Between Loudoun Mains Management Ltd and

         Names of all Occupants____________________________________________________


        Postal Address of Property at Loudoun Mains___________________________________


        _____________________________Tel. and Extension____________________________

Open Lets, for a minimum period of 8 weeks, are primarily for people who do not know their leaving date but can commit
to a notice period of 4 weeks.
Fixed Lets are for a fixed period greater than 4 four weeks, and terminate on the leaving date given at the start of the let.
Holiday Lets are for any periods less than 4 weeks and are normally fixed lets.

                                  Date of Entry……. Sat.___________________

                                  Date of Leaving…. Sat.___________________

A non-refundable deposit (One Month) is payable in advance before confirmation of a short let booking is given.
Alternatively, a credit card may be used as security on the understanding that a minimum of 4 weeks rent will be deducted if
the conditions below are not met. Please be aware that in addition to the above the deposit/Credit Card will be used to pay
for any unpaid bills or damage created by the tenant or to re-let the unit if any of the conditions below are not met.

Name on Credit Card…………………………………………………

Credit Card Number……………………………………………… Security Code………….                                           Issue Number…….

Postal code…………………. House Number……………..                                Valid from……………               Expiry Date………

The minimum period of notice is four weeks. If the date of leaving is not known or the let is cut short then a period of notice
must be agreed and given in writing. This period must be from Saturday to Saturday, please be aware that if the agreed
period is not given then the following full tariff price will be levied and deducted from the deposit (Four weeks/One

If due to a change in circumstances the let is cancelled or altered please be aware that the minimum charges will still be
Occasionally lets don’t go as planned and requests are made to extend the lets even after notice has been served to the
Management. Depending on circumstances this can involve other tenants having to be accommodated elsewhere within the
complex for the duration of the extension required. Should this be the case the request for extension may not be considered
until all parties have agreed to the additional moves needed to accommodate? There will be a charge for cleaning and
bedding where required depending on the circumstances. To this end, we would also ask the prospective new tenant to be
understanding should a change in the lease be required by another, as a few weeks down the road it may happen to them!

Electricity is pre-paid by pound coin meter in all units and charged at 18 pence per unit. All meters are checked and
emptied periodically throughout the duration of the let.

Telephone calls are charged out at 18 pence per unit, and are charged weekly. To make an outgoing call dial 9 for an outside
line and 0 for reception. Incoming calls will be restricted to reception opening times. Please note that only calls to 01560
322 588 can be connected to your extension. Due to the fact that this is a shared line long calls are respectfully discouraged
and wireless broadband is available in the Club lounge should it be required.

Linen and towels can be supplied by us and changed (Weekly), (Fortnightly) if required. Agreed cost (£     ). Linen and
Towels where supplied by us, should not be washed by anyone other than the housekeeping staff. Should under exceptional
circumstances a change be required, other than that agreed please contact reception.

It is possible to have our housekeeping staff clean the cottage, this normally consists of making the beds, dusting and
vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and a general tidy up of all surfaces. We can however in addition arrange to clean
clothes and wash the dishes even shop for you if it is required. The charges for this service vary depending on the
requirements, please discuss with management if any of the above is required (£          ).

A full end of stay cleaning service is not included in the rental price and your cottage should be left as clean and tidy as it
was when you took occupancy. This is especially important where pets are concerned and if carpet cleaning should be
required please contact reception and we can help organise it with you. If you would like us to carry out a full end of stay
cleaning service the cost are 1 Bed £85.00 and 2 Bed £95.00. Please note that as a matter of common courtesy no cottage
inspections are carried out until after the cottage is fully vacated. If you require an inspection of the cottage on the day of
departure, please contact reception at least 24hrs before you depart to allow us to arrange this with housekeeping staff. If in
exceptional circumstances the cottage requires a full clean or carpet clean and the staff have not been notified the full cost
will be deducted from the deposit/credit card without exception (signing the form below authorises the above).

Loudoun Mains Country Club is a private members only leisure club and use of the Country Club by Long Term Let
Tenants is on a pay as you go basis charged at £2.50 per head per use. This charge is to cover the cost of towels and
toiletries, which are supplied to all Club users. Each tenant is invited to join as a temporary member and will be regarded as
a guest of the management. No more than 2 people per cottage are allowed to use the Club after 5pm unless by prior
arrangement. Children under 16 are not permitted to use the gyms, sauna or Jacuzzi and must be accompanied by an adult
swimmer when using the pool. If use of the gym is required a PARQ form must be completed and guidance sought on the
use of the equipment, all to the satisfaction of the fitness instructor. If an induction is required the cost is £5.00 per head. In
the interests of hygiene and safety we require that all swimmers wear flip-flop sandals when walking between the
changing rooms and the Swimming Pool/Sauna. A full list of Club Rules and Regulations can be obtained from
Most Pets are allowed in the units although numbers will be restricted. Walking dogs without a lead is not permitted and all
mess should be disposed of in the appropriate manner. No animal should be left unattended for long periods of time in the
units (Max two hours), unless by prior arrangement. Any damage caused by the animal must be paid for immediately. Noisy
pets will not be allowed. Additional charges for pets will be agreed in advance (£           ).

It is possible to reserve storage here at Loudoun Mains with the facility to store small bulky items such as bikes and
lawnmowers up to the entire contents of a house. It depends entirely on availability and is priced from £5.00/week up to
£40.00/week. Please note that each store is individual and lock fast but is not insured under our general policy.
Obviously, because each store is treated as your own private area we can accept no responsibility for any items stored
within any store.

Visitors are welcomed at all times and there are currently no restrictions, suffice to say courtesy is expected to others in and
around the complex when entertaining in the units.

Most repairs are regarded as wear and tear and will be carried out by the management. Accidental damage will be charged
at replacement costs only and will be debited from the deposit/credit card as required .

Please note that due to insurance restrictions smoking is not permitted in any part of our accommodation. This includes the
central corridor and laundry room. Should any person require to smoke please do so outside. We implore you not to breach
this rule as the cost of redecoration and carpet/suite/curtain deep-clean is not cheap and will be deducted from your
deposit/card as required without exception.

It is possible to have mail re-directed to Loudoun Mains. If this is required please ensure that your cottage address is clearly
defined on all correspondence. At present Mail is delivered around 11am and can be collected from reception as required.

Use of the laundry is only permitted between the hours of 9am and 8pm seven days although use on a Saturday may be
restricted due to weekend changeovers. Everybody including the housekeeping staff uses the laundry, so please do not leave
any items in the machines. If a machine is full and finished please ask a member of staff to empty it for you. Unless
otherwise stated, do not wash or dry any linen or towels supplied by the management.

The reception desk is open for business from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am till 7pm Saturday and 9am till 7pm
Sunday. If in an emergency you need to contact the management out-with these times please dial 9321246 from the
telephone in your unit.

Car parking is provided for all units and no responsibility can be accepted for damage to or theft of any vehicle parked in or
around Loudoun Mains. All cars should be parked in the car parks provided unless otherwise arranged.

We recommend that where appropriate the leaseholder has their personal belongings adequately insured. Our insurance
covers the contents only and not personal items. We would also recommend if necessary that your TV licence be
Rental per Day/Week/Month …………..£___________________

Rental in words_____________________________________________________________________________

Access, Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Switch, Cheque or Cash.
Cheques should be made payable to Loudoun Mains Management Ltd and are only accepted one week in advance.
If paying by credit card we reserve the right to debit the card in case of unpaid telephone bills, unpaid fuel bills, cleaning, insufficient
notice and damages. Signing below authorises us to do so if needed. Please note that regulating bodies recommend cancellation insurance
for any stay. We recommend for this service.

By signing this form below you agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed above.

Signed__________________________________ Date__________________



Typical Cottage Inventory
2 or 3 seater Sofa plus 1 or 2 single armchairs, Coffee table, Cupboard Space, Electric Fire ,
Convection Heater, Kettle, Fridge, Microwave , Electric Oven and Hob, Crockery, , Cutlery,
Glasses, Pots and Pans, Decorative ornaments and pictures, Double Bed, Single Bed, 4x
Pillows, 2x Duvets.

Items such as Television sets, DVD players, video players and vacuum cleaners can be
supplied for a small charge.

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