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					                                      STATE OF MONTANA
                                    INVITATION FOR BID (IFB)
                                         (THIS IS NOT AN ORDER)

IFB Number:            IFB Title:
IFB12-2360A            Street Sweepers
IFB Due Date and Time:
               April 4, 2012                Number of Pages: 40
           2:00 p.m., Local Time

                              ISSUING AGENCY INFORMATION
Procurement Officer:                                                   Issue Date:
Jeannie Lake                                                           03/06/2012
           State Procurement Bureau
           General Services Division
         Department of Administration                     Phone: (406) 444-2575
          Room 165, Mitchell Building                      Fax: (406) 444-2529
            125 North Roberts Street                       TTY Users, Dial 711
                P.O. Box 200135
             Helena, MT 59620-0135                   Website: http://vendor.mt.gov/

                                INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS
                                            Mark Face of Envelope/Package:

 RETURN THIS PAGE WITH YOUR BID AND          IFB Due Date: 04/04/2012
       AGENCY INFORMATION."                  Special Instructions:

Payment Terms: Net 30 days             Delivery Date:
Bidder Name/Address:                   Authorized Bidder Signatory:

                                                        (Please print name and sign in ink)
Bidder Phone Number:                         Bidder FAX Number:

Bidder E-mail Address:


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                                                                                              Revised 1/11
                                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS


Standard Terms and Conditions ................................................................................ 3

Section 1: General Requirements ............................................................................. 6
        1.0      Introduction ................................................................................................................................ 6
        1.1      Instructions to Bidders ................................................................................................................ 6
        1.2      Bid Submission........................................................................................................................... 7
        1.3      Change or Withdrawal of Bids .................................................................................................... 7
        1.4      Bid Awards ................................................................................................................................. 7
Section 2:        Delivery Requirements ............................................................................ 9
        2.0      Delivery Requirements ............................................................................................................... 9
Section 3:        Special Terms and Conditions ............................................................... 10
        3.0      Contract Termination ................................................................................................................ 10
Section 4:        Specifications and Pricing Schedule ..................................................... 11
        4.0      Scope ....................................................................................................................................... 11
        4.1      Basic Requirements ................................................................................................................. 11
        4.2      Applicable Standards (All Standards Referenced Shall be of the Most Recent Revisions) ....... 12
        4.3      Bid Ambiguity ........................................................................................................................... 12
        4.4      Quality Assurance .................................................................................................................... 12
        4.5      Payment ................................................................................................................................... 13
        4.6      Warranty................................................................................................................................... 13
        4.7      Prices ....................................................................................................................................... 13
        4.8      Item-by-Item Award .................................................................................................................. 13
Section 5:        Detailed Specifications ........................................................................... 14

Exceptions to Bid Specifications .................................................................................................. 39
IFB Checklist .............................................................................................................. 40

                                                                                                      IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 2
                                Standard Terms and Conditions
By submitting a response to this invitation for bid, request for proposal, limited solicitation, or
acceptance of a contract, the vendor agrees to acceptance of the following Standard Terms
and Conditions and any other provisions that are specific to this solicitation or contract.

State reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, proposals, or limited solicitation responses, wholly or
in part, and to make awards in any manner deemed in the best interest of the State. Bids, proposals, and
limited solicitation responses will be firm for 30 days, unless stated otherwise in the text of the invitation for bid,
request for proposal, or limited solicitation.

ACCESS AND RETENTION OF RECORDS: The contractor agrees to provide the department, Legislative
Auditor, or their authorized agents, access to any records necessary to determine contract compliance.
(Section 18-1-118, MCA). The contractor agrees to create and retain records supporting the services rendered
or supplies delivered for a period of five (5) years after either the completion date of the contract or the
conclusion of any claim, litigation, or exception relating to the contract taken by the State of Montana or third

ALTERATION OF SOLICITATION DOCUMENT: In the event of inconsistencies or contradictions between
language contained in the State’s solicitation document and a vendor’s response, the language contained in
the State’s original solicitation document will prevail. Intentional manipulation and/or alteration of solicitation
document language will result in the vendor’s disqualification and possible debarment.

ASSIGNMENT, TRANSFER AND SUBCONTRACTING: The contractor shall not assign, transfer or
subcontract any portion of the contract without the express written consent of the department. (Section 18-4-
141, MCA.)

AUTHORITY: The attached bid, request for proposal, limited solicitation, or contract is issued under authority
of Title 18, Montana Code Annotated, and the Administrative Rules of Montana, Title 2, chapter 5.

COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: The contractor must, in performance of work under the contract, fully comply
with all applicable federal, state, or local laws, rules and regulations, including the Montana Human Rights Act,
the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990,
and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Any subletting or subcontracting by the contractor subjects
subcontractors to the same provision. In accordance with section 49-3-207, MCA, the contractor agrees that
the hiring of persons to perform the contract will be made on the basis of merit and qualifications and there will
be no discrimination based upon race, color, religion, creed, political ideas, sex, age, marital status, physical or
mental disability, or national origin by the persons performing the contract.

CONFORMANCE WITH CONTRACT: No alteration of the terms, conditions, delivery, price, quality, quantities,
or specifications of the contract granted without prior written consent of the State Procurement Bureau.
Supplies delivered which do not conform to the contract terms, conditions, and specifications may be rejected
and returned at the contractor’s expense.

DEBARMENT: The contractor certifies, by submitting this bid or proposal, that neither it nor its principals are
presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from
participation in this transaction (contract) by any governmental department or agency. If the contractor cannot
certify this statement, attach a written explanation for review by the State.

DISABILITY ACCOMMODATIONS: The State of Montana does not discriminate on the basis of disability in
admission to, access to, or operations of its programs, services, or activities. Individuals who need aids,
alternative document formats, or services for effective communications or other disability related

                                                                            IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 3
accommodations in the programs and services offered are invited to make their needs and preferences known
to this office. Interested parties should provide as much advance notice as possible.

FACSIMILE RESPONSES: Facsimile responses will be accepted for invitations for bids, small purchases, or
limited solicitations ONLY if they are completely received by the State Procurement Bureau prior to the time set
for receipt. Bids, or portions thereof, received after the due time will not be considered. Facsimile responses to
requests for proposals are ONLY accepted on an exception basis with prior approval of the procurement

FAILURE TO HONOR BID/PROPOSAL: If a bidder/offeror to whom a contract is awarded refuses to accept
the award (PO/contract) or fails to deliver in accordance with the contract terms and conditions, the department
may, in its discretion, suspend the bidder/offeror for a period of time from entering into any contracts with the
State of Montana.

FORCE MAJEURE: Neither party shall be responsible for failure to fulfill its obligations due to causes beyond
its reasonable control, including without limitation, acts or omissions of government or military authority, acts of
God, materials shortages, transportation delays, fires, floods, labor disturbances, riots, wars, terrorist acts, or
any other causes, directly or indirectly beyond the reasonable control of the nonperforming party, so long as
such party is using its best efforts to remedy such failure or delays.

HOLD HARMLESS/INDEMNIFICATION: The contractor agrees to protect, defend, and save the State, its
elected and appointed officials, agents, and employees, while acting within the scope of their duties as such,
harmless from and against all claims, demands, causes of action of any kind or character, including the cost of
defense thereof, arising in favor of the contractor’s employees or third parties on account of bodily or personal
injuries, death, or damage to property arising out of services performed or omissions of services or in any way
resulting from the acts or omissions of the contractor and/or its agents, employees, representatives, assigns,
subcontractors, except the sole negligence of the State, under this agreement.

LATE BIDS AND PROPOSALS: Regardless of cause, late bids and proposals will not be accepted and will
automatically be disqualified from further consideration. It solely the vendor’s risk to ensure delivery at the
designated office by the designated time. Late bids and proposals will not be opened and may be returned to
the vendor at the expense of the vendor or destroyed if requested.

PAYMENT TERM: All payment terms will be computed from the date of delivery of supplies or services OR
receipt of a properly executed invoice, whichever is later. Unless otherwise noted in the solicitation document,
the State is allowed 30 days to pay such invoices. All contractors will be required to provide banking
information at the time of contract execution in order to facilitate State electronic funds transfer payments.

RECIPROCAL PREFERENCE: The State of Montana applies a reciprocal preference against a vendor
submitting a bid from a state or country that grants a residency preference to its resident businesses. A
reciprocal preference is only applied to an invitation for bid for supplies or an invitation for bid for
nonconstruction services for public works as defined in section 18-2-401(9), MCA, and then only if federal
funds are not involved. For a list of states that grant resident preference, see

REDUCTION OF FUNDING: The State must terminate this contract if funds are not appropriated or otherwise
made available to support the State's continuation of performance in a subsequent fiscal period. (See section
18-4-313(4), MCA.)

REFERENCE TO CONTRACT: The contract or purchase order number MUST appear on all invoices, packing
lists, packages, and correspondence pertaining to the contract.

REGISTRATION WITH THE SECRETARY OF STATE: Any business intending to transact business in
Montana must register with the Secretary of State. Businesses that are incorporated in another state or
country, but which are conducting activity in Montana, must determine whether they are transacting business in

                                                                          IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 4
Montana in accordance with sections 35-1-1026 and 35-8-1001, MCA. Such businesses may want to obtain
the guidance of their attorney or accountant to determine whether their activity is considered transacting

If businesses determine that they are transacting business in Montana, they must register with the Secretary of
State and obtain a certificate of authority to demonstrate that they are in good standing in Montana. To obtain
registration materials, call the Office of the Secretary of State at (406) 444-3665, or visit their website at

SEPARABILITY CLAUSE: A declaration by any court, or any other binding legal source, that any provision of
the contract is illegal and void shall not affect the legality and enforceability of any other provision of the
contract, unless the provisions are mutually dependent.

SHIPPING: Supplies shipped prepaid, F.O.B. Destination, unless the contract specifies otherwise.

SOLICITATION DOCUMENT EXAMINATION: Vendors shall promptly notify the State of any ambiguity,
inconsistency, or error which they may discover upon examination of a solicitation document.

TAX EXEMPTION: The State of Montana is exempt from Federal Excise Taxes (#81-0302402).

TECHNOLOGY ACCESS FOR BLIND OR VISUALLY IMPAIRED: Contractor acknowledges that no state
funds may be expended for the purchase of information technology equipment and software for use by
employees, program participants, or members of the public unless it provides blind or visually impaired
individuals with access, including interactive use of the equipment and services, that is equivalent to that
provided to individuals who are not blind or visually impaired. (Section 18-5-603, MCA.) Contact the State
Procurement Bureau at (406) 444-2575 for more information concerning nonvisual access standards.

TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: Unless otherwise stated, the State may, by written notice to the contractor,
terminate the contract in whole or in part at any time the contractor fails to perform the contract.

U.S. FUNDS: All prices and payments must be in U.S. dollars.

VENUE: This solicitation is governed by the laws of Montana. The parties agree that any litigation concerning
this bid, request for proposal, limited solicitation, or subsequent contract, must be brought in the First Judicial
District in and for the County of Lewis and Clark, State of Montana, and each party shall pay its own costs and
attorney fees. (Section 18-1-401, MCA.)

WARRANTIES: The contractor warrants that items offered will conform to the specifications requested, to be
fit and sufficient for the purpose manufactured, of good material and workmanship, and free from defect. Items
offered must be new and unused and of the latest model or manufacture, unless otherwise specified by the
State. They equal in quality and performance to those indicated herein. Descriptions used herein are specified
solely for the purpose of indicating standards of quality, performance, and/or use desired. Exceptions will be

                                                                                                        Revised 2/10

                                                                          IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 5
                             SECTION 1: GENERAL REQUIREMENTS

The STATE OF MONTANA, Department of Transportation (hereinafter referred to as “the State”) is soliciting
bids for two Sweeper Trucks. A more complete description of the equipment sought is provided in Section 5
of this IFB. Bids submitted in response to this solicitation must comply with the instructions and procedures
contained herein.

        1.1.1 Procurement Officer Contact Information. Contact information for the procurement officer is as
                                    Procurement Officer: Jeannie Lake
                                    Telephone Number: 406-444-0110
                                       Fax Number: 406-444-2529
                                  E-mail Address: JeannieLake@mt.gov

        1.1.2 Examination of Solicitation Documents and Explanation to Bidders. Bidders are responsible
for examining the solicitation documents and any addenda issued to become informed as to all conditions that
might in any way affect the cost or performance of any work. Failure to do so will be at the sole risk of the
bidder. Should the bidder find discrepancies in or omissions from the solicitation documents, or should their
intent or meaning appear unclear or ambiguous, or should any other question arise relative to the solicitation
documents, the bidder shall promptly notify the procurement officer in writing. The bidder making such request
will be solely responsible for its timely receipt by the procurement officer. Replies to such notices may be made
in the form of an addendum to the solicitation.

        1.1.3 Interpretation or Representations. The State of Montana assumes no responsibility for any
interpretation or representations made by any of its officers or agents unless interpretations or representations
are incorporated into a formal written addendum to the solicitation.

         1.1.4 Acknowledgment of Addendum. If the IFB is amended, then all terms and conditions which are
not modified remain unchanged. It is the bidder's responsibility to keep informed of any changes to the
solicitation. Bidders must sign and return with their bid an Acknowledgment of Addendum for any
addendum issued. Bids that fail to include an Acknowledgment of Addendum may be considered

       1.1.5 Extension of Prices. In the case of error in the extension of prices in the bid, the unit price will
govern. In a lot bid, the lot price will govern.

        1.1.6 Bid Preparation Costs. The costs for developing and delivering responses to this IFB are
entirely the responsibility of the bidder. The State is not liable for any expense incurred by the bidder in the
preparation and presentation of their bid or any other costs incurred by the bidder prior to execution of a
purchase order or contract.

                                                                           IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 6
       1.2.1 Bids Must Be Sealed and Labeled. Bids must be sealed and labeled on the outside of the
package to clearly indicate that they are in response to IFB12-2360A. Bids must be received at the
receptionist’s desk of the State Procurement Bureau, 125 North Roberts, Room 165 Mitchell Bldg, and
Helena, MT 59601 prior to 2:00 p.m., MST, April 4, 2012. All prices and notations must be printed in ink or
typewritten. Errors should be crossed out, corrections entered, and initialed by the person signing the bid.

        1.2.2 Late Bids. Regardless of cause, late bids will not be accepted and will automatically be
disqualified from further consideration. It the bidder’s sole risk to assure delivery at the receptionist's desk
at the designated office by the designated time. Late bids will not be opened and may be returned to the bidder
at the expense of the bidder or destroyed if requested.

        1.2.3 Bidder’s Signature. The solicitation must be signed in ink by an individual authorized to legally
bind the business submitting the bid. The bidder’s signature on a bid in response to this IFB guarantees that
the offer has been established without collusion and without effort to preclude the State of Montana from
obtaining the best possible supply or service.

       1.2.4 Alternate Bids. Vendors may submit alternate bids (a bid on supplies other than specified).
Alternate bids are considered only if the vendor is the lowest responsible vendor on their primary bid. Bids
must be clearly identified as "Primary" and "Alternate."

        1.2.5 Descriptive Literature. Complete manufacturer’s descriptive literature sufficient in detail to
establish quality and compliance with all specifications must be submitted with each bid. The State reserves
the right to examine products further to determine compliance with the stated specifications.

        1.3.1 Change or Withdrawal PRIOR to Bid Opening. Should any bidder desire to change or
withdraw a bid prior to the scheduled opening, the bidder may do so by making such request in writing to the
procurement officer listed in Section 1.1.1 above. This communication must be received prior to the date and
hour of the bid opening by a request in writing or facsimile to the procurement officer (e-mail notices containing
prices are not allowed and will be disqualified).

       1.3.2 Change AFTER Bid Opening but Prior to Bid Award. After bids are opened, they may not be
changed except to correct patently obvious mistakes and minor variations as allowed by ARM 2.5.505. The
bidder shall submit verification of the correct bid to the State prior to the final award by the State.

        1.4.1 Basis for Award. Bid award, if made, will be to the responsive and responsible bidder who
offers the lowest cost to the State in accordance with the specifications set forth in the invitation for bid.

       1.4.2 Rejection of Bids. While the State has every intention to award a contract as a result of this IFB,
issuance of the IFB in no way constitutes a commitment by the State of Montana to award and execute a
contract. Upon a determination such actions would be in its best interest, the State, in its sole discretion,
reserves the right to:

   Cancel or terminate this IFB (18-4-307, MCA);
   Waive any undesirable, inconsequential, or inconsistent provisions of this IFB which would not have
    significant impact on any bid (ARM 2.5.505); or

                                                                          IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 7
   If awarded, terminate any contract if the State determines adequate state funds are not available
    (18-4-313, MCA).

       1.4.3   Pre-Award Conference.

      Prior to the preparation of the purchase order to the lowest qualified bidder, a review will
be made of the specifications and vendor's data to ensure that the specifications have been met. The
conference will be held at a location chosen by the ordering agency (Montana Department of Transportation) if
requested by the agency.

     Upon agreement between the successful vendor and the Department, and with
concurrence from the Department of Administration State Procurement Bureau, the purchase order will be

       All vendors must acknowledge receipt of all purchase order(s) by signing on the signature
block provided and faxing it to the State Procurement Bureau at 406-444-2529. Failure to acknowledge purchase
order(s) within 10 calendar days may be grounds for cancellation. Failure to deliver any vehicle may result in the
vendor having to pay the State the difference between their bid and the next low bid and/or all actual damages
incurred due to nonperformance along with the risk of being removed from the State’s vendor list for a period of
three years.

                                                                          IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 8
                             SECTION 2: DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS

        2.0.1 Delivery Date. The DELIVERY DATE space on the cover sheet must be completed to
indicate day, month, and year, or a specific number of days after receipt of order (ARO). Bidders will be
held to the specified delivery date. Failure to comply with the requirements may invalidate a bidder’s
quotation for any or all items. Where the bidder is unable to meet the required maximum delivery requirements,
the vendor shall advise Jeannie Lake, State Procurement Bureau at 406-444-0110, of the estimated delivery date,
whereupon the State may cancel the applicable order, in whole or in part, without cost or liability on the part of the
State to the bidder; and the bidder and/or manufacturer will not be held liable for delivery delays caused by strikes,
Acts of God, illegal acts by public disturbances, or demands placed by U.S. government action in national

        Any and all units may be delivered on or before the agreed dates. The State, relying on these delivery
dates, will incur an unknown, difficult or impossible to determine amount of damages should delivery be delayed.
Damages may include, but are not limited to, payment of fees for personal use of vehicles, rental vehicles, and
additional staffing requirements. Should the State choose to accept the late delivery, in lieu of actual damages, the
vendor shall pay the State as fixed, agreed, and liquidated damages and not as a penalty, the amount of $22.00
for each State work day (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. MST, except State holidays). This amount is
the State’s best estimate of a replacement vehicle to cover costs incurred by the State due to the vendor’s failure
to deliver.

        2.0.2 Shipping. Weekends and holidays excepted, deliveries shall be F.O.B. DESTINATION, to the
location shown below. The term "F.O.B. destination, within the State's premises," as used in this clause,
means free of expense to the State and delivered to the location specified. Deliveries shall be between 7:30
a.m. and 3:00 p.m. MST, Monday through Friday, except holidays observed by the State of Montana.

The contractor shall:

      Pack and mark the shipment to comply with specifications; or if the specifications do not contain
       specific packing or marking instructions, pack and mark the shipment in accordance with prevailing
       commercial practices and in such a manner as to ensure delivery in good condition and as required by
       this IFB;
      Deliver the shipment in good order and condition to the point of delivery specified in the IFB; Units
       delivered must meet or exceed all specifications. If applicable, manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO)
       must accompany each unit at the time of delivery;
      Be responsible for any loss of and/or damage to the goods occurring before receipt of the shipment by
       the State at the delivery point specified in the IFB; and
      Pay and bear all charges to the specified points of delivery.

                                                                           IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 9

       3.0.1 Termination for Cause. The State may, by written notice to the contractor, terminate this
contract in whole or in part at any time the contractor fails to perform this contract.

        3.0.2 Reduction of Funding. The State must terminate this contract if funds are not appropriated or
otherwise made available to support the State's continuation of performance of this contract in a subsequent
fiscal period. (See section 18-4-313(4), MCA.)

                                                                     IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 10

4.0    SCOPE
Provide and deliver F.O.B. agency location street sweeper large vacuum broom units as detailed herein.

       4.1.1   All required lubricants shall be available from Montana lubrication suppliers other than OEM

       4.1.2   Only standard (SAE) or metric bolts, nuts, etc., will be allowed (i.e., Whitworth is unacceptable).

      4.1.3 Prototype units are unacceptable. All units bid must be standard production models and must
have been in production and available on the open market for a period of 12 months prior to the bid opening

        4.1.4 To ensure that the warranty provisions of Section 4.6 can be met with the exception of Section
4.1.5, bids will only be accepted from bidders meeting the following requirements:

               a)      The bidder must be factory authorized to sell and service the specific units bid, including
                       all attachments, components, and/or accessories.

               b)      The bidder may be required to provide written proof that he has operated a franchise
                       selling and servicing this type of equipment not necessarily brand/model bid for a
                       minimum of 12 months prior to the bid opening date.

               c)      The bidder must have an in-state sales/service facility that:

                       i. has a minimum of 2,400 square feet of shop space.
                       ii. employs a minimum of two full-time mechanics factory-qualified to work on the type
                            of equipment provided, not necessarily the brand/model bid. Factory qualification
                            must be complete prior to delivery of units.
                       iii. has a demonstrated service record on the type of equipment provided not
                            necessarily the brand/model bid for a minimum of 12 months prior to the bid opening

It is the intent of these provisions that the successful bidder be able to respond to required warranty work in a
timely manner, from an in-state location, with parts, special tools and trained personnel.

       4.1.5 If the bidder cannot comply with the provisions detailed in Section 4.1.4, the following
requirements will apply:

               a)      The bidder must be capable of shipping all repair parts within 24 hours of the placement
                       of an order via fax. Parts must be shipped by the quickest method, excluding air freight
                       or next-day UPS unless the Department requests such shipment, in which case the
                       Department will pay the additional freight expense.

               b)      The Department may elect to perform required warranty repairs if it is in the best interest
                       of the Department, and be reimbursed in the same manner as in Section 4.6 It is not the
                       intent of the Department to perform warranty work that is serious in nature or that
                       renders the units inoperable.
                                                                        IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 11
       4.2.1   Government

               a)      Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

               b)      State of Montana Motor Vehicle Code.

               c)      Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

        4.3.1 Each bid response is required to be clear, complete, and unambiguous in its explanation of what
is being offered to the Department. If the bid is ambiguous concerning what is to be provided under the
General Requirements, whether the model, its configuration, or its attachments or accessories, the Department
will make any interpretation on the bid's content that is supportable by the data and material submitted with the
bid, and that interpretation will be binding on the bidder. If the submitted material is incomplete, the Department
may reject that bid as non-responsive.

         4.3.2 No letters, explanatory data, or other materials attempting to clarify an ambiguous bid will be
accepted from the bidder after submission of a bid. Only in the unusual event that the Department requests
clarification information from bidders will any such additional information be accepted, and then only the
requested information will be accepted.

        4.4.1 These specifications, supported by the allowed manufacturer's literature, represent levels of
performance that constitute a unit that will operate satisfactorily. Failure of the unit to operate satisfactorily
within the warranty period will be considered a "breach of warranty" and will allow the Department to return all
units that operate unsatisfactorily to the bidder for full reimbursement of the purchase price.

        4.4.2 Silence of Specification. The apparent silence of this specification and supplemental
specifications as to any detail, or the apparent omission from it of a detailed description concerning any point,
shall be regarded as meaning that only best commercial practice is to prevail and that only materials and
workmanship of first quality are to be used.

        4.4.3 Adherence to the Specification. Any and all deviations to any of the below requirements shall be
so stated on the returned bid. The State of Montana shall hold the bidder to each part of the specifications that
the bidder has not specifically included in its deviations submitted with its bid.

        4.4.4 Heavy Duty. This term, as applied to these specifications, means that the item to which the term
is applied shall be the heaviest duty available.

        4.4.5 All units shall be new (unused) current model year, produced from current production
components, and shall be delivered ready to be used. No components may be used that are not offered in the
current parts catalog for the unit.

        4.4.6 Conflict with Other Requirements. In the event of a conflict between these specifications and
other requirements, these specifications shall prevail.

                                                                         IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 12
        4.5.1 Units delivered to the Department will be visually inspected for specification compliance. Units
visually meeting specification requirements will be paid in full. Units not meeting specification requirements
may receive partial payment on a unit-by-unit basis or may be rejected entirely.

        4.6.1 A warranty shall be provided on all units purchased which is current to the industry, but not less
than one year in duration from the point in time the units are put into service. The bidder will be notified in
writing by the Department of the "in-service date," which will not exceed six months from date of delivery.

        4.6.2 The bidder agrees that it will respond within 72 hours after receiving a written "notice of required
warranty work." The Department reserves the right to assess liquidated damages in the amount of $20.00 per
unit, per calendar day, for failure to comply with this provision. If the required warranty work has not been
accomplished at the end of 30 calendar days from receipt of the written notice, the Department may declare
the units unsatisfactory in operation and return them to the bidder for full reimbursement of the purchase price
as per Section 4.1.

               a) The intent of this provision is to allow the Department specific recourse should the bidder
                  refuse or fail to respond to required warranty work that is serious in nature or that renders
                  the unit inoperable. The provision is not intended to cover occasional minor repair unless
                  such repair becomes reoccurring and is not addressed by the bidder, nor is it intended to
                  cover situations beyond the bidder's control.

       4.6.3 Any failures that occur beyond the required warranty period, which are reasonably attributed to
a manufacturer's defect, will be subject to corrective action on a cost-sharing basis at an agreed percent of

       4.6.4 In emergency situations, the Department may elect to perform warranty work. Damaged
parts will be held for the bidder's inspection, together with sufficient documentation to verify all expenses.
Unless covered by separate agreement, the bidder agrees to reimburse the Department for all warranty
work performed at the rate of $24.00 per hour for all labor (including travel time) plus travel expenses and
the actual cost of all parts and materials, plus freight.

4.7    PRICES
        4.7.1 Taxes, Shipping, and Invoicing. The prices herein specified, unless otherwise expressly
stated, shall exclude all taxes and duties of any kind which either party is required to pay with respect to the
sale of products covered by this IFB, but shall include all charges and expenses in connection with the packing
of the products and their carriage to the place of delivery to the State unless specifically excluded. Bid prices
shall include any and all transportation costs. The Contractor paid, except as otherwise stated in this IFB,
upon submission of a proper invoice, the prices stipulated herein for products, and/or services delivered to and
accepted at the specified State location(s).

Awards will be made on an Item-by-item basis. Bidders may bid on any or all items at their discretion.
However, a bidder must enter "No Bid” for any line item that they are not bidding.

                                                                         IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 13
                            SECTION 5: DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS

Line #1

Note: these bid specs are intended to functional rather than specific.

Examples of vacuum sweepers these bid specs will include, but not be limited to, the Johnston 650 with a cab
over chassis or the Elgin Whirlwind with a cab over chassis.

Provide and deliver, F.O.B. vacuum sweeper unit as noted below.

Delivery shall be F.O.B.:

               MDT Missoula District Office
               2100 W. Broadway
               Missoula, MT 59807

Delivery shall be between 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays observed by the
State of Montana.

If applicable, manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO) must accompany each unit at the time of delivery.


7.5-8.5 Cubic yard, dual gutter brooms, vacuum street sweeper, truck mounted on “cab over” chassis. This
specification describes an environmentally controlled and silenced street sweeper.


The sweeper to be furnished under this proposal shall be a truck chassis mounted type, 7.5-8.5 cubic
yard capacity vacuum street sweeper, with dual gutter brooms and a center broom. It shall be the
manufacturer’s latest model and design. These specifications shall be regarded as minimum. Vendors
must furnish all descriptive literature, manufacturer’s compliance certificates and all other data on the
equipment proposed as required in this specification. Vendor must answer YES or NO to each
specification line item except where asked to state specific data. Failure to answer correctly, or failure
to respond, will deem your bid as non-responsive.

All line items with a “NO” response, shall be explained in detail on the “Exceptions to Bid
Specifications” page provided at the end of this document. This spec consists of 32 clauses.

                                                                         IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 14
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS                                                                               YES/NO

1.       Sound Control (Vendors MUST Furnish Compliance Certificate)

1.1      The external sound pressure level shall be 79 dB(A)
         average at 16 meters per noise test code ISO 3746:
         1996 while the impeller fan is rotating at 3,400 RPM.                                     _______

1.2      The in-cab sound level shall not exceed 68 dB(A) max per
         noise test code ISO 3746:1996 while the impeller fan is
         rotating at 3,400 RPM in sweeping mode.                                                   _______

2.       Truck Cab and Chassis

         Chassis Make:

         Chassis Model:

         Sweeper Make:

         Sweeper Model:

3.       Vehicle Weight

3.1      GVWR: 33,000 lbs. minimum.                                                                _______

3.2      Wheel Base maximum 164”.                                                                  _______

3.3      Cab shall be “over engine” type,
         (conventional cabs are not acceptable.)                                                   _______

3.4      State G.V.W.R of chassis bid.

3.5      State empty weight of chassis bid.

3.6      State empty weight of sweep equipment.

3.7      Turning radius shall promote exceptional maneuverability of a
         cab over chassis ft.                                                                      _______

4.       Axles

4.1      Front axle shall be 12,000 lbs. minimum.                                                  _______

4.2      Rear axle shall be a two (2) speed Dana
         Model 21060T, 21,000 lbs. Capacity
         with ratio of 6.14/8.38 to 4.17/9.77or pre-approved alternative.                          _______

4.3      Rear oil seals shall be provided.                                                         _______

                                                                            IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 15
5.    Suspension                                                                    YES/NO
5.1   Front suspension shall be 12,000 lbs.
      minimum at ground load rating.                                                _______

5.2   Front shock absorbers shall be supplied.                                      _______

5.3   Rear suspension shall be 23,000 lbs.
      minimum with multi-leaf springs.                                              _______

6.    Brakes-ABS

6.1   Front service brakes shall be “full air” “S”
      cam type with 15” x 4” brake linings.                                         _______

6.2   Rear service brakes shall be “full air” “S”
      cam type with 16 ½” x 7” brake linings.                                       _______

6.3   Automatic slack adjusters shall be supplied
      on front and rear brakes.                                                     _______

6.4   Parking brake shall be spring set on rear axle
      and cab controlled.                                                           _______

6.5   Low air warning indicator shall be supplied.                                  _______

6.6   A Bendix AD-IS air dryer with automatic air
      moisture ejector shall be supplied.                                           _______

6.7   A Haldex 292 water cooled 12.9 cu. ft. /minute
      air compressor with dry type air filter shall
      be supplied.18.7 cu. ft. /minute is also acceptable.                          _______

7.    Steering

7.1   Complete OEM, dual power steering system with
      independent gear boxes to permit operation from
      either side of cab.                                                           _______

7.2   The following gauges and controls shall be
      furnished at LH operator’s position:
      Oil pressure gauge, Water temperature gauge,
      Voltmeter, Speedometer, Odometer, Dual
      Air pressure gauges, Transmission oil temperature,
      Gauge, and ignition switch.                                                   _______

7.3   To accommodate different operator needs the
      steering column shall incorporate a tilt/telescopic
      adjustment.                                                                   _______

                                                             IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 16
8.     Engine                                                                                YES/NO

8.1    Engine shall be a four cycle diesel,
       turbo-charged and after cooled.                                                       _______

8.2    Engine shall be rated minimally at 200 H.P.
       at 2,200 RPM, minimum.                                                                _______

8.3    Engine shall have a minimum torque rating
       of 520 ft. lbs. at 1,600 RPM.                                                         _______

8.4    Engine shall be water cooled with antifreeze
       protection to -34 degrees Fahrenheit                                                  _______

8.5    Engine shall have vertical muffler and exhaust pipe
       and be equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter.                                     _______

8.6    Engine displacement shall be minimally 6 Liters.                                      _______

9.     Transmission

9.1    Transmission shall be an Allison 2500 HS/RDS
       Series automatic with return line filtration or pre-approved
       alternative.                                                                          _______

9.2    Transmission shall come installed with synthetic
       transmission fluid.                                                                   _______

9.3    A transmission cooler must be provided.                                               _______

10.    Engine Equipment

10.1   Alternator shall have a minimum
       of 100 amp output rating.                                                             _______

10.2   Two batteries shall be maintenance free
       and each rated at 750 CCA (1,500 total).                                              _______

10.3   A heavy duty dry type air cleaner with
       restriction indicator shall be supplied.                                              _______

10.4   A viscous clutch fan shall be supplied.                                               _______

10.5   A full flow oil filter shall be supplied.                                             _______

10.6   A Racor 150 watt heated fuel/water separator,
       with dash warning light shall be supplied.                                            _______

11.    Cab

11.1   Cab shall have two air suspensions fully adjustable
       bucket seats with approved seat belts.                                                _______

                                                                      IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 17
11.2   Seats shall be heavy duty dark grey or earth tone color, cloth
       upholstery over foam rubber seat cushion.                                                    _______

11.3   Sun visors shall be supplied on both sides.                                                  _______

11.4   Armrests shall be supplied on both sides.                                                    _______

11.5   Electric power window shall be supplied for
       the passenger side.                                                                          _______

11.6   Heater with full width defrosters, fresh air ducts
       and two-speed (minimal) fan shall be supplied.                                               _______

11.7   Dual, two speed (minimal) electric intermittent windshield
       wipers with washers, operable from either side,
       shall be supplied.                                                                           _______

11.8   Two stainless steel West Coast type electric heated
       mirrors, 7” x 16” shall be supplied.                                                         _______

11.9   A 6" rearview camera must be included that will provide the
       Operator clear view of all of the activities behind the truck. This
       view must remain clear under both low (night) and direct (bright)
       sunlight conditions.                                                                         _______

11.10 Two 8” convex mirrors shall also be supplied to allow
      operator full view of sweeping equipment.                                                     _______

11.11 Factory air conditioner shall be supplied and
      mounted in cab.                                                                               _______

11.12 AM/FM radio shall be supplied.                                                                _______

11.13 Two independent accelerator pedals shall be
      installed in cab to facilitate operation from either side.                                    _______

11.14 A full ‘cross-over’ system to change steering control,
      throttle and all gauges, from left to right hand side
      and vice versa shall be supplied.                                                             _______

11.15 All cross-over functions shall be controlled by a
      single switch on the shifter console. This circuit
      shall be inter-locked to the parking brake and
      shall only be capable of being activated with
      the parking brake applied.                                                                    _______

12.    Fuel Tank

12.1   Minimum 50 gallon fuel tank shall supply sweeper
       and chassis engines. Tank shall be manufactured
       from stainless steel.                                                                        _______

                                                                             IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 18
13.    Lights

13.1   All lamps and reflectors shall comply with
       federal regulations.                                                                 _______

13.2   Four-way hazard warning lights shall be supplied.                                    _______

13.3   Back up lights shall be fitted.                                                      _______

13.4   All lights shall be LED where LED is applicable.                                     _______

14.    Frame

14.1   Heavy Duty frame with a minimum RBM of
       1,000,000 lb/in minimally.                                                           _______

14.2   Frame Section Modulus of 12.69 minimum                                               _______

14.3   Frame shall be tensile steel, 80,000 psi, minimum                                    _______

14.4   Front tow hooks shall be supplied.                                                   _______

14.5   Steel front and rear bumpers shall be supplied (front
       may be covered by plastic fascia).                                                   _______

14.6   A weight load indicator shall be installed on frame.                                 _______

14.7   Weight load indicators shall be located to prevent them from being
       damaged or losing calibration.                                                       _______

15.    Wheels and Tires

15.1   All wheel rims shall be disc type 22.5 X 8.25.                                       _______

15.2   Tires:
       Two front and four rear steel belted radial premium tires,
       type 11.00R 22.5-14 ply rated.                                                       _______

15.3   Rear tire sets to be protected by
       H.D replaceable plastic fenders.                                                     _______

16.    Warranty

16.1   The basic truck chassis and drive train shall be warranted
       by the manufacturer for two years, unlimited miles
       unless otherwise specified.                                                          _______


17.    Power Pack

17.1   Power shall be supplied by a heavy-duty turbo
       charged industrial diesel engine.                                                    _______

                                                                     IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 19

17.2   Engine shall be four cylinder, four cycle, water cooled
       and antifreeze protected to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.                                      _______

17.3   Engine shall be 4.5 liter (275 Cu. in.) displ. 99hp,
       Minimum; John Deere 4045T or equal.                                                      _______

17.4   The engine must conform to EPA Tier 3 or 4 pending current regulations.
       No exception to this environmental legislation will be permitted.                        _______

17.5   The unit shall be capable of operating within a temperature
       range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +126 degrees Fahrenheit
       with the manufacturer’s full warranty approval.                                          _______

17.6   Heavy duty, dry dual element air filtration with
       restriction indicator and Turbo III pre-cleaner to be provided.                          _______

17.7   Fuel system will have a primary filter and sediment bowl as
       first stage filtration from the fuel tank.                                               _______

17.8   A 50 gallon (190 liter) stainless steel fuel tank with locking
       cap and a fuel gauge shall be furnished.                                                 _______

17.9   Engine water pump shall be gear driven to eliminate
       possibility of engine damage due to drive belt breakage.                                 _______

17.10 A 12V 55 amp alternator shall be furnished.                                               _______

17.11 High coolant temperature and low oil pressure shutdown
      system shall be supplied as standard equipment.                                           _______

17.12 The engine and engine compartment shall be sound suppressed.                              _______

17.13 Engine tub shall be separately mounted from the body
      and shall be capable of being removed from the entire
      sweeper framework by four bolts.                                                          _______

17.14 To reduce vibration and sound, ONLY the engine, transmission,
      and turbine shall be “live” mounted and free floating.                                    _______

17.15 The engine compartment shall be completely sealed to
      protect against sound and dust contaminants.                                              _______

17.16 Safe engine access shall be provided.                                                     _______

17.17 For greater corrosion protection, the engine muffler
      and exhaust pipe must be stainless steel.                                                 _______

17.18 Engine power output shall be adjusted by means of
      an electronic, infinitely variable actuator.                                              _______

17.19 A tachometer and hour meter shall be supplied.                                            _______

                                                                         IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 20

17.20 Radiator shall have a sealed and dedicated air intake duct.
      To ensure the air is the cleanest possible the air intake
      duct shall be located in the roof of the sweeper engine.                                 _______

17.21 Cold weather start aid features shall be furnished.                                      _______

17.22 All sweeping controls shall be easily accessible to the
      operator from either side driving position.                                              _______

17.23 ‘Three position’ switches shall be supplied for gutter
      brooms, nozzles and main broom. Positions one and
      two shall be for raising and lowering, while position
      three shall activate water system for sweep gear.                                        _______

17.24 Warning lights shall be furnished for low oil pressure,
      high water temperature, low voltage, body weight limit,
      low hydraulic oil level and low sweeper water tank level.                                _______

17.25 All of the above controls in addition to the chassis engine
      ignition, parking brake control, and gutter broom speed control
      shall be centrally mounted in cab.                                                       _______

17.26 An anti-crank device shall be provided to prevent
      re-engagement of starter while engine is running.                                        _______

18.    Sweeper Hopper Body

18.1   Hopper body shall be fabricated from high chromium content
       stainless steel or equivalent corrosion and abrasion protection
       measures such as Johnson 650 SS or the Elgin life liner system
       with 10 gauge steel to provide a hopper body that has a minimum
       replacement warranty of at least 10 years.                                              _______

18.2   Body vol. capacity shall be not less than 7.5-8.5 yards.
       with payload capacity of not less than 6 cu. yards.                                     _______

18.3   A hydraulically operated, fully sealed, full width,
       top hinged rear door.                                                                   _______

18.4   The door shall be opened, closed and latched hydraulically.                             _______

18.5   To prevent damage to the door and door seal, when
       dumping, the door must open a minimum of 125 degrees.                                   _______

18.6 The door cylinder shall incorporate safety device
       to prevent accidental closing in the event of a
       hydraulic hose or cylinder failure.                                                     _______

18.7 To prevent physical injury a sweeper hopper body prop
       shall be provided for use when the hopper is raised.                                    _______

                                                                        IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 21
18.8 To prevent physical injury, the sweeper shall incorporate
       a warning beeper anytime the debris hopper or rear door
       is being raised or lowered.                                                              _______

18.9 To prevent physical injury due to unintentional operation,
       a master safety switch must be depressed and simultaneously
       held while the operator activates the controls to raise/lower
       the debris hopper or rear door.                                                          _______

18.10 For maximum abrasion resistance the body intake tube
      shall be constructed of steel.                                                            _______

18.11 To prevent the body from being stuck in the raised position,
      the raise/lower cylinder shall be power up and power down.                                _______

18.12 To ensure complete emptying of the debris hopper,
      the hopper discharge angle must be 54 degrees minimum.                                    _______

18.13 Body intake tubes shall have equidistant mounting
      holes to permit quarter, half or three quarter turn
      rotation for even wear compensation.                                                      _______

18.14 To permit cleaning of the rear screens,
      and placement of large objects in the hopper, inspection
      doors shall be provided on each side of the hopper.                                       _______

18.15 Body shall have full width filter screens.                                                _______

18.16 The screens shall be removable from ground level
      without entering the hopper and without the use of tools.                                 _______

18.17 Cloth filters, screens, or replace able bags are not acceptable.
18.18 The rear door shall have a drain system or drain hose to enable
      water to be drained off. The hoses will be stowed
      on its own stowage bracket when not in use.                                               _______

19.    Vacuum Impeller Fan

19.1   Shall be single stage centrifugal type, direct driven, factory
       balanced, and capable of producing 59” of negative water
       column in the hopper.                                                                    _______

19.2   Impeller shall be 30” diameter, 3” wide minimally and of
       stainless steel construction.                                                            _______

19.3   Impeller shall incorporate minimally 8 hardened steel vanes
       with built-in “wear safe” characteristics to prevent
       separation should it be subjected to excessive abrasion.                                 _______

                                                                         IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 22
19.4   Impeller housing shall have ports for inspection
       and shall be constructed of anti-abrasion steel.                                            _______

19.5   The rear impeller must shut off or the impeller housing exhaust port
       MUST have an automatic safety blanking plate which activates each
       time the hopper is raised.                                                                  _______

19.6   The connection of impeller to drive system and engine
       shall permit the impeller to freely spin within its housing.                                _______

19.7   The purchaser has demonstrated various types of vacuum
       sweepers and has determined that a minimum impeller fan
       speed of 3,400 RPM is required to effectively convey the vast
       majority of sweepings into the debris hopper.                                               _______

19.8   State engine RPM required to generate an impeller
       fan speed of 3,400 RPM:

               Engine speed (RPM)                                                                  _______

               Impeller speed (RPM)                                                                _______

               Step up ratio                                                                       _______

19.9   Blower drive system: To permit longer life and lower cost
       of operation, the entire blower drive system, excluding the
       auxiliary engine and blower wheel, shall be guaranteed for
       five years. Warranty shall include all components between
       the engine flywheel and the blower. Warranty shall cover
       all components, including normal wear items, such as, but
       not limited to, belts, pulleys, bearings, shafts, fluid couplings,
       clutches, seals, etc. Warranty shall include all parts and
       labor for a period of five years. 100% parts and labor. No
       pro-rating or hour limitations acceptable. Vendors shall
       submit warranty statements from the manufacturer with
       their bids, in strict compliance with the published
       warranty specifications. Failure to do so will deem your
       bid as non-responsive.                                                                      _______

19.10 Impeller exhaust port is to be sealed and air is to be
      exhausted horizontally through a sound suppressed
      roof tunnel vent or through the back of the sweeper.                                         _______

20.    Intake System

20.1   The intake system shall be a minimum of 10” in diameter.                                    _______

20.2   To permit cleaning and removal of blockages the intake
       system shall separate when the debris hopper is raised.                                     _______

                                                                            IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 23
21.     Gutter Broom-Right and Left Side                                                      YES/NO

21.1    Gutter brooms shall be minimally a two piece, of steel
        tine construction and 28” in diameter. Three piece 36” diameter
        are also acceptable.                                                                  _______

21.2    Gutter brooms shall be direct hydraulic drive type
        and relief valve protected.                                                           _______

21.3    Gutter brooms shall have variable speed from within the cab.
        Rotational speed from 0-130 RPM.                                                      _______

21.4    Gutter brooms shall pneumatically raise/lower.                                        _______

21.5    Gutter brooms shall incorporate a lock for transport
        activated automatically from within the cab.                                          _______

21.6    Gutter brooms and components shall be free floating,
        of trailing arm configuration with adjustable “kick back”
        feature to avoid damage if contact is made with street
        furniture, high curbs or other immovable objects.                                     _______

21.7    Two water spray jets shall be provided at each gutter broom.                          _______

21.8    Two additional water spray jets shall be mounted on
        the corner of the front bumper. These jets shall be
        separately wired and activated from within the cab
        when additional water is required.                                                    _______

21.9    Gutter brooms shall be capable of being operated
        independently of other sweep gear.                                                    _______

21.10 The right and left side gutter broom components must
      be identical to permit interchangeability from side to side.                            _______

21.11 Unit must have the ability (option or otherwise) to operate with both
      gutter brooms going at the same time to maximize the sweeping
      path size.                                                                              _______

22.     Wide Sweep Broom Center Broom

22.1.   Polypropylene under-body broom shall be supplied.                                     _______

22.2.   Broom shall be 16” diameter minimum.                                                  _______

22.3.   Broom length shall be 50” minimum.                                                    _______

22.4.   To reduce the potential for damage, the wide sweep
        broom shall be towed and not pushed when operating.                                   _______

                                                                       IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 24
22.5.   Wide sweep broom shall be enclosed within its own
        hood to prevent debris from being ejected.                                               _______

22.6.   Broom shall be hydraulically driven at a constant speed
        with adjustable pressure and flotation system.                                           _______

22.7.   Wide sweep broom shall have a minimum of four water
        sprays for dust control.                                                                 _______

22.8.   Wide sweep broom shall be capable of being changed
        without removing any parts other than the broom side
        cover plate.                                                                             _______

22.9.   Wide sweep broom shall be capable of being operated
        independently of all other sweep gear.                                                   _______

22.10 The wide sweep brush position shall swivel from side
      to side automatically from within the cab based on
      right or left gutter broom selection.                                                      _______

22.11 Wide sweep broom shall have a road crown
      compensation pivot with remote greasing provision
      to provide simple, easy lubrication.                                                       _______

23.     Suction Nozzles- Right and Left Side

23.1    Shall be made of steel construction or metal alloy construction
        with replaceable rubber lining, rubber skirts, and curb guards                           _______

23.2    Nozzles shall raise/lower pneumatically.                                                 _______

23.3    Nozzles shall have water jets to provide
        dust suppression and lubrication for debris
        conveying tubes and sweeper internal components.                                         _______

23.4    Nozzle carriages shall each be provided with two
        adjustable rubber tired wheels.                                                          _______

23.5    Nozzle wheels shall be capable of being independently
        adjusted.                                                                                _______

23.6    An in-cab control, shall permit the operator to remotely maximum
        aperture openings to accommodate the ingestion of large items.
        This can be accomplished by tilting the suction nozzle back or opening
        a shutter in the front of the suction nozzle.                                            _______

23.7    The nozzles shall be capable of tracking independently
        from the chassis.                                                                        _______

                                                                          IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 25
23.8   Nozzle assemblies are to be attached to the sweep
       gear framework via tool free, detachable,
       self-aligning draw bar.                                                               _______

23.9   Nozzles shall be capable of being operated
       independently of other sweeping gear.                                                 _______

24.    Hydraulic System

24.1   The hydraulic system shall operate the following:
       wide sweep broom rotation, gutter broom rotation,
       wide sweep broom swiveling and lateral positioning                                    _______

24.2   To ensure adequate cooling, reservoir capacity
       shall be baffled and large enough to enable the hydraulic system
       to operate for prolonged periods of time (8-10 hours) in extremely
       high ambient temperatures without overheating, cavitations, or
       foaming in the hydraulic system.                                                      _______

24.3   Hydraulic oil reservoir capacity shall be 20 gallons
       minimum and capable of maintaining continuous
       operation without overheating.                                                        _______

24.4   All hydraulic circuits shall be protected by relief valves.                           _______

24.5   Hydraulic reservoir shall have a fluid level sight glass.                             _______

24.6   A spin-on sump filter with pressure bypass shall be
       provided on the return circuit.                                                       _______

24.7   The body raise/lower shall be powered off the auxiliary
       engine. An electric over hydraulic backup system shall
       be furnished in the event the auxiliary engine does
       not start.                                                                            _______

24.8   The body dump controls shall be controlled via a handheld
       pendant to permit operation from within the cab or
       outside the cab or mounted to the exterior passenger side of the
       sweeper. Dump body controls shall be mounted in a location and
       fashion to promote operator safety.                                                   _______

24.9    All hydraulic valves for sweep gear shall be equipped
       with light emitting diodes to assist in troubleshooting.                              _______

24.10 The hydraulic system shall have a quick disconnect test port.                          _______

                                                                      IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 26
25.    Water System                                                                            YES/NO

25.1   Water tanks must be constructed of stainless steel or
       polypropylene. The tanks shall be located and constructed
       to provide a minimum of a 10 year warranty period. Vendors
       shall supply warranty information pertaining to the
       water system including statements from the manufacturer
       with their bids in complete compliance with the published
       warranty specification. Failure to do so will deem your bid
       non-responsive.                                                                         _______

25.2   Water tank capacity shall be 300 gallons minimum and
       tank must be baffled to minimize stress related movement.                               _______

25.3   Water pump drive and related systems shall have a purge or
       similar system to winterize or remove the water and provide
       protection system against freeze-up                                                     _______

25.4   Water pump shall be self priming and not subject
       to damage when operated dry.                                                            _______

25.5   A 25’ hydrant hose with quick connect coupling shall be
       furnished. Storage compartment shall be provided for the
       hose when not in use.                                                                   _______

25.6   Machine shall be equipped with a 25’ wash down hose.                                    _______

25.7   All water valves shall have manual drain provisions.                                    _______

25.8   The water tank shall have drain and flush out ports.                                    _______

25.9   Provision shall be made to enable water tank
       filling to be accomplished by Missoula fire hydrants. This
       mandates meeting or exceeding the Mountain Water anti-
       suction air gap regulations. The sweeper must be capable of
       being permitted by Mountain Water to be filled out of the fire
       hydrants.                                                                               _______

25.10 All water system rigid lines shall be constructed
      of non ferrous materials.                                                                _______

25.11 An external water filter shall be provided. The filter
      must be accessible with body lowered. A shut off
      (isolation) valve must be provided to facilitate servicing.                              _______

25.12 Water manifold shall be constructed of stainless steel.                                  _______

25.13 The water system shall have a quick connect test port.                                   _______

25.14 The water system shall have an adjustable relief valve.                                  _______

                                                                        IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 27
26.    Air System

26.1   The sweeper air system shall incorporate a safety device
       which will ensure that in the event of a pneumatic failure,
       the chassis braking system will be automatically protected
       and air brake pressure will be maintained.                                               _______

26.2   A self-purging air dryer shall be provided with a
       built in timer to expel condensation once every
       five minutes.                                                                            _______

26.3   The air system shall have a water trap to eliminate moisture.                            _______

26.4   The regulator shall have a shut off valve to purge only
       the sweeper system while maintaining chassis air pressure.                               _______

26.5   All sweep system pneumatic valves shall be housed
       in a weather proof systems locker and activated by
       cab mounted rocker switches.                                                             _______

26.6   The pneumatic system shall have a quick connect test port.                               _______

26.7   All pneumatic hose connectors shall be “tool free”
       push-in type to facilitate easy servicing, removal
       or replacement.                                                                          _______

26.8   Nozzle, and WSB pneumatic cylinders shall have a
       common seal repair kit to defray parts stocking cost.                                    _______

26.9   Pneumatic system air lines shall be coded, marked, colored,
       stamped, or identified for easy recognition of “live supply,” “
       switched supply” and “exhaust”                                                           _______

26.10 The pneumatic system shall operate the following functions:

              Wide sweep raise/lower/road pressure.                                             _______

              Nozzle raise/lower/tilt for large debris.                                         _______

              Gutter broom raise, lower and latch                                               _______

27.    Component Locker

27.1   All controlling elements for the sweeper’s pneumatics’,
       water and hydraulics shall be housed in a single
       easily accessible, sealed, and weatherproof locker.                                      _______

27.2   To prevent tampering, access to locker shall be keyed.                                   _______

27.3   Each system shall be equipped with L.E.D. status
       indicators.                                                                              _______

                                                                         IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 28
27.4   Test ports shall be provided for each system.                                          _______

27.5   All electrical wiring shall be contained within flame
       retardant conduit.                                                                     _______

27.6   All wires shall be color coded and numbered for
       ease of troubleshooting. Crimp style but connectors are not
       acceptable.                                                                            _______

27.7   All internal wiring shall conform to an IP65 standard                                  _______

27.8   All external wiring shall conform to an IP67 standard                                  _______

28.    Safety

28.1   Two rear amber beacons with limb guards shall be supplied.                             _______

28.2   A back up alarm of not less than 107 dB (A) shall be
       installed and shall sound when reverse gear is selected.                               _______

28.3   An access ladder with sure grip treads shall be installed for
       the purpose of gaining safe access to engine compartment.                              _______

28.4   Automatic pickup in reverse gear of all sweeping
       equipment shall be supplied.                                                           _______

28.5   A pre-programmed single master override sweep
       switch shall control all sweep gear. The sweeping gear
       shall raise and the water shall shut off when switch is
       moved out of “work” position. All functions shall
       resume their previously programmed settings when
       the switch is returned to “work” position.                                             _______

29.    Paint

29.1   Cab and sweeper shall be furnished with two coats of
       standard white.                                                                        _______

29.2   All sweep gear and bracketry shall be powder coated
       for maximum protection in a sweeping environment.                                      _______

30.    Warranty

30.1   The sweeper auxiliary engine shall carry a one year
       12 month, warranty, 100% parts and labor minimum. Include
       warranty statement with your bids.                                                     _______

30.2   Warranty repairs to be made at customer’s premises
       including all parts and labor, 100% coverage, no pro-rating.                           _______

30.3   Sweeper components other than wearing items
       shall carry a standard one-year warranty.                                              _______

                                                                       IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 29

30.4   Hopper warranty shall be for life as per Section 18.1
       of bid specifications.                                                                    _______

30.5   Blower drive warranty shall be five years as per
       Section 19.9 of bid specifications.                                                       _______

30.6   Water tank warranty shall be for 10 years.                                                _______

31.    Manuals

       The following documentation shall be supplied upon delivery of unit:

31.1   Sweeper:
       1-Driver/Operator Guide, 1 parts list, 1 service/
       maintenance manual and 1 troubleshooting manual                                           _______

31.2   Truck Chassis:
       1-Owner/Operator’s Guide.                                                                 _______

31.3   Transmission:
       1-Driver’s Handbook.                                                                      _______

31.4   Sweeper Engine:
       1-User’s Handbook.                                                                        _______

       Hydraulic, water, and electrical schematics.                                              _______

32.    Training

32.1   Operator/mechanic training will be conducted at the
       customer’s premises at no charge to the customer                                          _______

Optional: Front mounted gutter broom on an arm to clean of top of curbs and traffic bulb outs.

                                              QUOTE SECTION

Provide and deliver F.O.B. manufacturer's current model, six-wheel waterless broom street sweeper with belt
conveyor as per the above minimum specifications and requirements:

       Cost per each:                $__________________

       Extension for one (1):        $__________________

       Make and Model:               ___________________

       Delivery Date:                ___________________

       Warranty:                     ___________________

                                                                      IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 30
Information to be furnished prior to delivery (per each vehicle):

      Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): VINS are to be provided 30 days post award date.

      Warranty Activation: Vendor shall activate all warranties (warranties are to be activated in the name of
       the receiving agency and not the Montana Department of Transportation) prior to delivery.

      Vendor shall provide these services for the receiving agency at the time of delivery:
        A letter stating the warranty start dates and mileage (if applicable).
        Warranty papers for chassis, air conditioning system and all other auxiliary equipment.
        An outline of the procedure involved in the fulfillment of warranty work.

      Vendor shall provide timely support in the fulfillment of parts warranties for the life of the warranty.
      All warranties shall begin at time of delivery.

      The vendor agrees that it will respond within three working days after receiving a written “notice of
       required warranty work”.

                                                                         IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 31
Line #2

                    Diesel Powered 7.3 Cubic Yard Volumetric Capacity Street Sweeper

Provide and deliver, F.O.B. vacuum sweeper unit as noted below.

Delivery shall be F.O.B.:

               MDT Missoula District Office
               2100 W. Broadway
               Missoula, MT 59807

Delivery shall be between 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays observed by the
State of Montana.

If applicable, manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO) must accompany each unit at the time of delivery.

It is the intent of these specifications to describe a street sweeper in sufficient detail to assure that product
reliability, design integrity, technical soundness and sweeping performance is provided. The unit provided
shall be new, of current manufacture, and the model and series must have been in production a minimum
of five years. Bidder shall provide a list of cities currently using the model as bid. All parts not specifically
mentioned, which are necessary to provide a complete street sweeper, shall be included in the bid and
shall conform in strength and quality of material and workmanship to what is normally provided to the
trade in general.

The unit shall be delivered completely assembled, serviced, and ready to operate. The vendor shall have
a qualified service representative in attendance with the sweeper during start up operation to make any
adjustments and provide training to both operators and mechanics to assure proper operation of the

The sweeper shall be warranted to be free from defective materials and workmanship for no less than 12
months or 1,000 hours from date of delivery.

The unit bid shall be a diesel powered regenerative air sweeper mounted on a diesel powered truck


The bidder shall indicate his compliance with a “Yes” or non-compliance with a “No” for each line item
specification. Any space left blank shall be considered non-compliance. Any deviations from the
specification, or where submitted literature does not fully support the meeting of the specification, must be
clearly cited in writing by the bidder, but no deviation below “minimum” specifications will be accepted.

   _____ The bidder shall supply one sweeper operator and one sweeper parts and service manual
   _____ Manufacturer shall have available certifiable training course for complete maintenance and
         operation of sweeper.

                                                                          IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 32

   _____ The Sweeper power unit shall be a diesel fueled, water cooled, turbocharged Tier-3 industrial
         engine. Piston displacement shall not be less than 275 cubic inch developing not less than 99 HP
         @ 2400 RPM and 261 ft. lbs. torque @ 1600 RPM. Engine shall be 4 cycle, 4.19" bore and 5.00"
   _____ Cylinder construction shall be wet sleeve type.
   _____ Spin-on replacement type oil filter.
   _____ A fuel/water separator shall be furnished.
   _____ 12 V ignition, electric starter, and minimum 95 amp alternator with charge indicator gauge mounted
         on control console in cab.
   _____ Unit shall have an automatic shutdown system when coolant temperature is too high, coolant level
         is too low or oil pressure is too low.
   _____ Unit shall share a 50 gallon fuel tank and batteries with chassis engine.
   _____ Unit shall have a replaceable element, heavy duty dry type air cleaner.
   _____ Injector pump shall have centrifugal type variable speed governor for speed control.
   _____ Engine block heater for auxiliary engine shall be furnished.

  _____ Separation of the dirt and refuse from the air stream shall be accomplished within the hopper by
        means of a multi-pass cylindrical centrifugal single chamber dust separator with a minimum size of
        20" diameter and 61" width. The separator shall be designed so that it will not plug with normally
        encountered debris.
  _____ The dust separator shall have a minimum 24" x 61" curved, easy to open door allowing inspection
        and cleaning of the interior. The door shall have an abrasion resistant bonded rubber lining
        material for long life.
  _____ The entire dust separator inlet area shall be lined with a bolt-in replaceable, wear resistant rubber
  _____ A 61" x 84" steel screen of not less than 13 gauge shall be provided to allow air to move freely
        from the hopper into the centrifugal dust separator.

  _____ Hopper size shall be approximately seven and three tenths (7.3) cubic yard volumetric
        measurement with an operating load capacity of not less than 6 cubic yards.
  _____ Dumping shall be accomplished by means of hydraulically actuated cylinders attached to a rear
        door which shall have a minimum opening of 84" x 44" with a raker bar moving inside hopper as
        door is opened and closed to dump debris behind the rear wheels.
  _____ Hydraulic cylinder movement shall be controlled with the use of an electric toggle switch located on
        the side of the hopper so discharging of debris may be viewed during dumping for maximum
  _____ The hopper floor shall have a minimum of 22 degree slope.
  _____ Hopper door shall be opened and closed hydraulically and be held in the closed position by means
        of a lock valve located in the hydraulic dump circuit.
  _____ A 9.75"x 29" inspection door shall be provided on both left and right side of the hopper for easy
        viewing inside hopper and insertion of large debris.
  _____ Hopper shall be maintained airtight through use of rubber seals on all doors and openings.
  _____ Hopper suction inlet roof area shall have a bolt on replaceable wear resistant liner 3/8"x11"x10'.
  _____ An amber high powered strobe light with field-selectable flash patterns via an internal jumper for
        quad flash or double flash; diagnostic indicator; a photocell for automatic “night” mode switch; RFI
        protection; 2 amps @ 12V DC; output of 19.5 joules (quad flash mode). The strobe light shall have
        a protective limb guard.
  _____ Two (2) HID or equivalent work lights shall be mounted at the rear of the hopper to illuminate the
        dump area.

                                                                     IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 33
   _____ Two (2) HID or equivalent amber flashing warning lights shall be mounted at the rear of the
   _____ Hopper deluge system with high volume nozzles which attach to a fire hydrant to flush the hopper
         shall be furnished and shall include quick disconnect fittings on nozzle and filler hose.
   _____ Hopper drain system shall be mounted on lower right panel of dump door; screen assembly hinges
         for easy cleaning on the inside of hopper.
   _____ Hopper load indicator shall be provided with a sensor with audible and visual indicators in cab that
         signals full load.
   _____ Hopper screen, chip seal/milling hopper screen of ¼" mesh high carbon steel wire woven shall be
   _____ Abrasion protection package shall be furnished with standard hopper screen with screen baffles;
         protective hopper wall liners; suction nozzle liner; pressure wear pads; heavy duty pressure hose.
   _____ A rear camera shall be mounted to the hopper and a corresponding display shall be mounted
         inside the cab

  _____ The hydraulic system shall be adequate for use within the design requirements of the sweeper.
        The system shall include a minimum 25 gallon reservoir, sight gauge, temperature gauge, 80 mesh
        suction strainer, spin-on replaceable full flow oil filter, hydraulic cylinders, gutter broom drive
        motors, control valves, relief valves, oil cooler, hydraulic hoses and standard fittings.
  _____ The hydraulic pump shall be engine mounted, gear driven by the auxiliary engine.
  _____ Pressure shall be 2,500 psi maximum for gutter brooms and 1,500 psi maximum for pick-up head
        and dump door.

   _____ Heavy duty, wear resistant, high strength cast aluminum alloy turbine type open face blower
         computer balanced within 4 grams shall be provided to create air pressure and suction.
   _____ Blower wheel shall be covered with wear resistant rubber for long life.
   _____ Blower shall be mounted on self aligning anti-friction bearings sealed and lubricated for life. If
         bearings are not sealed, then an automatic lube system must be furnished.
   _____ Blower shall be driven from PTO off auxiliary engine by heavy duty power belt which shall be
         adjustable for tension.
   _____ Blower housing shall be a bolt on design and shall be lined with a bolt-in wear resistant,
         replaceable rubber liner for long life.
   _____ Blower shall not exceed 3000 RPM to insure smooth efficient performance.

   _____ A spring balanced all steel fabricated pick-up head with maximum length and width of 87" x 41"
         I.D. shall be provided.
   _____ The pick-up head shall have a separate upper and lower chamber where pressurized air is blasted
         from upper chamber through an elongated blast orifice to street surface.
   _____ Blast orifice flange shall be of bolt-on design so that flange is easily replaced and shall have
         adjustment mechanism so that blast orifice gap is easily adjusted without removing pick-up head
         from sweeper.
   _____ Pick-up head shall have a 14" diameter (minimum) pressure inlet ring located on left side of pick-
         up head.
   _____ A 14" diameter (minimum) pressure hose attached between pick-up head and blower housing shall
         be provided.
   _____ A bolt-on pressure inlet ring with turning vanes shall be provided for efficient performance and
         easy service.
   _____ A 14" diameter (minimum) suction hose, attached to a quick disconnect transition at the hopper,
         shall extend down to the right side of the pick-up head and shall be attached to the pick-up head
         suction nozzle ring which shall be constructed of ¼" steel.
   _____ Suction hose shall have a minimum 3/8" wall construction for long life.

                                                                       IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 34
   _____ Pick-up head shall be equipped with 2" wide adjustable side mounted integral alloy steel and
         carbide runners for maximum pick up ability and long life. Skid runners to be warranted for two
         years/2,000 hours prorated. Runners shall be symmetrical for optimum life.
   _____ Pick-up head shall be raised and lowered hydraulically by a single switch on the control panel.
   _____ Pressure inlet ring shall be equipped with an adjustable pressure relief for optimum leaf and light
         debris sweeping; control shall be mounted inside cab.
   _____ A broom shall be mounted at the rear of the pick-up head and shall be fully enclosed.
   _____ Control of broom rotation and positioning shall be accomplished by a single toggle switch located
         on the control console in the cab.
   _____ The broom shall be driven hydraulically at 230 RPM. A separate hydraulic pump will be provided
         for all broom functions.
   _____ The broom shall be 79" long and 12" in diameter.
   _____ Broom pattern shall be easily adjustable by mechanisms on the top of pick-up head.
   _____ Nominal broom replacement time shall be 15 minutes.
   _____ Design of broom suspension shall provide automatic independent adjustment of each broom end
         to the surface being swept.
   _____ Two hydraulic cylinders shall be incorporated to provide positioning and the independent
         suspension of the broom ends.
   _____ Down pressure and broom pattern shall be hydro-mechanically controlled to provide maximum
         broom performance and life.
   _____ Hydraulic pick-up head front curtain lifter shall be provided to give the pick-up head the ability to
         sweep a large volume of light debris such as leaves, grass, paper, etc. without causing excessive
         debris accumulation at the pick-up head inlet. It shall be hydraulically controlled with a switch
         within the cab of the truck.
   _____ Reverse Pick-Up Head System shall allow unit to back up without damage to pick up head.

  _____ Dual gutter brooms shall be 43"minimum diameter, wire filled vertical digger type for removing
        debris from gutter area.
  _____ Gutter brooms shall be hydraulic motor driven and shall be positioned laterally and vertically by
        one hydraulic cylinder.
  _____ Gutter broom down pressure shall be automatically adjusted to load by a pressure sensing
        sequence valve in line with gutter broom torque motor.
  _____ Each gutter broom shall have adjustment for bristle contact pattern and wear.
  _____ Each gutter broom shall have lateral flexibility to swing rearward 15" when encountering the impact
        of an immovable object thus avoiding damage to the broom assembly.
  _____ Each gutter broom shall have a spring adjustment to allow downward compensation for bristle
        wear and shall be free floating to follow street contour.
  _____ Each gutter broom shall be held in the up and transit position by use of an electric lock valve
        attachment. Upward motion of gutter broom shall be regulated by an adjustable flow control valve.
  _____ Each gutter broom shall be controlled from inside the cab by a single electric toggle switch.
  _____ Gutter broom-drop down feature allows gutter brooms to drop down for road surface agitation in
        front of the pick-up head.
  _____ The right gutter broom shall additionally incorporate a hydraulically actuated tilt capability of 27
        degrees, remotely controlled from the operator’s seat to allow instant adjustment for debris
        removal from deep gutters (such as those resulting from multiple overlays of blacktop).
  _____ Gutter broom tilt adjuster with in cab controls shall be furnished for the left hand side.
  _____ Gutter Broom shall be variable speed and controlled from operator console inside the cab.

   _____ Water tank shall be 220 gallon capacity, constructed of recyclable polyethylene for strength and
         puncture resistance. Tank shall be 100% rustproof. Tank shall be of bolt-in design for easy
         removal. Tank shall have a water level sight gauge.
   _____ Water from tank to be filtered by 80 mesh cleanable filter located between tank and water pump.

                                                                      IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 35
    _____ High output water system shall be furnished with additional nozzles and deflectors strategically
          located to control extreme dust.
    _____ Electric solenoid water control valves shall be cab controlled. Spray system shall include spray
          nozzles to be located as follows: minimum of four on outside of pick-up head; two for each gutter
          broom; one inside hopper. Water nozzles shall be located on outside of pick-up head and suction
          tube for easy inspection and superior dust control.
    _____ Water tank shall have anti-siphon/anti-pressure filler neck with air gap.
    _____ Flexible 20' (minimum) long water fill hose with 2½" coupling for filling water reservoir and hose
          storage rack shall be provided. Water fill hose shall include a stainless 100 mesh cleanable filter.
    _____ Air purge system shall be furnished to facilitate purging dust control system during freezing
    _____ Low emission package shall be furnished to meet AQMD Rule 1186 compliance.

   _____ Auxiliary Hand Hose Hydraulic Boom Assist: Power to raise/lower boom with hand held pendant
         control (includes auxiliary hydraulic system, heavy duty hose and serrated ring).
   _____ Hi/low pressure wash down system with self-contained water supply; 25' high pressure, low
         volume wash down hose, a Cat 290 water pump (3.5 gpm with a 1000 PSI working pressure); a
         wand with trigger control and two interchangeable lance lengths of 48" and 36" shall be furnished.

   _____ All operating controls for sweeper (except dump control) shall be mounted inside truck cab and
         readily accessible to the operator in either right or left driving position.
   _____ All main electrical systems, i.e. ignition, lights, hydraulic and water shall be separately fused to
         isolate electrical problems to fused area and speed service.
   _____ Auxiliary Fuse Panel is a +12V DC fused power source panel for any needed additional electrical
         components or accessories i.e. radios, warning lights, controls, etc.
   _____ Auxiliary engine controls and gauges shall be mounted on console panel and consist of, but not
         limited to, ignition switch, linear actuated throttle, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge,
         volt meter, and tachometer.
   _____ Sweeper controls, meters and gauges shall consist of, but not limited to, right gutter broom-left
         gutter broom, pick-up head, beacon or strobe light, water system, and work light lighted paddle
         type switches, low water light, hour meter and leaf pressure knob.
   _____ All external wiring, harnesses and terminations shall be of a sealed, weather-tight design utilizing
         heat-shrinkable components. Additionally, where feasible, all connectors shall utilize solid, cold-
         formed, nickel-plated copper alloy contacts with gas-tight crimps (Deutsch).
   _____ Dump control shall consist of a single weatherproof toggle switch located on the exterior of
         sweeper just above the left side fender well.
   _____ Dump Switch in Cab is located on the control panel to activate dump operation from inside cab.
   _____ Electric linear actuator for pick-up head pressure bleeder control shall be furnished.


   _____ Chassis/cab shall be conventional with a tilt hood. Frame to be straight full channel steel rails
         (50,000 PSI). Gross vehicle weight rating shall not be less than 30,000 GVW. Curb weight with
         cab, fuel, water, oil and tires shall be approximately 9,000 lbs. Standard truck cab enclosed and
         equipped with tinted safety glass all around and two individual, adjustable, high back air seats with
         lumbar support and safety seat belts. (Sliding windows are not acceptable.)

   _____ Total chassis coverage shall be no less than 24 months/unlimited mileage.
   _____ Engine (diesel) coverage shall be no less than 36 months/150,000 miles.
   _____ Drive train coverage shall be no less than 24 months/unlimited mileage.

                                                                      IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 36
    _____ Frame coverage shall be no less than 60 months/unlimited mileage.
    _____ Cab corrosion coverage shall be no less than 60 months/unlimited mileage.

(Warranty coverage is 100% parts and labor unless otherwise noted as provided by chassis manufacturer.)

   _____ Shall be minimum 152" and shall provide approximately 84" between back of cab and center of
         rear axle for proper load distribution.

   _____ Front axle shall be a minimum of 8,000 lbs. with suspension of 8,000 lbs.
   _____ Rear axle shall be 22,000 lbs. single speed with a ratio of 6.50, suspension to be minimum of
         31,000 lbs. vari-rate with 4,500 lbs. capacity multi-leaf auxiliary rubber spring.
   _____ Body builders wiring to back of cab at frame

   _____ Dual operator controlled integral power steering with cruise control, tilt and dual gauge package.
   _____ Diameter of steering wheel will be minimum 18".

   _____  Service brakes to be full air with 13.2 cfm air compressor.
   _____  Air tank drain valve, manual with pull cable.
   _____  Front brakes shall be 15" x 3½".
   _____  Rear brakes shall be 16½" x 7".
   _____  Brakes shall have automatic slack adjusters front and rear.
   _____  Parking brakes shall be spring actuated, double diaphragm, 30" MGM Chambers air chambers,
          with warning light.
    _____ Brake chambers, spring relocated to rear of rear axle for maximum ground clearance.
    _____ Four-Channel anti-lock brake system shall be provided.

   _____ Cab shall have in-dash chassis manufacturer's factory installed air conditioner for operator safety
         and comfort with a fresh air filter. After market air conditioners are unacceptable.
   _____ Cab shall have individual driver and passenger air, high back adjustable seats with lumbar support.
   _____ Tinted glass shall be provided.
   _____ Dual sun visors, coat hook, storage pocket on driver door, cigar lighter, electric horn, electric
         windshield washer and two speed electric wipers with intermittent wiper switch shall be provided.
   _____ Chassis shall be equipped with fresh air heater, defroster, dual 7" x 16" remote controlled heated
         electric powered mirrors, and two separate 8" diameter parabolic mirrors.
   _____ AM/FM stereo radio shall be provided.
   _____ Chassis hour meter shall be furnished to record truck engine hour operation.
   _____ Front tow hooks shall be front bumper mounted.

   _____ Shall consist of two, multiple beam headlights with dash beam indicator, instrument panel,
         taillights, stop lights, front and rear turn signals, and self canceling signal switch, equipped for four-
         way flashing. Taillights, stop lights and signal lamps may be in combination.
   _____ Unit shall have two 12V (1,300 cca total) maintenance free batteries.
   _____ Unit shall have a 110 amp alternator.

   _____ Unit shall be V8 turbocharged and air-to-air intercooled diesel with a minimum 200 HP at 2,600
         RPM, 390 cu. in (6.4L), 560 lb/ft torque @ 1,400 RPM.
   _____ Dual element dry type air cleaner with restriction indicator dash mounted.

                                                                        IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 37
    _____ Automatic glow plug with indicator light shall be supplied.
    _____ Automatic shutdown/over temperature protection engine coolant shall be provided.
    _____ Remote engine control wiring shall be supplied.

   _____ A 50 gallon steel tank shall be supplied and shall supply fuel to both engines.

    _____ Heavy duty first line quality tubeless tires to be minimum 11R x 22.5, 14 ply rating with duals in
          rear for adequately carrying full load of sweeper and maximum stability.
    _____ Wheels to be 10 hole disc 22.5 x 8.25 DC.
    _____ Spare tire and wheel to match tires and wheels on truck shall be furnished.

   _____ Shall be heavy duty Allison 2500RDS-P electronic, five-speed forward, and one reverse,
         automatic, with external oil filter.

                                                QUOTE SECTION

Provide and deliver F.O.B. manufacturer's current model, six-wheel waterless broom street sweeper with belt
conveyor as per the above minimum specifications and requirements:

       Cost per each:                 $___________________

       Extension for one (1):         $___________________

       Make and Model:                ___________________

       Delivery Date:                 ___________________


Information to be furnished prior to delivery (per each vehicle):

      Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): VINS are to be provided 30 days post award date.

      Warranty Activation: Vendor shall activate all warranties (warranties are to be activated in the name of
       the receiving agency and not the Montana Department of Transportation) prior to delivery.

      Vendor shall provide these services for the receiving agency at the time of delivery:
        A letter stating the warranty start dates and mileage (if applicable).
        Warranty papers for chassis, air conditioning system and all other auxiliary equipment.
        An outline of the procedure involved in the fulfillment of warranty work.

      Vendor shall provide timely support in the fulfillment of parts warranties for the life of the warranty.
      All warranties shall begin at time of delivery.

      The vendor agrees that it will respond within three working days after receiving a written “notice of
       required warranty work”.

                                                                         IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 38

Clause #           Explanation

_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________
_______            ______________________________________

                                           IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 39
                                              IFB Checklist

Have you remembered to:

   Check our website for the latest addendum to the IFB
   Sign each "Acknowledgment of Addendum" if required
   Sign your bid on our cover sheet
   Mark your mailing envelope or box with the IFB number and the opening date under your return address
   Carefully review the "Standard Terms and Conditions"
   Carefully review all listed requirements to ensure compliance with the IFB
   Initial all bid/pricing changes you made
   Bid F.O.B. Destination (Ship To: Address) Freight Prepaid

                                                                   IFB12-2360A, Street Sweepers, Page 40

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