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									Tata Interactive Systems and PHM Collaborate on
Implementing a Series of Pan-European e-learning

London – October 24, 2006 – The global e-learning producer, Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), and the
motor industry specialist channel development and training company PHM have signed a deal to
collaborate on designing and developing a part of one of the most ambitious and complex e-learning
programmes in the industry. This ambitious project has been commissioned by the Marketing
Communications Team of Ford of Europe.

Ford has worked with PHM for a number of years and the combination of PHM's knowledge and
experience about Ford coupled with the cutting edge e-learning expertise of TIS promise to deliver e-
learning of the highest standards.

The programme, commissioned by Ford of Europe, will bring product knowledge-related learning
materials to some 30,000 sales staff and managers in Ford dealerships throughout 21 countries and
across 23 different languages across Europe.

"Apart from the technical challenges of delivering the programme in the various countries across Europe
there are language and culture issues to be addressed, along with the need to make the learning
materials accessible and motivating for people aged from 20 to 65 who possess a wide range and varying
degrees of IT skills," explained Peter Hookham-Miller, managing director of PHM.

Making product knowledge related materials available via e-learning on this scale is new to Ford of
Europe but the benefits of this approach include having these learning materials available as and when
required as both launch information for experienced staff and as introduction materials for those who are
relatively new to the Ford franchise, product and brand.

Ultimately, Ford of Europe believes that making all product training available as e-learning available to
staff at anytime and from anywhere, will not only be a highly cost-effective way of delivering consistent
messages throughout Europe, but will also significantly shorten the time and efforts it takes to get fully
trained as well as improving the quality of the learning - all helping Ford dealerships improve their
customers experiences.

"Initially, TIS and PHM are working on the production of four e-learning programmes - each one relating
to a Europe-wide product launch," said Alan Samuel, head of UK operations for TIS. "Each of these four
programmes is being produced in 23 different languages - and each of these will contain approaches and
materials that are specific to particular cultures."

"The project is so complex that we needed to find an e-learning producer that had experience of
producing multi-cultural programmes and could demonstrate that it met exacting quality standards," said
Hookham-Miller, whose company is providing the subject matter expertise for all the programmes'
content, following its extensive regular communication and research within various divisions of Ford of

About PHM Group Limited

The PHM Group, established in 1990, is a channel development and training company which conceives
and manages programmes to improve the performance of national and multi-national sales channels. Its
innovative programmes improve the performance of a channel, its distributors, retailers and the people
who work within them. The PHM Group specialises in markets that have complex distribution channels -
notably the automotive industry - and in developing markets, such as consumer electronics.
The PHM Group provides:
    Channel development
         o Performance improvement - programmes focusing on the key 'pressure points' within a
             channel or sales process and applying proven techniques to increase standards and
         o Motivation, recognition and sales incentives
         o Sales process improvement
         o Strategic and operational consultancy
    Training and learning
         o Product launches and events
         o Product training
         o Competence and skills training

PHM Group clients include: Ford of Europe; Mazda Motors Europe; Mazda Motors UK; Hoover Candy;
Thomson and Volkswagen.

About Tata Interactive Systems (TIS)

Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a global leader in e-learning, is a part of the Tata Group. TIS has a
presence across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Japan, India, and
mainland Europe. TIS offers corporations, universities, schools, publishers, and government institutions a
diversified and innovative bouquet of learning and training solutions including Simulation-based Learning
Objects (SimBLs), Story-based Learning Objects (StoBLs), courseware and curriculum design, special
needs education, assessments, electronic performance support systems (EPSS), mobile learning, along
with other corporate training and consultancy services.

For more information log on to www.tatainteractive.com

Further information from:
Alan Samuel, Tata Interactive Systems, +44 (0)20 7905 0156, www.tatainteractive.com
Peter Hookham-Miller/ Sibylle Tretera, PHM Group, +44 (0)20 7613 6700; www.phm.co.uk

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