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									FGDC Metadata
Working Group Update

    July 2008
   NAP Status
   InCIT – L1: friend of the committee
   NAP as CSDGM vers. 3.0
   Transition Resources
   ISO 19115 Metadata Editor Review
   NSDI Training Materials Guidance
     2008 Category 1 Awards
     2009 Update
   Future events
   News from the Field
NAP Status
   The North American Metadata Profile V1.2
    has been approved by INCITS L1 for
    processing as an American National
   The current round of review- ANSI
    sponsored review:
       The NAP project proposal has been approved by the
        INCITS Executive Board.
       Internal, INCITS, review processes, 30 days.
       At this point there is no further action for L1 or the NAP
        Working Group.
NAP Status
   FGDC will host the NAP
    documents and comment
    templates for the review.
   Comments received during the
    review will be adjudicated in
    coordination with the Canadian
    NAP Work Group.
NAP Status
   ANSI Review of Proposal – 30 Calendar Days
   ANSI Public Review of Standards Document - 45
    calendar days.
     Press Release

     Mid-August to end of September.

     The public review is announced in ANSI’s, public
       access website, Standards Action.
     Review materials on FGDC Website.

   INCITS various actions - 11 business days +
    37 calendar days.
NAP Feature Catalog
   At stage four (enquiry) of a six
    stage process for ISO standards.
   Revision or amendment of 1SO
    19110 could stopped at this stage.
   Recommend the editing team start
    developing a companion
    document for NAP
 Friends of the Committee-
New membership category.
 Possible benefits:
     Draft proposed American National Standards
      (dpANS) to them at no charge
     Notice of new work same time it is submitted
      to ANSI for Standards Action
     Access to public information- see in notes.
  , slide 9
NAP as CSDGM 3.0
       CSDGM is the NSDI community
       ISO 19115 NAP built upon CSDGM
       Updated to support new:
        applications, e.g. web services
        topologies, e.g. object orientation
        data characteristics, e.g. vertical extent
        technologies, e.g. xml
NAP as CSDGM 3.0
   NSDI resources will be aimed at transition
    from CSDGM 2.0 including:
     guidance documents

     translation software

     training

     funding / CAP
Transition Resources

   Update to Graphic Representation
    (the “Stitt” diagram)
   Format based upon ISO 19139
    (xml) vs. 19115 (uml)
   Reviewers needed

          5.3.1                    OR                                          5.3.2
   Data Identification                                                 Service Identification

         citation (see 5.14)



         credit (repeatable)

         status (repeatable)

         point of contact (see 5.16, repeatable)

spatial representation type                             service type                     Contains Operation
       (repeatable)                                                                         (repeatable)

                                                    service type version                   operation name
    spatial resolution
      (repeatable)                                      (repeatable)
                                                                                          DCP (repeatable)
     equivalent scale                                access properties
       denominator                                     (see 5.11.4)
                                                                                       operational description
            or                                     (see 5.13, repeatable)                  invocation name
                                                       coupling type
                                                                                            connect point
                                                                                        (see 5.20, repeatable)
         language                                    coupled resource
       (repeatable)                                    (repeatable)                           depends on
                                                                                        (see 5.3.9, repeatable)
       character set                                      identifier
       (repeatable)                                                                             parameters
                                                       operation name
      topic category
                                                        Operates On                              direction
                                                   (see 5.3.1, repeatable)
 environment description                                                                        description

Transition Resources
   Updated Implementation Guidance
       what’s different and why
       transition strategies
       incorporating entities/attributes
       best practices
   Reviewers Needed
ISO 19115 Editor Review

   Complete for
       ESRI ArcCatalog
       GeoNetwork
       IME
       M3CAT
       MetaD
       MetaGenie
       Parc Canada Metadata Editor
ISO 19115 Editor Review

   Feature Review complete for:
     terraCatalog
     CATMDEdit

    user reviews in progress
   Web presentation in progress
   Download (xls) from:
NSDI Training Materials
Guidance Document

   Intended for those developing
    NSDI-related training materials
       review/extension of existing NSDI training
       use of learning objectives
       content outline
       material review and input available
NSDI CAP 2008 Category 1
   George Mason University – Phil Yang
   Innovate! – Jessica Zichichi and
    Caroline Roberts
   Arizona State U.- Merriam Powell
    Research Center- Paul Heinrich
   Sonoma Ecological Research Center-
    Pat Stiefer and Deanne DiPietro
    then click on link under title for each projects .ppt0
NSDI CAP- 2009 update

   Metadata nominated as category
   New categories may appear.
   Solicitation date: Fall 2008
Future events

   ESRI IUC – San Diego
   NSGIC- Keystone
   URISA International - New
News from the field

   See summary in Notepage view.

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