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									                                    Peu Ensemble
                              Cynthia Saucedo / Flor Maryory Serrano
                                     2222 Papermill Rd Apt. B
                                      Winchester, VA 22601

This agreement is made on the date ______________________between Cynthia Saucedo/ Flor
Maryory Serrano and __________________________________________________________.

Presenter’s Contact Information:
Phone:_____________________             Emergency Cell Phone_____________________
E-mail Address:_______________________________________________________________

In consideration of the mutual promises and agreements of the parties here to, as here in after set
forth, it is agreed as follows:

1. Flor Serrano/Cynthia Saucedo, as an independent contractor, agrees to perform on:
Date(s)           Type of ensemble        Time                      Location______________
NOTE FOR CEREMONIES ONLY: In “TIME” please write down from the time that the prelude should starts.
Remember that the prelude music starts 15 minutes prior the original ceremony time.
It is mutually agreed that the performance(s) will start promptly at the time(s) indicated, any extra
time that will require for the Artist to play or wait more than the hours listed above will be charged
at the moment.

2. The Presenter agrees to pay as full compensation for the performance(s) a total of:
$____________. A 50% deposit from the total amount and a $25 contract fee is required in form
of check* at the signing of the contract (date and hours of your event will be automatically reserved
when contract is sign and the first payment is made), and the other 50% from the total amount
must be mail in check * one week before the event date.
*Please write deposit check(s) to name(s) of: Cynthia Saucedo, and mail it with contract.
3. The Presenter agrees to pay extra compensation for music purchased for the event. A list of
pieces is given in advance to choose, and optional music will be performed with previous
agreement from The Artist.

4. Transportation, housing, and meals, etc. are to be arranged and paid for by the Artist unless
otherwise indicated below:
Transportation: ___________________________________________________________
Housing: ________________________________________________________________
Other: __________________________________________________________________

Contact person for accommodations, if other than the aforementioned parties:

_____________________________________________(      )____________________
      Name                    Title                    Phone
      Address                       City        State        Zip

5. The terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement shall have precedence over any
attachment incorporated herein in the event of any conflict.

6. In the event that either the Presenter or the Artist is unable to fulfill its obligation due to
damage or destruction of the venue by fire, acts or regulations of public authorities, labor
difficulties, civil tumult, strike, epidemic, or any unforeseen occurrence rendering the
performance(s) impossible; neither the Artist nor the Presenter shall be held legally responsible for
any damages arising from the cancellation of the performance(s) listed herein. Cancellations or
changes of date for reasons other than those listed above shall render the Artist liable for any
expenses, documented in writing, incurred by the Presenter in connection with this event.

7. Cancellation: If the performance is cancelled by the Presenter during 2 weeks before the event,
Artist will not refund the money from the deposit. If event is cancelled during the hours of
engagement, Artist will receive full compensation. If for any reason the performance is cancelled
60 days prior to event, contract is null and void (5 payment deposit non-refundable).

8. Peu Ensemble has prepared professional backup musicians in case one of the musicians is
unable to attend due to personal circumstances.

Stage and Technical

9. The Presenter will provide the Artist with stage needs such as:

   a) Appropriate performance area (Artist will not perform unless the performance area is free of
   risk for the Artist itself or the instruments, such as sun and rain).
   b) In case of inclement weather, the Presenter will be flexible and provide a safe performance
   area for the Artist and their instruments such as: some sort of tent/cover in order to protect the
   delicate instruments from any falling rain, snow, sun, etc.

   c) Any special lighting equipment; sound equipment will be provide by the Presenter.

10. The Presenter agrees to have the stage ready for the Artist and to have the local Manager
available for consultation on the day of the engagement or the day of the performance.

11. It is understood that the Presenter has a suitable staff to provide all needed assistance to the
Artist’s staff. These personnel will be available at the request of the Artist.

The signatures below confirm that the parties have read and approve all terms above.

____________________ ___________________________________________________
Artist and/or Agent Signature                    Date


Presenter Signature                                             Date

List of Repertorie for the Event:

Parts of the Service in      Music selections for the Service

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