Oncology Supervisors by ov70Wv87


									MCGILL ONCOLOGY SUPERVISOR   RESEARCH FOCUS                             (last updated: February 16, 2012)
Dr. Bassam ABDULKARIM        Breast cancer molecular subtype and radiosensitivity; Surrogate biomarkers
                             for normal tissues response to radiation; Biomarkers for invasion in
                             glioblastoma multiforme
Dr. Moulay ALAOUMI-JAMALI    Oncogenesis; Cyclin D1; Erb B.
Dr. Raquel ALOYZ             Targeted therapies for B-cell malignancies
Dr. Laurent AZOULAY          Cancer Epidemiology; Pharmacoepidemiology; Population-based Studies
Dr. Mark BASIK               Tissue Microarrays; Gene Expression; siRNA; Chemokines; Tumour Banks;
                             Diagnostic Tumour Markers, Cancer Genomics.
Dr. Gerald BATIST            Molecular Pharmacology; Chemoprevention
Dr. Nicole BEAUCHEMIN        CEACAM1; Intracellular Adhesion Molecules; Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases;
                             Tumourigenesis; Tumour Progression
Dr. Phil BRANTON             Adenoviruses; Apoptosis; Cell Death; Signal Transduction; Cell Cycle
Dr. Pnina BRODT              Cancer Metastasis; Angiogenesis Cell Adhesion Receptors; Inflammatory
                             Cytokines; Growth Factors; IGF-IR; Cell Signaling; E-selectin; VCAM-1; PECAM-
                             1; ICAM-1.
Dr. Simone CHAVALIER         the role of the Fer in cell survival and growth
Dr. Mario CHEVRETTE          the role of CD9 proteins in cell survival and growth
Dr. Robin COHEN              Palliative care, family caregivers, quality of life
Dr. Denis COURNOYER          Cancer gene therapy
Dr. Issam El Naqa            Bioinformatics and outcomes modeling; Computational and Systems
                             radiobiology; Image-guided and adaptive radiotherapy; Medical physics
Dr. Lorenzo FERRI            The role of bacterial infection in cancer metastasis.
Dr. William FOULKES          BRCA1/2 related breast cancer; gynecological; and colorectal cancers
Dr. Eduardo FRANCO           Molecular epidemiology and prevention of cervical cancer, upper aero-
                             digestive tract and prostate cancers, childhood tumours
Dr. Carolyn FREEMAN          Radiotherapy; Pediatric Radiation Oncology; Brain Tumours; Soft Tissue
Dr. Bruno GAGNON             Cachexia, physical function, symptoms and cognitive deficit in patients with
                             advanced cancer
Dr. Vincent GIGUERE          Breast Cancer; Orphan Nuclear Receptors; Estrogen receptors; Vitamin A
                             Signaling; Functional Genomics.
Dr. Lucy GILBERT             Gyncologic-Oncology
Dr. Walter GOTLIEB           Translational Research in Ovarian Cancer
Dr. Celia GREENWOOD          Statistical methods for characterizations of tumour abnormalities
Dr. Philip GROS              Resistance to chemotherapy in tumour cells; genetic basis of susceptibility to
                             infectious diseases, Genetic basis of neural tube defects in neurogenesis.
Dr. John HISCOTT             The innate immune response to virus infection; regulation of gene expression
                             in cancer cells; mechanisms of immune evasion by viruses.
Dr. Nada JABADO              The identification and the validation in animal models of molecular targets
                             involved in the genesis and the progression of pedaitaric gliomas
Dr. Thomas JAGOE             The search for treatments for cancer cachexia: molecular biology of muscle
                             wasting and metabolic controls
Dr. Bertrand JEAN-CLAUDE     Pharmacokinetics
Dr. Annett KOERNER           Psycho-oncology
Dr. Antonis KOROMILAS        Signal Transduction; Virus Infection; Virus-Mediated Oncogenesis; Protein
                             Phosphorylation; mRNA Translation, Cell Cycle Control; Cell Proliferation;
                             Apoptosis; Interferon; Endoplasmic-Reticulum Stress; Tumour Suppressor
Dr. Pierre LANEUVILLE        Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation.
Dr. Mary Ellen MACDONALD       Palliative and End-of-Life Care; Bereavement.
Dr. Luke MCCAFFREY             Breast cancer, metastasis, cell signalling, cell polarity, stem cells.
Dr. Koren MANN                 Arsenic as both a chemotherapeutic and environmental contaminant.
                               Developing novel combination of therapies to enhance the therapeutic
                               spectrum on arsenic trioxide in cancer
Dr. Wilson MILLER              Retinoids; Retinoic Acid Receptor; Estrogen Receptor
Dr. Alain NEPVEU               Transcriptional Regulation; CDP/Cux; Cell Cycle Regulation; Oncogenes;
                               Nuclear Proteases.
Dr. Milt PALIOURAS             Investigating Novel Pathways of Androgen Receptor Function in Prostate
Dr. Lawrence PANASCI           Anticancer Agents; Nitrogen Mustard; Chloroethylnitrosourea; SarCNU; EMT
                               Transporter; Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL); Drug Resistance.
Dr. Morag PARK                 Breast Cancer; Tumourigenesis; Receptor Tyrosine Kinases; Hepatocyte
                               Growth Factor-Scatter Factor; Signal Transduction; Cell Motility and Invasion
Dr. Jerry PELLETIER            Cancer Genetics; Chemical Genomics; mRNA Translation; Protein Synthesis;
                               Small Molecule Ligands
Dr. Ervin PODGORSAK            Medical Physics; Dosimetry; Stereotactic Radiosurgery; Linac; Ionization
Dr. Michael POLLAK             Cancer Risk; Cancer Prevention; Hormones; Carcinogenesis; Animal Models;
                               Insulin Resistance; Insulin-Like Growth Factors; Population Studies
Dr. Shafaat RABBANI            Tumor progression and metastasis
Dr. Raghu RAJAN                Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Dr. Janusz RAK                 Tumor Angiogenesis
Dr. Stephane RICHARD           RNA Binding Proteins; Signal Transduction; Post-Translational Modification;
                               Arginine Methylation.
Dr. Uri SARAGOVI               Drug Development, Receptor Pharmacology, Cancer & Neurodegeneration
Dr. Esther SCHIRRMACHER        Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry; Neuroendocrine Tumors
Dr. Jan SEUNTJENS              Radiation Dosimetry; Monte Carlo Simulation; 4D Radiation Therapy;
                               Ionization Chambers.
Dr. Michel TREMBLAY            Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases; Signal Transduction; Mouse Genetics.
Dr. Siham SABRI                Biological subtyping of breast cancer; glioblastoma invasion and MGMT
Dr. Josie URSINI-SIEGEL        Breast Cancer Progression; Signal Transduction; Receptor Tyrosine Kinases;
                               Tumor Microenvironment; Angiogenesis; Tumor Immunity; Transgenic Mouse
Dr. Michael WITCHER            Epigenetic regulation of tumor suppressor genes
                               Targeting epigenetic processes as an approach for anti-cancer therapy.
Dr. Jain Hui WU                Anticancer drug discovery, Drug design, traditional Chinese medicine,
                               androgen receptor.
Dr. Maria ZANNIS-HADJOPOULOS   DNA Replication; Replication Proteins; Cruciform DNA; Cruciform Binding

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