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HID kits

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By upgrading car headlights using a hid conversion kit can the same type, and quality of light be produced
as oem hid headlights.

hid conversion kits, xenon kits, blue lights, halo

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The HID conversion kit is to upgrade now to same lighting system as seen on cars such as BMW, Lexus or a
Porsche. The HID conversion kit is a revolutionary concept in automotive lighting which provides 3 times
more light on the road rather then the traditional halogen head lights. Each of these light uses a tube of
Xenon gas, and a smaller amount of other noble gases which is been placed between two high voltage
electrodes. When these electrodes are been activated it starts omitting either a bright blue or a white light.
These are used to regulate the flow of the electricity which provides a high intensity beam which will never

HID conversion kits use internal igniter technology which is almost similar to other products which are
produced in Germany. These kits come with 2 * ballasts to fit the car headlights and if you are planning to
go for a cheaper one it will only contain only 1* HID bulb and 1* ballast. The bulb would be brighter,
whiter light, stretching the meters ahead of the car which ensures the improved clarity of the vision in
comparison to halogen lighting systems and it makes the driving less tiring in the evening and at night and
therefore it is been considered as safer.

Once you have driven with the HID conversion kit you would never like to drive a car with any other dim
dirty yellow halogen head lamps. It is 300% brighter than the average equivalent 60 watt halogen lighting. It
has a 6000 k day light colour temperature and has a 3000 hours of life too, and comes with high quality kits
and it is absolutely CE approved and it would draw only a 35 watts which would be simple to install, plug
and play wiring harness, and it has waterproof connections for external uses also, and it is juts simple to use
and install and they are fully and magnetically EM shielded so that no interference will happen with on
board electronics etc. unlike the other cheaper HID systems. And these HID conversion kits are completely
suitable for use on dipped and high beam applications and it is completely unlike any other systems on the
The advantages of the conversion kit are longer life; safety; appearance; and it comes right from 3500 k to
10000 k and these kits can be easily upgraded with no other additional equipment.


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