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									                                     Time Entry
                         (Work Orders W/One Operation)                               IW41
Use this transaction to         1.   From the SAP R/3 System Easy Access screen or
enter time for an order              from your favorites, enter or select transaction code
with one operation.                  IW41.

                                2.   Click or press Enter. The Create PM Order
        Basic Commands               Confirmation: Initial Screen displays.

                                3.   Enter work order number in the Order field. Click
Cancel                               or press Enter.

Help                            4.   The Create PM Order Confirmation: Actual data
                                     screen displays.

Enter                           5.   Enter the required information in the following fields:
                                          . Personnel Number
                                          . Actual Work
Execute                                   . Reason

                                5.   Click      or press Enter to populate the fields.

                                6.   Click on the Save        icon.
Although this transaction is          6.     You will be returned to the Create PM Order
no longer commonly used to                   Confirmation: Initial Screen.
initially charge labor to a
work order, it is to be used
when additional labor needs
to be added (IW42 should
only be used for the initial
charging of labor - not for
correcting labor charges).

 December 2003                 DPI Vehicle Fleet Management TE-2                             1
 Rev. 10/2005

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