2008]        (150 KB)

      09-ME-29 UPS and Stabilizer Assembling Unit                [Sep-2008]         (313 KB)

      09-ME-30 Amusement Park      [Nov-2006]          (2,658 KB)

      09-ME-31 Gaming Zone    [Mar-2009]         (404 KB)

      09-ME-32 Shrimp Farming     [Jan-2007]          (728 KB)

      09-ME-33 Commercial Fishing Trawler          [May-2005]          (394 KB)

      09-ME-34 Sea Food Processing Plant         [Sep-2008]          (275 KB)

      09-ME-35 Net Manufacturing Unit          [May-2009]          (577 KB)

      09-ME-36 Fiber Glass Boat    [Jun-2010]          (351 KB)

      09-ME-37 Inland Fish Farming       [Mar-2011]         (249 KB)

      09-ME-38 Rice Husking & Polishing Unit          [Jun-2007]         (143 KB)

      09-ME-39 Abattoir (Slaughterhouse)          [Nov-2007]           (473 KB)

      09-ME-40 Fresh Fruits Processing Unit (Mango)                [Dec-2006]        (130 KB)

      09-ME-41 Kinnow Processing Unit       [Jun-2010]        (329 KB)

      09-ME-42 Milk Pasteurizing Unit      [Jun-2011]         (513 KB)

      09-ME-43 Tomato Paste and Fruit Pulp         [May-2007]          (174 KB)

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Feasibility Reports for the subject of Engineering Economics (ME-303)                                                        2011

      09-ME-44 Ice Plant (15 tons)       [May-2008]         (117 KB)

      09-ME-45 Tea Company      [Jun-2007]        (114 KB)

      09-ME-46 Bakery & Confectionery           [Jun-2011]          (267 KB)

      09-ME-47 Mineral Water (Water Bottling Plant)                    [May-2006]          (186 KB)

      09-ME-48 Fruit Juice Processing          [Jan-2007]        (331 KB)

      09-ME-49 Parboiled Rice Plant        [May-2005]           (384 KB)

      09-ME-50 Canned Food     [Jun-2005]         (200 KB)

      09-ME-51 Potato Chips Manufacturing Unit                [Sep-2010]          (557 KB)

      09-ME-52 Dehydration Plant         [Sep-2011]         (474 KB)

      09-ME-53 Fast Food Restaurant           [Dec-2006]          (195 KB)

      09-ME-54 Spices Processing, Packing & Marketing                    [Dec-2006]         (160 KB)

      09-ME-55 Pickle Production, Processing, Packaging & Marketing                          [Apr-2007]       (182 KB)

      09-ME-56 Soft Candy     [Jul-2007]        (341 KB)

      09-ME-57 Honey Processing      [Jul-2007]           (264 KB)

      09-ME-58 Dates Processing Plant           [Feb-2009]         (519 KB)

      09-ME-59 Apple Processing Unit          [Nov-2009]          (439 KB)

      09-ME-60 Sausages Production Unit           [Apr-2010]           (442 KB)

      09-ME-61 Raisin Production Unit         [Nov-2010]           (202 KB)

      09-ME-62 Flour Mill   [Jan-2011]         (256 KB)

      09-ME-63 Mini Flour Mill    [Jan-2011]          (10,058 KB)

      09-ME-64 Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Unit                      [Jun-2007]         (291 KB)

      09-ME-65 Chipboard Plant     [Apr-2006]           (203 KB)

      09-ME-66 Furniture Showroom           [Jan-2011]          (410 KB)

      09-ME-67 Cad For Furniture Design           [Jun-2006]           (87 KB)

      09-ME-68 Plastic Molded Furniture          [Jun-2008]            (138 KB)

   Gems & Jewelry
      09-ME-69 Gemstone Lapidary           [Jan-2007]        (99 KB)

      09-ME-70 Gold Jewelry Manufacturing & Retail Shop                       [Jan-2006]        (257 KB)

      09-ME-71 Gold Chain & Stoppers, Catchers Etc. Manufacturing Business                                [Jun-2006]
         (203 KB)

   Information Technology
      09-ME-72 Internet Cafe     [Jun-2006]           (87 KB)

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Feasibility Reports for the subject of Engineering Economics (ME-303)                                                     2011

      09-ME-73 Medical Transcription        [Sep-2005]       (184 KB)

      09-ME-74 Software House     [Jun-2010]        (439 KB)

      09-ME-75 Leather Garments Manufacturing Unit               [May-2011]           (557 KB)

      09-ME-76 Leather Gloves Manufacturing Unit (Fashion Gloves)                      [Jul-2011]         (280 KB)

      09-ME-77 Leather Goods Manufacturing Unit (Wallets)                  [Jan-2011]          (296 KB)

      09-ME-78 Ladies Shoes Manufacturing Unit             [Jun-2011]        (461 KB)

   Light Engineering
      09-ME-79 Bicycle Parts Manufacturing Unit (Carrier)               [Sep-2008]           (95 KB)

      09-ME-80 Fan Guards Manufacturing Unit             [Jun-2006]        (110 KB)

      09-ME-81 Gas Appliances Manufacturing Unit             [Jan-2011]           (231 KB)

      09-ME-82 Injection Molding Plastic Products            [Mar-2005]        (1,107 KB)

      09-ME-83 Ship Breaking    [Dec-2005]       (230 KB)

   Live Stock
      09-ME-84 Calf Fattening Farm     [Mar-2009]          (399 KB)

      09-ME-85 Poultry Farm (7,500 Broiler Birds)            [Jun-2010]       (90 KB)

      09-ME-86 Livestock Semen Production Unit (Cattle & Buffalo)                     [Mar-2008]          (285 KB)

      09-ME-87 Layer Farming (10000 Birds)          [May-2006]          (95 KB)

      09-ME-88 Semi Intensive Sheep Farm          [May-2011]          (340 KB)

      09-ME-89 Environmental Controlled Poultry Farm (30,000 Birds)                      [Feb-2008]         (92 KB)

      09-ME-90 Poultry Breeder Farm         [May-2008]       (347 KB)

      09-ME-91 Sheep Fattening Farm         [Jun-2008]       (357 KB)

      09-ME-92 Quail Farming    [May-2009]        (149 KB)

      09-ME-93 Intensive Goat Breeding Farm          [Dec-2009]           (605 KB)

      09-ME-94 Environmentally Controlled Poultry Farm (60,000 birds)                        [May-2010]        (412 KB)

   Marble & Granite
      09-ME-95 Marble Processing Plant        [Sep-2011]        (232 KB)

      09-ME-96 Marble & Granite Warehouse           [Apr-2011]          (2,396 KB)

      09-ME-97 Marble Tiles   [Mar-2007]        (155 KB)

      09-ME-98 Marble Onyx     [Sep-2007]       (227 KB)

      09-ME-99 Marble Mosaic Development Center               [Mar-2008]          (137 KB)

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Feasibility Reports for the subject of Engineering Economics (ME-303)                                                         2011

      09-ME-100 Chromite Beneficiation Plant         [May-2007]            (119 KB)

      09-ME-101 Stone Crushing     [Apr-2005]        (170 KB)

      09-ME-102 Salt Products    [May-2006]        (180 KB)

      09-ME-103 Plaster of Paris Plant    [Apr-2009]           (333 KB)

      09-ME-104 Corrugated Packages      [Jan-2007]           (141 KB)

      09-ME-105 Paper Board Manufacturing Unit               [Jun-2006]        (225 KB)

      09-ME-106 CNG Filling Station    [Jun-2005]          (752 KB)

      09-ME-107 LPG Marketing & Distribution Business               [Nov-2007]            (317 KB)

      09-ME-108 Fuelling Station   [Apr-2009]        (376 KB)

      09-ME-109 Medical Store    [Jan-2007]        (120 KB)

      09-ME-110 Hard Gelatin Capsule Shell Manufacturing Unit                    [Jun-2010]          (704 KB)

      09-ME-111 Pet Bottles Manufacturing Unit           [Jun-2010]           (325 KB)

      09-ME-112 Woven Polypropylene Sacks           [May-2005]            (112 KB)

      09-ME-113 Blow Molding Plastic Products          [Mar-2007]           (288 KB)

      09-ME-114 PPRC Pipes Manufacturing Unit           [May-2010]           (281 KB)

      09-ME-115 UPVC Pipes Manufacturing Unit            [Jun-2010]           (390 KB)

      09-ME-116 Beauty Clinic   [Mar-2008]        (123 KB)

      09-ME-117 Subcontract Workshop          [Jun-2011]         (422 KB)

      09-ME-118 Printing Press   [Dec-2007]        (151 KB)

      09-ME-119 Private Hospital    [Feb-2007]        (183 KB)

      09-ME-120 Day Care Center     [Sep-2011]         (229 KB)

      09-ME-121 Photo Developing and Printing (Digital)             [Mar-2009]           (191 KB)

      09-ME-122 Laundry & Dry Cleaning        [Mar-2008]         (136 KB)

      09-ME-123 Health and Fitness Club         [Mar-2009]        (142 KB)

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Feasibility Reports for the subject of Engineering Economics (ME-303)                                                        2011

      09-ME-124 Call Center (In bound call and support center)                      [Dec-2008]      (204 KB)

      09-ME-125 Superstore   [May-2005]          (128 KB)

      09-ME-126 Britannia Resource Centre (UK Franchise, a life time business opportunity)
         [Dec-2005]   (322 KB)

      09-ME-127 Driving School     [May-2006]        (130 KB)

      09-ME-128 Veterinary Clinic     [Jun-2006]        (159 KB)

      09-ME-129 Interior Designing & Landscaping               [Jun-2006]           (131 KB)

      09-ME-130 Footwear Retail Outlet         [Sep-2006]          (165 KB)

      09-ME-131 Security Agency       [Dec-2006]        (123 KB)

      09-ME-132 Distribution Agency       [Dec-2006]           (131 KB)

      09-ME-133 Catering & Decorating Services               [Nov-2007]         (233 KB)

      09-ME-134 Dialysis Centre     [Mar-2008]         (206 KB)

      09-ME-135 Diagnostic Laboratory          [Jul-2008]        (333 KB)

      09-ME-136 BTL - Marketing Company            [Jul-2008]        (267 KB)

      09-ME-137 Cold Storage (Fruit & Vegetable)               [Feb-2009]           (153 KB)

      09-ME-138 Bed Linen Stitching Unit          [Jun-2007]        (128 KB)

      09-ME-139 Boutique (Women Designer Wear)                  [Jun-2007]           (102 KB)

      09-ME-140 Denim Jeans Stitching Unit            [Jun-2010]           (397 KB)

      09-ME-141 Embroidery Unit (Commercial)                [Jun-2006]        (108 KB)

      09-ME-142 Fabric Dyeing & Finishing Unit (Knit Fabric)                  [Jul-2008]         (168 KB)

      09-ME-143 Fabric Weaving Unit (Auto Looms)                [Aug-2007]            (134 KB)

      09-ME-144 Garments Stitching Unit (Men's Dress Trousers)                         [Feb-2008]       (138 KB)

      09-ME-145 Polo T-shirts Stitching Unit         [Jun-2005]            (127 KB)

      09-ME-146 Work Wear Stitching Unit            [Jun-2006]           (100 KB)

      09-ME-147 Cotton Towels Manufacturing Unit                [Jan-2007]           (132 KB)

      09-ME-148 Socks Manufacturing Unit           [Jun-2005]            (300 KB)

   Tourism and Travel
      09-ME-149 Beach Resort      [Jun-2008]       (419 KB)

      09-ME-150 Flower Shop      [May-2007]        (162 KB)

      09-ME-151 Departmental Store        [Jun-2010]           (376 KB)

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