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                            Bratton Glen Owners Association Meeting
                                    June 2, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.
                               Clubhouse – 2106 Klattenhoff Drive

    1. Meeting Called to Order: Interim President, Christina Rogers, called the
       meeting to order at 7:12 p.m. All Board Members were present at the meeting.
       A total of 21 homeowners were present, and one proxy was recorded. A
       quorum was reached to conduct the BGOA Members Meeting at this time.

    2. Candy Prendeville read the Minutes from the Annual BGOA meeting on April 28,
       2003. The motion was made by Virgil Smith to accept the Minutes and was
       seconded by Leonard Schlueter.

    3. Christina introduced each of the Board Members that were elected and
       appointed into position since the April 28, 2003 meeting. A homeowner inquired
       about Ron Dorsey’s position on the Board. Virgil reported that Ron Dorsey was
       removed from the Board on May 27, 2003 during a Board of Directors meeting.
       All efforts were made to contact Mr. Dorsey following PS Property Management
       Co., Inc.’s termination notice. Mr. Dorsey has not attended scheduled Board
       Meetings or contacted a Board Member since the termination of PS Property
       Management, Co, Inc.’s contract. Rick Valadez was appointed to complete
       Ron’s remaining term at the May 27, 2003 Board of Directors Meeting.

    4. Christina asked Tara Alexander to review the status of the BGOA finances. Tara
       reported that the Association is now in possession of the books for April from PS.
       Property Management, Co., Inc. We have paid the Wells Branch M.U.D. for our
       pool passes and the remaining balance in our account is approximately $2,000.
       We currently have $3,307 in delinquencies for homeowners’ dues.

    5. Christina reported action items performed by the Board since April 28, 2003
       which include:

              a. BGOA Website which is
              b. We have sent violation letters to homeowner’s whom have had written
                 complaints concerning deed violations.
              c. We have established a mailing address.
              d. We have established 4 new Committees.
              e. We have researched and have made a decision concerning how the
                 BGOA will be managed.

    6. Research and Decision of Management Options:
          a. The Board’s decision was based on bids received by three local
             Management Companies and how well the Board has worked together
             during the interim period, since May 1, 2003 until present. The Board
             was presented with 3 Options of Management.
                  1.       Full-time management from a management company
                  2.       Part-time Employee/Independent Contractor or Manager and
                           Part-Time BGOA managed

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                  P.O. Box 6253 Round Rock, TX 78683-6253 512.647.7149

                          3.        100% Self Management

                   The Board listed the responsibilities and tasks required to operate and
                   manage the Association and made assignments to each Board Member
                   and Committee. The Board has approved a 100% Self Managed option
                   over the next 60 days, through July 31, 2003, to complete one billing
                   cycle and continue to perform the necessary duties. During this time, the
                   Board will research the possibility of hiring a part-time
                   employee/independent contractor or retain the services of a management
                   company to perform daily administrative functions. The Board will
                   announce its decision at the next Quarterly Meeting.

    7. Homeowner Concerns: A Homeowner asked if the Board was in possession of
       a digital camera from PS Property Management, Co., Inc. He remembered Ms.
       Johnson stating that one would be purchased with the Association’s funds to take
       pictures of deed violations. The Board replied that one was not received by PS.
       Property, however the Board will investigate if we purchased the camera using
       Association funds.

    8. A Homeowner inquired where dues were going? The Board replied with the new
       BGOA P.O. Box number.

    9. Carol Doswell asked how the Board was feeling about self-management. The
       board members discussed the responsibilities we have incurred and have made
       mention that one responsibility that was taken over was the completion of Re-
       Sale Certificates required by law when a homeowner sells his/her property. A
       fee is usually charged by a business that prepares the certificate. PS. Property
       Management, Co., Inc. charged our homeowners $225 for each certificate. Now
       that we are self managing, we are charging $125 per certificate and are retaining
       the revenue to be used by the Association for capital improvements.

    10. Committees: Christina announced each of the Committees that have been put
        in place. The Committees are as follows:

                   Maintenance and Security: The purpose of this committee is to:
                    Ensure compliance of deed restrictions to help maintain property
                      values and to
                    Promote a general well being of the residents of Bratton Glen

                     This committee will be:
                    Coordinating the “Neighborhood Watch” program, working with local
                     authorities and homeowners concerning safety issues and concerns.
                    Overseeing the maintenance of common areas
                    Conducting routine inspections of the neighborhood to ensure
                     compliance of BGOA Amended and Restated Declaration of
                     Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.
                    Re-Implementing the “Yard of the Month” program.

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                  P.O. Box 6253 Round Rock, TX 78683-6253 512.647.7149

                   Architectural Integrity: This committee will work closely with the
                   Landscape Committee in ensuring compliance of deed restrictions
                   concerning the outward condition of a homeowner’s premise.
                   Specifically, this committee will review and approve plans for the
                   construction of improvements upon a property prior to the
                   commencement of construction. This committee is composed of 3 voting
                   Members and non-voting Members serving in an advisory capacity,
                   “Advisory Members.”

                   Welcome to Bratton Glen!: The objectives of this committee are:
                    To provide information to each new homeowner about the BGOA,
                     Wells Branch Community, and local attractions/entertainment.
                    To ensure all new homeowners feel welcomed to the neighborhood
                     within the first week of move-in.

                   Social: This committee is responsible for planning special events and
                   activities for residents throughout the year such as Block Parties and
                   Community Garage Sales. This committee will also serve as liaison with
                   the Wells Branch M.U.D. in coordinating volunteers to help with M.U.D.
                   sponsored community activities and events.

Christina introduced the Committee Chairs as follows:

                   Maintenance and Security:           Benjamin Doswell
                   Architectural Integrity:            To Be Determined
                   Welcome to Bratton Glen!:           Sheryl Belloni
                   Social:                             To Be Determined

         All homeowners were strongly encouraged to sign-up on a committee to assist
         with the responsibilities of managing the BGOA. Without volunteers, we cannot
         manage ourselves.

    11. Amended Landscaping Guidelines: Rick addressed the need to amend a
        portion of the previously distributed landscape guidelines as there was concern
        over the verbiage of the section concerning growing plants in the easement of
        each homeowner’s lot. Rick read the amended section, which is: “Trees and
        shrubs between sidewalk and street must be kept trimmed so not to impede pedestrians or
        obstruct the view of oncoming traffic. Sod in this area must not exceed 6 inches.” The
        Board committed to mailing this amended out to homeowners in the next
    12. Maria Vierna asked if it was ok. to put planters in the easement area of her lot.
        Virgil responded that as long as it complies with the guidelines, it should be fine.
    13. There was a question about whether edging was a responsibility of the
        homeowners. The Board responded in the affirmative. There was a request to
        have landscaping standards listed on the website.
    14. A question was raised about who owns the easement area by each homeowner’s
        lot. Discussion determined that the City owns it.

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                  P.O. Box 6253 Round Rock, TX 78683-6253 512.647.7149

    15. Robert Sumbillo asked what the procedure is to report a streetlight out. Another
        homeowner asked what we could do to add signs, lights and speed bumps in the
        community. The Board agreed to research and report back.
    16. A question was asked about whether a resident can run a business out of his/her
        home. The home in question is on the corner of Amethyst and Crissom Lane.
        The Board will investigate this and report back.
    17. 3600 Texas Topaz received complaints about throwing beer cans in other
        homeowner lots and having cars parked on the driveway, blocking the walk way.
        A homeowner asked if the Board could add a section of the newsletter about cars
        blocking the walkways.
    18. Christina reported that all violations must be put in writing and sent to the Board
        either through e-mail or addressed to the BGOA P.O. Box. The e-mail address
    19: Robert Sumbillo asked if the BGOA is responsible for maintaining the area in
        back of Imperial Jade Drive facing Grand Avenue Parkway. The area has not
        been mowed. Carol Doswell concurred and added that there are wild animals
        living in the grasses in that area. The street residents have in the past
        addressed the issue in writing to SMTC, however the company has changed
        owners and no response was given. The Board agreed to investigate this issue.
    19. There was discussion about the responsibility of repairing the back fence created
        by Milburn on this street. The fence is along each property line, however the
        posts are not in places distinguishing the division of each lot. The fence is falling
        down and is rotting. The Board agreed to investigate the responsibility of
        maintaining the fence.
    20. A homeowner inquired about whether or not a road would be built extending
       Grand Avenue Parkway into the Bratton Glen subdivision. The Board agreed to
       investigate and report back.
    21. Leonard Schlueter asked if there was a Wells Branch Committee organized that
       included all Associations using the Wells Branch facilities. If there is, the BGOA
       should get involved. Virgil agreed to ask the Wells Branch Director and report
    22. Benjamin Doswell asked if there was a possibility that the BG community would
        be annexed to the Wells Branch M.U.D. Virgil expressed that this would be
        highly unlikely.
    23. Voting for replacement of Kristin Barnebey’s position on the Board: Christina
        Rogers turned the meeting over to Virgil to conduct the voting procedures for this
        vote. Virgil nominated Christina Rogers for the open position on the Board.
        Becky Van Westin seconded the motion. Virgil asked if there were any other
        nominations. Leonard Schlueter motioned Christina be elected into office by vote
        of acclamation from the Members. The majority of the Members responded in
        favor. Christina Rogers was voted into a position on the Board for a 3-year term.
        Virgil turned the meeting back over to Christina.
    24. Next Homeowner’s Meeting: Virgil Smith proposed the next homeowner’s
        meeting to be held Tuesday, August 5, 2003.

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                  P.O. Box 6253 Round Rock, TX 78683-6253 512.647.7149

    25. A question was asked about whether fireworks would be displayed on the 4th.
        Virgil responded in the affirmative.
    26. Robert Sumbillo asked if late fees would continue to be assessed. The Board
        responded in the affirmative. It was discussed having signs displaying when
        quarterly dues were due or the Board sending out notices with the newsletter to
        remind homeowners.
    27. A question was asked what was happening with the soccer fields on the side of
        the pool area on Sauls Drive. There is a concession stand being built in that
    28. Leonard Schlueter asked if the Wells Branch Hike and Bike trails would be
        extended to the soccer fields. The Board will research and follow up.
    29. Conclusion: Virgil Smith motioned to adjourn the meeting. Rey Moreno
        seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:20 p.m.

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