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Social Media Marketing Strategies 2012


Have the rules for engagement changed? Social Media Marketing Strategies 2012, explores the basic concepts of social media marketing

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									Social Media Marketing Strategies
| Have the Rules Changed in 2012?

Recently I became very interested in Social Media Marketing Strategies, 2012 (I live under a rock.)
While Facebook and Linked in are interesting platforms, I rather like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

While there are more content sharing sites then letters in the alphabet; visually sharing content is the most
effective method of targeting followers, aka customers or leads. Humans use pictures in the mind to translate
the spoken or written word.

An often overlooked area of social media marketing is making use of your primary gift of being an individual.
Expressing yourself by use of comments on photo’s, videos, etc. allows you to be the witty person you really are.
People appreciate you when you express yourself.

Just last week, I placed my first post on my brand new Instagram account. I took a picture of two tiny little red
ants moving a fruit loop across the side walk. After several shots, I finally had one that suited me. I immediately
uploaded the picture to Instagram placing a caption of “c’mon, we can do this!”

Instagram allows you to link your twitter account followers. I have a twitter account that has over 5,000
followers. I stopped the linking process at about 500 twitter followers and posted my little ant picture on

Within 10 minutes of taking this action, I had 10 likes on my little ant picture and even had a few comments!
Wow, social and viral in 10 minutes!

The point of all this is the devil in the details. Linking my social media sites together created an immediate
following from one to the other. My caption on the photo was interesting enough that people thought it was
cute and quickly shared it with their friends.

People love to laugh and people love to share the things that make them laugh. When you target a certain group
of people, and provide them with what they like, you will gain more followers to your account each and every
With twitter, I setup accounts for each niche that interests me. I use Google alerts to find the most recent
information for each niche. I focus on images and videos; then pin them on Pinterest to my targeted board;
then tweet to my Twitter followers; all extremely targeted.

The result of all this timely interaction is growing a larger fan base to my niche audience. Now after a few weeks
of growing a new Twitter account, the followers I’m gaining are the movers and shakers within the niche that
have literally tens of thousands of followers! They followed me NATURALLY!

My tweets carry more weight than ever because I am now one of the movers and shakers! I’m not trying to sell
anyone anything at this point because I just want to share. I want to engage people and give them exactly what
they are actively seeking.

** Update to the Twitter Thingies’,

After carefully analyzing this particular small twitter account I have 89 Followers. Not overly impressive at first
glance. But check this out, after reviewing my follower’s "follower's," my little tweets potentially can reach more
than 200,000 people!

I'm building this Twitter account very carefully and will place sub-sequent posts on the Twitter Thingies’.

While all of this is fun, because I share a common interest with a lot of people that seem to appreciate me, I will
dig deeper and of course may share items that I buy or would buy.

5 Rules of Social Media Marketing Strategies 2012
that You Already Know But Don’t Do
1)   Like your email list, these are people and not just numbers so treat them like you like to be treated!

2) A friend would not try to sell you something at the drop of a hat and you shouldn't either. Relationships
are built on trust and over time. If you’re constantly sending affiliate links STOP!

3)   Engage people with your personality. If you don’t have one, get one!

4) People love to buy, when it’s their idea, so forget the pressure tactics of scarcity and engage your followers
instead of trying to get them to jump when you want them too.

5)   Follow people back that follow you… reciprocity it’s a universal law for a reason, okay?

Social Media Marketing Strategies 2012 | Part 2
5 Rules of Engagement that you may not know but
should do;
1) Start a conversation with a follower that carries "the weight" in your respective niche, be sincere, okay?
2) Re-tweet, re-pin, Digg, like, whatever it takes but before you do, take a minute and look over that link your
re-tweeting and ask yourself if it is directly related to the niche? If not, find a link that does...

3) Check daily for interactions with those you’re having conversations with; then tweet, message or whatever
you do; and comment on the links you visited that they posted. Now they know you’re for real and not just
blowing smoke

4) After you build a relationship with those "heavy weights" then and only then can you ask them to do you a
favor. So ask them do you a favor. They will know that you have already been sharing their content with your
circles, etc...

5) Build your social media followers very carefully and slowly because as I have found out quality in your
relationships are far more powerful that quantity. I will boldly say that with (500) highly targeted followers I
will have the ability to reach more than 1,000,000 people!

A Recent Twitter Experiment

I did a product promotion for a self-help webinar that took place recently. I "tweeted" my-self silly by buying
the use of twitter accounts that were 50 times the size of my own. The results were very disappointing from the
large accounts. While they were so much larger than mine, my little group of 5,000 followers out-performed the
larger lists 10 to 1. You can guess the reason why.

Social Media Marketing Strategies can be extremely effective in reaching a targeted audience. It is the most
powerful method for reaching hundreds of thousands of new people or more. These people will respond in the
manner in which you desire when they are not turned off by someone trying to sell them something. Don’t hate
the rules, just learn the game.

To Discover more tricks and tips for social media marketing strategies, visit; The Affiliate Product Review at;

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