The Monarch Teacher Network trip to California is fast approaching by XIfOlIn


									    The Monarch Teacher Network trip to California is fast approaching. Things to bring
    with you: We emailed a suggested list of what to bring on this trip in a previous email.
    We want to update that by adding a few additional things and/or emphasizing some

   Airport Shuttles: You can make reservations for Airport Express @ or
    415.775.5121 prior to your trip, or after you have your luggage you would call them and they will direct
    you to the nearest pick-up area where a van will be waiting. Adult fare is $17.00/one way.
    $30.00/Round trip. Go Lorries Airport Shuttle @ or 415.334.9000.

   Change in Itinerary: In the original itinerary we asked everyone to meet at 6:00 pm in the hotel lobby
    so we could have dinner together. Because we anticipate many people will want to see the
    Chinese New Year’s Parade that evening, we have decided to cancel that 6 pm meeting.
    Instead, everyone is “on their own” Saturday evening for dinner and activities. There is a
    Safeway Supermarket in the North Point Shopping Center on Bay Street near our hotel, and a
    Trader Joe’s store nearby (see the attached map) where you can pick up snacks for your
    daypack. Because of this change in itinerary, we will do group introductions on the bus ride
    south, Sunday morning.

    San Francisco’s Chinese New Year: As it turns out, the day we arrive in San Francisco (February 19)
    is the day of San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Parade. Started in the 1860’s, this parade is said to be
    one of the largest and oldest parades and festivals of its kind in the world. It is free to watch from the
    streets, although for $40 you can reserve bleacher seats. The parade and festival celebrate the
    beginning of the Chinese New Year which officially begins on February 3 as the year of the tiger ends and
    the year of the rabbit begins. The parade includes a 200 foot long dragon carried by 100 men and
    women. The parade is followed by 600,000 fireworks, you can access parade information@

    The parade is from 5:00 to 8:00 pm and the route is about 18 blocks from our hotel, the (Radisson at
    Fisherman’s Wharf, 250 Beach St.). If you want to see the parade, we suggest that you pick up the
    Powell/Mason cable car at Bay and Taylor Streets (four blocks from our hotel, past Trader Joe’s), then get
    off the cable car at Powell and Washington Streets. They will probably not let you any closer to the
    parade route because the parade travels on Powell Street for a block (see attached map). Cable car cost
    is $5 each way.

   Hotel check-in: When you arrive at the Radisson, give the front desk your name and our group name
    (Monarch Teacher Network) and you should have no trouble getting your room. At check-in you should
    receive a pre-paid meal voucher for Sunday morning breakfast at IHOP (see instructions below).
    Erik’s cell: 856-381-9230 Brian’s cell: 856-649-8723
    Sunday morning departure: Breakfast on Sunday morning, February 20 will be at the IHOP
    (International House of Pancakes) restaurant adjacent to our hotel. When you check-in at the hotel
    on Saturday, you will receive a pre-paid meal voucher to present Sunday morning at the IHOP; don’t
    forget to take it with you to breakfast! This is not a buffet breakfast: you order off the menu. Since
    our plan calls for the bus to leave the hotel at 8:00 am, we recommend that people come down
    for breakfast by 7 am. Your luggage needs to be ready for the Bellmen in /at your room by
    7am it will be picked up directly there and transferred to the bus. (Your luggage will be packed
    under the bus when we leave as we do not return to the Radisson until later in the week… so
    whatever you need for the day on Sunday should be put in your day pack and carried with you
    onto the bus).

   Clothing: For most of you, the winter weather of California will be a mild respite from winter. Still, it
    can be quite cool or even cold, especially if the wind is blowing, as it often is along the coast. So we
    strongly recommend that you bring layers so you add or remove windbreakers, sweaters etc…
    depending on the day or time of day. And, while we do not anticipate a lot of rain, we strongly
    recommend that you bring raingear, and possibly an umbrella.

   Binoculars: We recommend that you bring a pair if you have them available. Aside from interesting
    birds that may pop up along the way, they are very useful for getting a closer look at sea mammals and
    observing their behavior.

   Collapsible lunch bag: To make best use of daylight hours, on several days of the trip we will have
    picnic lunches rather than use restaurants. Sometime during those mornings we will stop at a
    supermarket or deli so people can buy sandwiches etc. It might be a good idea to have a collapsible bag-

 Day pack:   For carrying your water bottles, snacks, rain gear, camera, binoculars and other things during
   the day.

   Lap top: All the hotels are wireless and most have a business center, if you would like to stay connected
    back home or at school you may want to bring a lap top.

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