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									Subject: Long Beach ASSE April 2011 Newsletter

              Long Beach Chapter
American Society of Safety Engineers
P.O. Box 8183, Long Beach, CA 90808
Protecting people, property and the environment since 1911
Volume 22
Issue 8                                      April 2011

CHAIR POSITIONS             In Lieu of April Chapter Meeting

President                    Free Tour
Marianne Thomas, CSP        Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD)
Consultant                  Recycling Center in Whittier
                            One of the largest recycling centers in the world!
Open                        When: April 20, 2011
                            Where: Meet at Joint Administration Office
Vice President                    1955 Workman Mill Road
Elizabeth Kovach-Hayes,           Whittier, CA 90801
CSP                         Time: 10:40 am (tour will start at 11:00)
562-446-6632                RSVP by April 11 to Marianne Thomas at
Jack B. ReVelle, Ph.D.      Map to LACSD Joint Administration Office
ReVelle Solutions, LLC
714-289-1664                RECYCLING: MEETING THE FUTURE
                            Recycling is the key to the future of America. The operation
Member-At-Large &           at the Los Angeles County Sanitation District has an
Governmental Affairs Chair outstanding state-of-the-art Processing System to handle
Tom Butler, CSP             effective recycling. It is a Turn-Key Diversion program with
Butler Safety & Health Inc. many options which recovers high volumes of recyclable
310-308-8531                materials. This tour is well worth your time. It will expand
                            your understanding of the need for recycling to meet the new
Delegate                    Green Environmental Demands.
Frank Wente, CSP
                                   *       *       *      *       *
Membership & Placement      President's Message
Chair                      We had an outstanding speaker, Dr. Mary Ann Gilbert,
Don Rhodes, Ph.D.          Director of Audiology for Whittier Hearing Center, at our
562-429-1750               March 9 meeting. Dr. Gilbert's topic was "Your Aging Ears"
                           and she provided wide variety of helpful guidelines and
Director of Professional   warnings to watch out for concerning hearing loss. The title
Development Programs       of her presentation was "Is the World Really Mumbling or
Dwight Graham, CSP         Are My Ears Just Getting Older?" Dr. Gilbert shared ideas to
562-355-1879               protect you and help others. She brought great handouts and
                           multiple styles and types of hearing aids including costs, plus
Awards & Honors Chair      pros and cons of each of them. She discussed lifestyle
Open                       considerations which included the "10 commandments of
                           better hearing." I am sure each of the attending members
Past Chapter Presidents    received a lot of great information that they can share at work
1992 John O'Toole          and consider for their own lives.
1993 Steve Doyle
1994 Tom Butler            A few more events that are coming up fast. The California
1995 Jim Henson            Safety, Health & Environmental 2 day conference is
1996 Kathy Hart            scheduled for April 13 - 14, 2011 in Anaheim. It cost $299
1997 Charles Cacha         for two full days of activities and great speakers. Starting
1998 Phil Valenti          April 1, 2011 the cost goes up to $375 so do not hesitate to
1999 Marianne Thomas       get registered. Check the website,
2000 Prem-Notami Sharma    www.calsafetyconference.com Also we will be having a
2001 Al Quignon            half day fully packed seminar May 11, 2011 at the Petroleum
2002 Al Quignon            Club, which is $75.00 for early registration. Both events are
2003 Frank Wente           on our web site. Check your calendars and join us for great
2004 Mark White            professional development opportunities.
     Robert Kestenbaum
2005 Don Rhodes            Just a reminder, we sent out the Long Beach ASSE slate of
     Bob D'Amato           officers for the 2011 - 2012 year for your consideration.
2006 Dwight Graham         Don't forget to VOTE!
2007 Robin Thorne
2008 Bart McGhee           We are always looking for members in our group that are
2009 Tom Butler            willing to promote and enhance the overall safety programs
                           both where you work and live. Our Chapter is dedicated to
                           serve as safety professionals that can improve and develop
                           solid safety leadership. To reach this goal we must all work
                           together. The success of our chapter depends on the
                           participation and involvement of the members. We are
                           looking forward to working with you toward promoting a
                           dynamic and active chapter.

                           Marianne Thomas, CSP, REA, CPEA, MBA

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