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					 September 2010                                             Helping Organizations Retain Their Most Valuable Asset

Change or Re‐arrange: 
Feng Shui It!   
Tuesday, October 19th 
at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm EST


Sometimes the path to inner peace 
is  in  our  surroundings.  Removing 
clutter  and  creating  easy  flow  in    There are two kinds of customer service and each is important in
                                          maintaining a high level of communication and cooperation. When
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                                          dealing with external customers, it’s easy to feel helpless and unable
ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is 
                                          to help your employer fight the recession. You may have overlooked
thought        to    promote       an 
                                          one thing, however—providing good customer service. It could have a
environment  that  contributes  to        positive effect on your job security. During a recession, businesses
well‐being.                               that can stick it out usually gain market share. Even with zero growth,
You can register                          these businesses can be well-positioned when things do turn around. , Click                 Layoffs, furloughs, resource limitations, fear, and stress can test your
                                          optimism, but don’t neglect the customer.
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                                          Customer service heavily influences buying decisions. And word-of-
the left hand side of the page.           mouth advertising is the most effective tool in your arsenal. You do
Click access Online Work/Life             have the power. Often just as important is how we communicate with
Services. Go to the Bottom of the         internal customers, your co-workers. Think you don’t interact with
page and register for “Change or          customers? Think again. Are there work units or departments in your
Re‐arrange: Feng Shui It!”                organization that suffer if you do not provide correct information?
                                          What about missed deadlines? If you put a caller from another office
                                          on hold or if you don’t complete or follow-through on a project, will the
                                          productivity of that person’s department or work unit be affected?
                                          Others in your organization who depend on you for information or
                                          services to do their jobs are customers and we are now increasingly
                                          dependent on each other to ensure a successful outcome.
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                                             Helping Organizations Retain Their Most Valuable Asset

A recent study found that survey participants who reported being
happy all or most of the time were 1.5 times more likely to report good
health. Seeking happiness is a preventative healthcare strategy.
Awareness of your mind-body link can help prevent issues such as
depression, anger, and stress from compounding into greater
problems. If you just haven’t felt like yourself lately, don’t hesitate to
visit your employee assistance program for guidance and resources.

There’s no shame in feeling down. Happiness is a work in progress.
Source: American Journal of Health Promotion, Sept/Oct 2008.


Time to Talk to the EAP
EAPs help employees with personal problems that may affect job
performance. But what if you don’t have a personal problem and just
want to talk confidentially about what’s “going on” in the office—
worries about workplace trends, internal politics, and related
frustrations—or perhaps a work idea that you want to bounce off of a
good listener? Is it appropriate to the call the EAP? Can these
discussions also be confidential? Answer: Yes.

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