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									  Innovations reshaping social work

 Social Work Practices and Social
       Work Pioneer Projects

Robert Templeton
Social Care Institute for Excellence
What I will cover

   About SCIE
   The future of Social Work
   The Adult Social Work Pilots
   Evaluation
   The Social Work Practice Pioneer Projects
The Social Care Institute for Excellence

    Purpose: To improve adult and children’s
     social care services through knowledge-
     based practice
    Remit: To ensure service user and carer
     participation with users and carers on
     governance bodies and in staff group
    Produces: Free research, practice guidance
     and learning materials
Where we get our knowledge



                        A KNOWLEDGE
Organisational              BASE              User
  knowledge                 FOR             knowledge
                         SOCIAL CARE
Our free products include

    Practical guides on major issues in social
     care and social work
    E-Learning resources
    Online Social Care TV films
    Database of good practice examples
    Comprehensive database of information –
     Social Care Online
For practitioners

   Information and latest research on issues
    that are on the interface between health and
    social care e.g. At a glance 45: Social care
    and clinical commissioning for people with
    long-term conditions
   Sector-led improvement e.g. Developing adult
    safeguarding policies and procedures
   Host the College of Social Work and work to
    promote the role of the social worker
What we’ll cover in this workshop

   How SCIE can support your work
   Workshop

   What is the future of adult social work if it
    continues to see itself as predominantly a
    local authority activity?
   Why did adult social work miss the
    personalisation train?
   Do there need to be a fundamental shift in
‘Change is not our enemy but our opportunity’
How it began

   Announced by Andrew
    Lansley in 05 November
    2010 in speech to the
    National Adult and Children's
    Services (NCAS)

   Social Work Practices are
    organisations that are led by
    social workers but
    independent of the local
Aims of the project

                 To pilot Social Work Practices for
                  Adults to ascertain the benefits in
                  terms of outcomes for people who
                  use services, social workers and
                  other staff and value for money
                 To test the benefits of
                  professionally led social
                  enterprise as a means of delivery
                 To further the development of
                  social work with adults

   The pilot is focused on people
    with physical disabilities.
   Social work teams are
    attached to user-led
    organisations and enablement
   They are able to develop an
    ‘enhanced offer’ to disabled
    people. This allows social
    workers to work far more
    closely with individuals and in
Lambeth – TOPAZ
             Lambeth is working in partnership with
              local people in innovative and creative
              ways, right from their first contact.
             They do this by:
                advising people who are managing
                 their own care needs
                by reaching out to all parts of the
                helping people keep themselves
                 safe from harm and independent.
North East Lincolnshire

   Working with older people and
    people with physical, sensory or
    learning disabilities.
   The new SWP will work very
    closely with communities, GPs,
    other care practitioners and
   The aim is to prevent problems
    that can lead to worsening health,
    going to hospital or admission to
    residential or nursing care.
The scheme aims to support people with a physical
disability and those with learning disabilities by:

                providing information, support,
                 assessment and advice
                rehabilitation and reablement
                access to assistive technologies
                allocating personal budgets
                arranging services
                carers’ assessments and reviews
                developing peer support networks

Stoke-on-Trent’s pilot aims to
work in close partnership with
voluntary organisations that deal
with adults affected by
Parkinson’s disease, motor
neurone disease and multiple

            Social Work Practice for the
             provision of services to people
             who have a sensory

            If successful this may be
             suitable for expansion to
             include all sensory services
             within a strategic alliance
Suffolk - Sensing Change
 Social Work Practice Pioneer Projects

                        Counter Human
                        Trafficking Bureau a
                        national SW team to
                        work with victims of
                        human trafficking

Clarifi consulting
offering a specialist
service for adult
survivors of child
sexual abuse
 Social Work Practice Pioneer Projects

                           A partnership between LB
                           Greenwich and Daybreak
                           Using Family Group
                           Conferencing as a restorative
                           approach to safeguarding

ibk initiatives and
Lives Unlimited
         User/family led
organisations will
employ SW.
Partnership between
disabled people and
Social Work Practice Pioneer Projects

                             The Independent Social Work
                             Partnership offering ace to
                             face and on-line information
                             and advice for people who
                             don't meet criteria or fund
                             own care.

Safe and Settled Ltd offers
Information, Advice and
Advocacy, assessment and
support planning - especially for
people funding own care.
Social Work Practice Pioneer Projects

                        The Carers’ Resource Is support
                        planning, capacity building and
                        information giving to those who fall
                        outside statutory services provision
                        either by choice or through

Central Bedfordshire offers
a range of additional or
substitute SW responses to
 Social Work Practice Pioneer Projects

                         Birmingham City Council will use
                         Social work to develop capacity,
                         skills and confidence in ULOs.
                         Peer social learning networks and
                         aim to build self help capacity.
Medway is focusing on
delivering better settled
acommodation for 40 people with
MH needs. This will be part of
larger social enterprise and they
hope to extend to people who
use services.

By Social Care Workforce Research Unit
The specific aims of the evaluation are to:
 Identify features that are differentiate them
  from usual practice in local authority adult
  social care
 Examine the effect on social workers‘ and
  other practitioners’ (such as care managers)
 Explore the effect on users and carers’
 Investigate the cost/benefits in comparison
  to standard services or arrangements.
Further information

Contact:   Robert Templeton

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