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									                                 AUTOMATED TIME-SHEETS
                                FOR OCCASIONAL TEACHERS

Beginning January 10, 2011 we will be ‘live’ with the automated Elementary Occasional Teacher time-sheets. We
will be running parallel for the period January 10, 2011 to February 4, 2011. Please follow the Step-by-Step
Process for automated time-sheets, as-well-as continuing to submit hard copies of the time-sheets beginning on
January 10, 2011 until February 4, 2011. During this parallel run period we will be checking the automated time-
sheets to the hard copies submitted. If the automated time-sheets do not match up with the hard copies we will
contact you to advise you on what should be done. After February 4, 2011 Elementary Occasional Teacher paper
time-sheets should no longer be completed.

The automated time-sheets will be created by using the Smart Find Express (SFE) absence and replacement
information. The verified SFE data will be converted to time-sheets and imported into our Payroll system.

Laura Myslowka, Debbie Rush, and Lisa Clark will be checking the information being submitted and may be calling
you for additional information regarding entries made. Please feel free to call them to ask questions regarding this

                                       Laura Myslowka – extension #54288
                                         Debbie Rush – extension #54289
                                  Lisa Clark – extension #54264 (SFE questions)
                                      District School Board of Niagara

                     Automated Time-sheet Process for Occasional Teachers

Step-by-step Process:

Instructions for the Teacher:

1.       The Teacher will enter the absence into Smart Find Express (SFE.)

Instructions for the Principal or Delegate:
(Under unique circumstances the absence may need to be entered by the Principal or delegate.)

2.      The Principal or delegate must review the absences reported in SFE. If the information recorded
on the SFE job is incorrect, then you need to make the changes or cancel the job entirely and reset the job
up correctly.

There is a new field in the SFE screen. This new field is located directly below the ‘Reason’ field and is
called ‘Account #.’ This new field will only need to be completed if the Teachers’ absence is NOT for
illness or an approved absence.

If any of the following Reasons were chosen then the account number would have been allocated when
the absence was created.

Reason                                                               Account #

ILLNESS     ----------------------------------------------- 101831502000
ALL Approved Absences ---------------------------------     101821502000
  BEREAVEMENT (5MAX)                      BEREAVEMENT (3 MAX)
  BEREAVEMENT (1 MAX)                     GRADUATION (1 MAX)
  EXAMINATION (1 MAX)                     RELIGIOUS HOL(5 MAX)
  ADOPTION (1 DAY)                        PATERNITY (1 DAY)
  JURY OR SUBPOENA                        FAMILY CARE (3 MAX)

If the Teachers’ absence is NOT Illness or Approved Absence, then you will need to enter a 12-digit
account number in the ‘Account #’ field (do NOT include dashes (-) or spaces in the account number, )
which is similar to the existing manual time-sheet process. If the Teacher attended a Board workshop
then you can check PD Place workshop calendar for the account number. The ‘Who’s Out’ report from
PD Place will also list the account number to use.

If the Teachers’ absence is not Illness or Approved Absence, and you do not enter an account number
before the job has been verified, the account number will default to a new School based account and your
school’s budget will be charged. The new School Account is called Occasional Teacher-
Unidentified (account #101861XXX004, where XXX=school number.)
It will be your responsibility to obtain the correct account # and e-mail the following information to
A – L Schools ->
M – Z Schools ->

The following information must be included in the e-mail:
-       correct account # to be charged
-       reason for absence/workshop attended
-       date of Teachers’ absence/replacement
-       name of absent Teacher
-       name of Occasional Teacher
-       contact person for account to be charged

In the event that the charge is to remain in the school budget, an entry can be prepared at the school level
to reallocate the charges to a school account using the Journal Voucher program in BAS.

Occasional Teacher Doesn’t Report to Work
If the Occasional Teacher does not show up for their job, you should cancel the Occasional Teacher in
SFE and the system will try to find you another replacement (which is the current procedure.) If it is too
late for SFE to call out for the replacement, please contact the SFE Help Desk at extension #54230.

Two separate jobs MUST be entered in SFE if:
       a) more than one Occasional Teacher is replacing a Teacher’s absence,
       b) an Occasional Teacher is replacing two different Teachers,
       c) an Occasional Teacher is replacing a Teacher who is absent for two different reasons

Banked Days
When a teacher is absent and an Occasional teacher cannot be contacted and another teacher uses their
prep time for this coverage, then the Teacher covering the class would have banked time. Please note that
this should only occur when a job goes “unfilled” by SFE or when a teacher needs to go home suddenly
during the day. When the banked time is taken off and an Occasional teacher is required for this
coverage, this should be set up in SFE as a ‘Vacancy’ and the reason for the absence and account number
should be that of the original Teacher.

Start & End Times of Absences
When a Teacher is absent for part of a day, ensure that you are using the following guidelines…
        * when a Teacher is leaving half way through the day, always record the start time as the
beginning of the afternoon – after the lunch-time, NOT before.
        * when a Teacher is returning half way through the day, always record the start time as the end
of the morning – before the lunch-time, NOT after.
        * always check the start and end times to ensure they coincide with your schools’ bell times

When a Teacher is replacing a Principal, and an Occasional Teacher is called in to replace the Teacher,
the following entry needs to be made in SFE:
         * enter the Principals’ absence
When the Principal is being replaced by a Teacher and the Teacher is being replaced with an Occasional
Teacher – the Occasional Teacher should be entered as the replacing employee for the Principal.
         * enter the Occasional Teacher as the replacement
If applicable, you would enter the Occasional Teacher-in-Charge account #101821430000
3.      Once the jobs are completed, the Principal or delegate must check and verify the jobs.
Because the Automated time-sheets will now be created from the SFE verified jobs, it is imperative that
before verifying the job, all information be checked carefully and if required adjusted or cancelled.

Check all fields carefully before verifying including:
*      Teacher absent
*      Date(s) absent (start & end)
*      Absence Times (start & end AM & PM values) -- if the time values are not entered accurately the
       Occasional Teacher will not be paid correctly. Please refer to the ‘Occasional Teacher Time
       Conversion Table’ for examples. Please note that 12 noon is 12:00 PM.
*      Reason
*      Account # (not required for Illness or Approved Absence)

4.        All jobs must be verified no later than 4:30 PM on the Monday following the job. This is
critical, because the import process will occur on Tuesday morning, and if the jobs are not verified – the
Occasional Teacher will not be paid.

It is important to ensure that every Principal or delegate who will be verifying the absences have an
authorized backup in the event of their absence.

5.      After the jobs have been verified, if you require a change to be made in SFE you will need to
contact the SFE Help Desk at extension #54230. If the change will affect the Occasional Teachers’ pay it
is imperative that you contact the SFE Help Desk immediately.

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