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									                     Cancel Time Confirmations                              IW45
 Use this transaction to     1.   From the SAP R/3 System Easy Access screen or
 cancel PM work order             from your favorites, enter or select transaction code
 confirmations.                   IW45.

                             2.   Click or hit Enter. The Cancel PM Order
        Basic Commands            Confirmation: Initial screen displays.

                             3.   Enter the following information:
Cancel                                    - Order number
                                  Click or hit Enter.
Help                              *If the Work Order has been TECO’d, a warning
                                  message will display. Click Yes on the dialog box.*

Enter                        4.   The Cancel PM Order Confirmation: Operation
                                  Overview screen displays. Highlight the time
Save                              confirmation row you wish to cancel.
                             5.   Click           . The Cancel PM Order
                                  Confirmation: Actual data screen displays. Click

                             6.   The Change Order confirmation text screen
                                  displays. Enter a reason, if required.

                             7.   Click to return to initial screen. A message appears
                                  in the Status Bar.

                             8.   Click or hit Enter if more confirmations on this
                                  work order need to be cancelled.

                             9.   Click    to exit transaction.

 December 2003             DPI Vehicle Fleet Management TE-4                              1

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