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									ACT is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides a broad array of assessment, research,
information, and program management solutions in the areas of education and workforce development.
Each year, ACT serves millions of people in high schools, colleges, professional associations, businesses,
and government agencies—nationally and internationally. ACT’s Workforce division also provides
research and consulting services directly to businesses, based on our suite of state-of-the art workforce

In conjunction with the leadership team, the Vice President of Research establishes ACT’s research
agenda. The Vice President manages, participates in and evaluates the work of staff in the research area
as it pertains to ACT’s mission, in general, and its programs and services, in particular. Research
currently is comprised of six departments; Career Transitions Research, Computer Based Testing
Research, Education and Workforce Services, Measurement Research, Statistical Research, and Survey
Research. Each of these departments is staffed with highly trained technical personnel. The Vice
President need not be an expert in all areas, but should possess a familiarity with each, and have a high
level of expertise in at least one. Background and experience in scientific research required; business
intelligence and applied research analytics desired.

The job has three primary functions; 1) serve as a member of ACT’s senior management team, 2)
oversee the Research Area’s staff and work objectives, and 3) represent ACT to a variety of external
audiences as an expert on a variety of issues related to education and work.

Typical work related activities include:
1. As a member of the management team, the vice president participates in long range planning
concerning the strategic goals of the organization, takes part in the planning and budgeting process on
an annual basis, is familiar with important initiatives that are taking place in the organization, including
those not touching the Research Area directly, serves as a representative to various external partners
and agencies that might be either working with ACT directly on a program or service or are working in an
area that promotes ACT’s mission to include developing collaborations with leading academic research
groups and presentations at leading research conferences, and works with other senior management
personnel to advance ACT’s policies with respect to increasing employee engagement, empowerment,
leadership, and diversity.

2. As the senior member of the Research Area, the Vice President has responsibility for the smooth
running of all aspects of the area’s work. These include:
           Setting the research objectives annually, in collaboration with other senior management
              staff, and in concert with the long term strategic plans of the organization.
           Ensuring that the work of the area is done in an accurate and timely way.
           Establishing priorities for the area, and monitoring resources, including personnel, so that
              productivity is maintained, and tasks are completed in order of priority.
           Maintaining a robust program of quality assurance for all reports, tables, and other
              numerical results that are produced and are distributed outside the area.
           Coordinating the work of the Research Area with other areas; making sure that the
              research needs of other areas are being met, and that the needs of the Research area for
              resources from other areas are being met. On projects that involve more than one area,
              ensuring that the work proceeds in a collegial and coordinated way.
           In collaboration with the technical leads in the area, overseeing the programs of research
              to include technical and scientific, with the goal of maintaining ACT’s status as one of the
              leading educational testing research organizations.
            Collaboration with the Office for Innovation for developing a long-term, broad spectrum
             corporate research agenda, IP management, and assessment-research based accelerated
            Providing guidance when problems arise as to priorities when evaluating solutions,
             communication to needed parties both internal and external, and collaboration with other
             areas, if necessary, to ensure that the problem does not recur.
            Responsibility for staff following ACT policies and procedures including those on data
             security, expenses, procurement, hiring, and contracts.
            Establishing a program that provides staff with appropriate feedback and evaluation of
             their work. Responsibility extends to ensuring employee engagement and providing the
             opportunity for professional growth. Serves as an example of ACT values.

3. As a member of the research community, the Vice President will serve as one of the primary
spokespersons for ACT as it relates to dissemination of research. This includes identification of
education and policy issues that are important to ACT’s mission, perform the research with the
assistance of staff members, report findings in scholarly journals, and make presentations of the findings
and the impact and consequences of the research to a wide variety of audiences, including policy
makers, educational and workforce stakeholders, national associations, and scholarly meetings.

Doctoral degree in educational measurement, statistics, or psychology with a solid quantitative
background. Post-doctorate experience reflecting at least 7-10 years of progressively responsible
management responsibilities, a commitment to promoting educational opportunity and human
development, strong writing and speaking abilities, and effective interpersonal skills. High level of
technical competence in and demonstrated application of measurement and research methodologies to
include published works. Proven ability to lead a large and diverse group of technical and scientific
workers. Familiarity with academic as well as corporate research environments to include basic as well
as applied research and experience with intellectual property development and management. Finalist(s)
for this position will be subject to a pre-employment criminal background check as a condition of

Competitive starting salary and excellent benefits. Pay will be commensurate with experience. ACT is
an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in people and ideas.

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