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                                                       Digital Signage Content 101
                                                                  By Ryan J Bell

   Once you've made the decision to invest in a signage network, you'll need content. Too often, new
operators become so excited with the hardware and software that they completely neglect what they'll
put on the screens. Without having messages to display, the signs become a money pit, unable to
generate an acceptable ROI. In this article, we'll explore different types of content that you can use to
grab your audience's attention and compel them to take action. I'll also describe a way in which you
can cut costs and make your content creation easy.

How To Make It Compelling

 Before we get into the various types that you can create, it's important that you have a clear grasp
regarding the factors that make people take action. Your investment and deployment of your digital
signage is built upon the expectation that it will encourage people to act. It's only when they do act that
you can achieve your ROI.

 There are 4 items that you should focus upon whenever you're designing new messages for your
network. They include the color and contrast of your images or videos, a message that is both simple
and clear, and an effective call to action. If your images and videos focus on those 4 things, your
audience will find your message much more compelling.

Static Creatives

 Some of the most effective messages are static. A lot of times, network operators are dazzled by what
their signage can do with full-motion video or moving images. While there is a time and place for those
types of media, they're often used with the wrong purpose: to impress rather than compel the
audience. By contrast, a static piece of creative won't impress many people. But, it can focus on the
fundamentals of what causes people to act. And when you're trying to compel your viewers to do
something, that's critical.


 If static creatives are so compelling, why use anything else? The reason to do so is because
animation (and in some ways, full-motion video) can often achieve an effectiveness that a static
message cannot. For example, you may want to use animation to support an existing television

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advertising campaign. Just remember, animation loses its ability to compel an audience when it
departs from the fundamentals described above.

Full-Motion Video

 For most signage network operators, full-motion video should be used sparingly. Like animation, it can
be effective. But, it's very easy to lose control of your purpose. It's also very expensive to produce.
Unless you have the budget and the need for full-motion video, it's probably best to avoid it.

Repurpose Current Creatives

 If you've consulted with a creative design agency, you'll already know how expensive new content can
be. Fortunately, there's an easy way that you can produce new signage content while saving money.
The key is to repurpose any of your existing creatives. If you send mailers or brochures through the
mail, they can be used on your network. In fact, anything that your company has in print or on your
website can be repurposed relatively cheaply.

 Besides having a ready source of usable content, there's another major advantage to repurposing. By
using the same creatives and messages from your marketing materials throughout your signage
network, you can leverage its impact. Chances are, your marketing materials are building your
company's brand. Using it on your signage reinforces that brand in the minds of your customers.

 When you're ready to start creating compelling content for your digital signage network, consider what
I've explained above. Use color and contrast, keep your message clear and simple, and include a call
to action. Stick with static creatives most of the time and use animation and video when it's necessary
to do so. Finally, repurpose your existing creatives for a cost-effective, brand-building content source.

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                                             Avoid Digital Signage Without Purpose
                                                           By Ryan J Bell

It happens all too often: someone in your organization, browsing a trade magazine or industry portal
sees an article on the growing trend of digital signage, or a case study on a competitor's installation of
a digital signage network. The piece goes on and on about how digital signage enhances the effect of
marketing messages, assists in guiding desired behavior from clients, and has the ability to target
different demographics based on time and location. In fact, the piece makes it sound like a digital
signage network is the only thing keeping your company away from the success it truly deserves.

 All of the above is completely true, and digital signage provides organizations like universities, hotels
and retail centers with direct marketing benefits. However, when considering investment in digital
signage it is important to take a step back from all of the potential benefits and make sure you can
answer one simple question: what exactly is your organization trying to accomplish by making use of
digital signage? If you cannot clearly identify the purpose of a digital signage network, if you don't
already have an idea of what content you would want to give to customers (or potential customers) if
given the opportunity, then it will be impossible to achieve any level of success with the signage

 Signage (whether digital or analog) has many uses outside of just delivering marketing messages: it
can be used help consumers find their way, to give information on products and services offered, and
even for video games and point of sale systems. If there is a primary need for this type of system in
your organization then chances are you can safely begin to consider a digital signage system.
However, if you are purely attracted to the added benefits of digital signage and are inventing primary
needs that are not currently part of existing challenges, then chances are your digital signage project
will not be a rewarding experience.

 It is vitally important to the success of your signage project that you take the time at the outset to
determine attainable goals which you want your signage system to fulfill. Getting input and signoff
from key management in your organization will also help to create buy in, and to provide absolute
direction on the project. Although digital signage companies are capable of great efficiency in the
design, development and implementation processes, attempting to fulfill an unclear set of objectives
which are constantly shifting will only create unnecessary expense and disappointment.

 Although digital signage can fulfill very many marketing purposes in an efficient, attractive manner, it is
very dangerous to get caught up in all of the benefits without being able to see the over-arching
purposing of introducing this new marketing method to your company or organization. It always helpful
to step back and reconsider the motives and goals behind your consideration of a digital signage
implementation. Not only will this help to streamline the entire development and implementation
process, it will also lead to more measurable results.

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