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									Trades Apprenticeship
    Program (TAP)
    Initiative to: “TAP our resources!”

Expression of Interest (EOI)

  Application and Information Package

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                           Trades Apprenticeship Program (TAP)
                                      Initiative to: “TAP our resources!”

In 2006, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) implemented a Trades Apprenticeship Program (TAP). This exciting
initiative is in partnership with the Hospital Employees Union (HEU) and will support the development of
tradespersons. This apprenticeship project is a pilot for other BC health authorities and templating is underway.

Overview of TAP
VCH has become a sponsor employer with the Industry Training Authority (ITA). We will adhere to the ITA’s
standards and enable apprentices to achieve a highly sought after Red Seal certification - interprovincial credential.
VCH’s focus will remain on developing internal employees for trades careers, where space remains available external
applicants will be considered.

TAP Objectives:
   -   Facilitate. Facilitate skill development through exposure to diverse healthcare environments.
    -    Build. Build rapport with apprentices to enhance retention post-graduation.
    -    Manage. Manage and mitigate the impacts of retirement on our supply of skilled tradespersons.
    -    Contribute. Contribute to industry and actively support trades training through apprenticeships.

    1.   Ensure prerequisites are met. See the trade ITA Program Profile
    2.   Pass BCIT written pre-test - obtaining 70% or greater on each section. Submit copy of results.
    3.   Complete Section A and B of the application package (page 3). Initial, sign and date.
    4.   Submit an official high school transcript.
    5.   Submit a resume (maximum 2 pages). Include education and work history details.
    6.   Submit a letter of intent (500 words or less). Include: 1) reasons for wanting this development opportunity;
         2) strengths and weaknesses; and 3) future careers goals.
    7.   Submit the complete application prior to the deadline.
    8.   Incomplete or late applications will not be processed.

             * Interested candidates are encouraged to review the ITA site thoroughly before applying.
                           Process guidelines and standards are detailed at

                                              VCH Employee Engagement
                                 10th floor, 601 W Broadway, Vancouver BC V5Z 4C2
                                          Recruitment Advisor: 604-875-5152
                                                  Fax: 604-875-4556

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                                   Trades Apprenticeship Program (TAP)
                                           APPLICATION FORM


Name:_____________________________________________               Currently Employed by VCH ?           Yes       No

If Yes to above, Employee ID: _________________________          Department:______________________________

Address___________________________________________               City:

Postal Code: _______________________________________             E-mail:

Phone (primary): ____________________________________            (secondary):

Red Seal Trade (current or being pursued):

ITA Level Completed (check one):        Not Applicable        Level 1        Level 2        Level 3           Level 4

Years of post-secondary education (check approximate total):        none        1 year   2 yrs      3 yrs      4+ yrs

Official high school transcript:             Enclosed           Mailing / delivering

BCIT Pre-Test Score:                         Enclosed           Mailing / delivering

    As the applicant, I :

   Meet the minimum requirements to work as an apprentice in my trade – as detailed in the ITA’s Program Profile.

   Will register with the ITA as an apprentice in the designated Red Seal trade and will sign an indenture with VCH
and the ITA within thirty (30) days of appointment by VCH.
   Am able to commit the time to complete the program, including work hour requirements, technical training
courses and the final certification exam.
   Agree to manage my apprenticeship fully and understand that ITA standards may change over time. I agree it is
my responsibility to monitor these and adhere to any changes required for program completion.
   Agree to work with the journeyperson/supervisor to track and record practical work experience.

   Agree to report progress to the ITA and complete the necessary tests for level progression.

   Understand that VCH will not provide wage increases after level advancement until official ITA documentation is
   Understand that in order to receive full journeyperson wages, I must complete the Red Seal certification exam.

   Agree to travel to various sites where skill development requires exposure to diverse work environments.

   Understand that temporary reallocation may also be necessary to meet VCH support services needs.

   Agree to cover the costs of education, books and supplies in order to meet ITA technical training requirements.

I have read and understand the application criteria. If I am successful in this application, I agree to comply
with the initialed criteria.

Applicant signature:                                             Date:
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                                              REFERENCE CHECK AUTHORIZATION FORM
If selected for a Trades Apprenticeship Program (TAP) interview, please bring this completed form to the interview.
Not required if currently a VCH employee.

Please provide details for your previous five (5) years of work experience. Attach a second sheet if necessary. If we may NOT contact the
employers below for a reference, then please attach a list of three (3) work reference names, phone number, fax number, and email address if applicable.

 Most Recent Employer: _____________________________________ Supervisor: _______________________________________

 City: ________________________________________________                         Phone #: _________________ Email :__________________

 Your Position & Duties: _________________________________________________________________________________________


 Employment Dates: ______________ to _______________ Status:  Full-time                       Part-time        Casual        Other

 Reason for leaving: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

 Previous Employer: ________________________________________                        Supervisor: _______________________________________

 City: _________________________________________________                           Phone #: _________________ Email :__________________

 Your Position & Duties: _________________________________________________________________________________________


 Employment Dates: ______________ to _______________ Status:  Full-time                       Part-time        Casual        Other

 Reason for leaving: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

 Previous Employer: ________________________________________                         Supervisor: ______________________________________

 City: _________________________________________________                           Phone #: _________________ Email :__________________

 Your Position & Duties: _________________________________________________________________________________________


 Employment Dates: ______________ to _______________ Status:  Full-time                       Part-time        Casual        Other

 Reason for leaving: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Applicant’s Declaration:

I hereby authorize Vancouver Coastal Health to obtain information from my previous employer(s) regarding my previous
employment history.

I certify that all information is complete and all statements in this application are accurate and true. I agree and understand that
any misrepresentation of facts in this application will cause loss of all rights to employment with Vancouver Coastal Health. I
understand a satisfactory Criminal Record Review may be required as a condition of employment.

Signature: ______________________________________________                                  Date: ____________________________

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                                   Trades Apprenticeship Program (TAP)
                                                   QUICK FACTS

   -  Refer to ITA Program Profiles for each trade -

                 Electricians: Grade 12, or equivalents including English 12, Math 11and Physics 11.
                 Millwrights: Grade 10, or equivalent including English 10, Math 10 and Science 10.

    Confirming Prerequisites
    -    Applicants must submit an official high school transcript with their application.
    -    If an applicant did not graduate from a Canadian high school, he or she must submit verification from BCIT’s
         ICES (International Credential Evaluation Services) 604-432-8800, or another accredited institution.

    -    Written Testing: applicants are required to take a written pre-test at BCIT. The passing grade is 70%.
             o    Internal applicants can apply to be reimbursed the cost of the test if 70% or greater is achieved.
             o    External applicants are responsible for covering the cost of testing, reimbursement will not occur
                   regardless of the result.
    -    Practical Testing: if requested by VCH after the initial interview, applicants will be sent for practical testing.
             o    Internal and external applicant expenses will be covered by VCH

    -    Applicants can consult the Program Profile to determine what level(s), if any, can be challenged.
    -    In general, applicants with industry experience are often successful in challenging Level 1 and therefore
         entering the program at Level 2.
    -    Requirement and examination information can be obtain through the ITA - or 1-866-660-6011

    Apprentices receive a percentage of the full journeyperson rate based on their ITA Level:

         -   Level 1                   60%
         -   Level 2                   70%
         -   Level 3                   80%
         -   Level 4                   90%
         -   Level 5 (if applicable)   90%

         2007/2008 Journeyperson Salaries:

         -   Electrician, Plumber, Steamfitter                     $27.48


Apprentices attending technical training may qualify, depending upon their individual circumstances, for several types
of financial assistance, including incentive grants and tax credits.

    -    Details at:

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                                 Trades Apprenticeship Program (TAP)
                                             QUICK FACTS (CONT.)


   Note: Internal and external applicants may be considered simultaneously.

   1.   BCIT Written Pre-test
           * Must be completed prior to the deadline of September 4, 2007.
            -    Passing grade: 70% (must be achieved on each section)
            -    Format: multiple choice
            -    Test components: Math, Mechanical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension
            -    Study materials: see BCIT’s Trades Learning Centre -
            -    Retain copy of BCIT test results to submit with application

   2.   Submit Application
           -   An official high school transcript must be submitted.
           -   A resume and letter of intent are also required.
           -   Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

   3.   Initial Screening Interview
             -    Select external applicants will be asked for an initial interview. External applicants must bring the
                  Reference Check Authorization form to the interview (page 4).
             -    Internal applicants are guaranteed an initial screening interview.
             -    All aspects of the application package are considered at this stage including letter of intent,
                  resume, work experience and applicable education.
             -    Interview panel composed of EE representative, union member and VCH manager.

   4.   BCIT Practical Testing
           -    Following the interview, select applicants will be sent to BCIT for practical testing.
           -    Passing grade: 70%
           -    Format: trade-specific hands on skills testing
           -    Duration: 3 to 4 hours

   5.   Final Interview
            -    Internal applicants that successfully complete practical testing may be asked for a final interview.
            -    Select external applicants will be asked to interview.
            -    An objective interview and selection tool will be used to rate and rank qualified candidates.
            -    Ranking will be based on past experience, aptitude, initiative and potential to excel as in the
                 apprentice program.


                           VCH Employee Engagement: 604-875-5152 / Fax: 604-875-4556 -

                           ITA Customer Service: 778-328-8700 / 1-866-660-6011 -

                             BCIT Apprentice Services Office: 604-456-8100 -

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