University of British Columbia MDT Therapy Initiative Questionnaire by 83I72YwX


									University of British Columbia MDT Therapy Initiative Questionnaire
November 2006

Dear Medical professional:

This survey is being conducted by the Animal Care Center of the University of British
Columbia. The UBC ACC is interested in exploring the feasibility of establishing a
Canadian production facility for the purpose of supplying sterile medical maggots of
Phaenicia sericata, the green blow fly, for use in maggot wound debridement therapy
(MDT). Please spend a few minutes filling out this questionnaire and return it via e mail
or regular mail to Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark, Director, UBC ACC. E mail address Please note all respondents will receive a copy of the survey
results and individual responses are held in confidence.

   1) How many MDT treatments do you or your service currently administer per
      year? (note a treatment is considered a single application of MDT, often patients
      require multiple applications)

   2) Would you use MDT more frequently if a reliable Canadian source was available?
      yes/no To what extent? (please give predicted increase of current case load, in
      predicted total numbers of treatments)

   3) what do you consider a reasonable price (in Canadian dollars) to pay per
      treatment excluding delivery , delivered to you via overnight courier?

   4) What are the main indications you see for the use of MDT on your service? Please
      indicate by approximate percentage (eg diabetic ulcers 60 %, pressure sores 40%)

   5) Would you consider providing sustaining funding in the form of an annual
      membership fee to a facility that provided MDT in return for a guaranteed
      predictable supply , and/or a reduced cost? Yes/no What would you consider a
      reasonable dollar amount for such support?

   6) How does the current regulatory status of MDT by Health Canada impact your
      decisions to use this therapeutic modality ?

   7) Would you be willing to support clinical or basic science research involving MDT
      in the form of a grant or financial donation? Would the provision of a tax receipt
      to you or your institution be of benefit in this regard?

   8) What are the main issues that constrain your use of MDT?

   9) Please feel free to provide additional comments.
Please list phone, fax, e mail and snail mail in your response. This information will be
used to keep you informed about the UBC MDT initiative.



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