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									B                 ridal
                                  FEBRUARY 2012

A BUDGET                  BRIDEZILLA
Getting married           Are you a
doesn’t need to           bridezilla?
break the bank

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 Engagement Information                                                                            Wedding Information
 Full name of bride-to-be: _____________________________________           Full name of bride-to-be: ______________________________________________

 Her place of residence: ______________________________________            Her place of residence: _______________________________

 Bride-to-be’s parent(s): _____________________________________            Bride-to-be’s parent(s): __________________________________________________

 Their place of residence: ____________________________________            Their place of residence: ___________________________

 Occupation of bride-to-be: __________________________________             Occupation of bride-to-be: ______________________________Her education: __________________

 Her education: ____________________________________________               Full name of future groom: ___________________________________________

 Full name of future groom: __________________________________             His place of residence: _______________________________

 His place of residence: ______________________________________            Future groom’s parent(s): _________________________________________________

 Future groom’s parent(s): ____________________________________            Their place of residence: __________________________

 Their place of residence: ____________________________________            Occupation of future groom: _________________________________His education: __________________

 Occupation of future groom: _________________________________             Where ceremony was performed (day, date, time and location, if known): ____________________________

 His education: ____________________________________________               _____________________________________________

 When is the wedding (day, date, time and location, if known):             Any special highlights of the ceremony: _______________________________________________________

 _________________________________________________________                 Officiated/performed by: ___________________________________________

 Contact phone number for further information (not for publication):       Reception was held where: ______________________________

 _________________________________________________________                 Maid/matron-of-honor: __________________________Bridesmaids: _______________________________

                                                                           Best man: ____________________________________Groomsmen: _______________________________
                                                P.O. Box 671               Ring-bearer: ________________________Candlelighters: ________________________________________
                                           Montesano, WA 98563
                                             Tel: (360) 249-3311
                                             Fax: (360) 249-5636           Honeymoon: _____________________________________________________________________________
   Founded February 1, 1883
     Published every Thursday
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Bon a
B udget
Getting married                             Pick a date
                                               Once you’re on the same page, you
doesn’t need to                             need to pick a date if you haven’t
                                            already. If you are not in a hurry, a
break the bank                              year gives most people time to plan
                                            and pay for expenses as they come up.
By Marisa Salzer                            The time of day can also have an
The Vidette                                 impact on your budget. For example,
                                            if you host an afternoon wedding,

         ongratulations,        you’re      guests will expect less than they would
         engaged! But wait — you            of an evening wedding, such as dinner
         may be asking (or worrying)        and entertainment.
yourself: “don’t weddings cost a lot of
money” or “this is my second wed-           Pick a place
ding, how much do I want to                    Where you will get married depends
spend?”                                     on cost, location (indoors or out-
   The good news is, with resources,        doors), accommodation (how many
you can have the wedding of your            guests can it hold and how much
dreams in Grays Harbor by thinking          parking does it accommodate) and
outside of the box and not breaking         wedding theme.
the bank. As a budget-minded person,           Some ideas for a place to host a
remarrying for the second time (and         wedding for free or for very little cost
last!) this past August, I am excited to    include the beach (check the tides), a
share some of my tips with you.             backyard, state and city parks (parking
                                            fees may apply, and some cities may
What kind of wedding?                       charge a small rental fee for use of the
   The first thing to do is to sit down     park’s pavilion), a church you or your
with your future better half and dis-       fiancé is a member of or even some-
cuss what kind of wedding you both          place wacky and unusual — the place
envision. There may be some things          where you first met or went on your
your fiancé had in mind that you had        first date (if it is a business, speak to
no idea about that are important.           the owner or manager — they may be
(Mine wanted a “stranger” to marry          more than willing to help, especially if
us, preferably a “little, old man” …        it brings them more business).
his words, not mine.)                          According to Linda Burnett of the
   Pick a budget. How much can you          public affairs office for the Washing-
afford to spend on your wedding?            ton State Parks and Recreation Com-
Your budget may determine how               mission, weddings require a special
many people can be invited or how           activities permit, even if they are on
much you can spend on your wedding          the beach. There is a $10 application
details. For my wedding, we invited         fee plus $100 deposit for 0-100 peo-
our closest family members and              ple, $200 deposit for 101-200 people
friends, opting to host a reception a       and $300 for over 201 people. For the
couple of months after our wedding          South Beach area, call (360) 267-
for everyone else.                          4301 and North Beach area, (360)
   You will also need to discuss how        289-3553. State parks can also offer
many people you would like to invite.       shelters, barbecues and picnic areas;
It helps to make a list of guests instead                                                                                                                         Sandy Bahr | For The Vidette
of just throwing out a number.                                     See Budget on 4      Getting creative can be budget-friendly. Seashells make an inexpensive beach-themed accessories.
Page 4                                                                                    Bridal, The Vidette                                                                              February 23, 2012

Budget:                                    budget to have them custom made. I
                                           ordered mine through
                                                                                      as possible.
                                                                                         Don’t be afraid to shop online. I
                                                                                                                                      Speaking of, I found my
                                                                                                                                   flower girl dresses (handmade too!)
                                                                                                                                                                             rately) to compliment our beach set-
                                                                                                                                                                             ting wedding. Not only was the cost
Continued from 3                           because I didn’t have the equipment        did, mainly because I hate trying on         for far less than I could find on any     considerably less than purchasing or
                                           to do it myself.                           clothes and it wasn’t my first mar-          other website or store. I also found      even renting, he can use the separates
call the park for more information.            Many craft and department stores       riage, so I didn’t need the whole dress      matching father-and-son ties (hand-       again for other occasions.
   Keep Grays Harbor’s unpredict-          carry inexpensive do-it-yourself kits,     shop boutique experience again. Be           made again) for my husband and son.          You may also want to consider bor-
able weather in mind when choosing         which only require a printer. You can      sure to measure yourself correctly           I was able to coordinate with the gal     rowing an outfit from someone you
an outdoor location (August and Sep-       jazz up the invitations even further by    and read the fine print on returns           who made the flower girl dresses to       know, or even hitting the consignment
tember are the best months), and if        filling the envelopes with confetti,       before you hit the “buy now” button.         send fabric to the tie-maker so every-    and second-hand stores for something
you expect several guests from out of      embellishing the invitations with ink,     Be sure to have a backup plan if you         thing was matching.                       to match your wedding and budget.
town, it may be best to pick a venue       ribbons or even a vellum overlay.          change sizes before the big day and
that offers a place for guests to stay.                                               be prepared to have your dress altered.      The suit                                  Pictures
                                           Officiant                                  But beware — there are many knock-              Fortunately there are many options,      Depending on how serious you
Do-it-yourself vs. planner                    For those of you choosing not to be     off dresses for ridiculously low prices      ranging from store-bought to rented.      want to get with photography, you’ve
   One of the benefits of doing it         married in a church, did you know          that are made overseas. If it’s too          But no one says that the suit has to be   got a lot of options.
yourself is that you have control over     that you could have your best friend       good to be true, it probably is.             traditional or even a tux. My husband       One such option is to head over to
every detail, and one of the downsides     or even your sister/brother marry             Once you’ve found your dream              selected a very nice linen set (the
of doing it yourself is that you are       you? Regardless of denomination,           dress, scour the Internet again and see      pants and jacket were bought sepa-                             See Budget on 5
responsible for making sure every-         anyone can be ordained online for          if you can find a better deal at a differ-
thing goes as planned.                     free. In addition to free ordainment,      ent, reputable website. Again, be sure
   I planned my own wedding because
I’m creative and had time to do the
projects I had in mind, plus I had a lot
                                           the Universal Life Church offers
                                           information on how to perform a
                                           wedding, sample vows, marriage
                                                                                      and read the fine print before purchas-
                                                                                         If you’re looking for something
                                                                                                                                                Make A New Start!
                                                                                                                                                                        Tired of throwing away your
of creative people willing to help.        laws by state and more. Visit www.         perhaps less traditional, the good
   A wedding planner can take a load                          news is there are a lot of options avail-                                         money on rent every month?
off your plate; be sure to let them           Because my husband wanted “a            able for very low prices. For example,                                            Put that monthly payment toward owning
know upfront what your budget is.          stranger … a little, old man” to marry features many handmade or                                                a home instead! Favorable mortgage rates
They may have several ideas within         us, I took to the Internet and found a     vintage dresses that are unique and                                                  and low property prices make now the
your budget.                               “stranger” that I liked enough to inter-   sure to be a showstopper. Scour the                                                     perfect time to buy, and I can help.
   If you decide to plan your own          view, through Plug        second-hand stores — though there                                                                      Talk to me today!
wedding, don’t be afraid to ask for        in your zip code and you can find all      may be several dresses from the ’80s
help from family members and               kinds of services available in the area.   with the poofy sleeves (not that there’s
friends. Most likely, they will be         Once you find a few you are interest-      anything wrong with that), you just                                                                JOAN RANDALL Realtor®
excited and touched that you thought       ed in, check their reviews and rates       may find the dress or even a dress that                                                                 360-589-2271
of them. Or, if you are hesitant to ask    and interview them to see if their ser-    has potential. Think outside the box,                                                     
for help, you can ask their help           vices will fit your needs. Always be       especially if you or someone you
instead of a gift. That way, they can      sure to get a contract once you agree      know, has sewing or crafting skills.                                            Twin County Realty, Inc.
give you the best gift of all, a lasting   upon a service.                            You can dress up virtually anything
memory of a part of your wedding.                                                     with a few beads, stitching, silk flow-
                                           The dress                                  ers or even a simple sash.
Invitations                                  Dresses can cost a lot of money for
   Besides the etiquette of whom to        something you only wear once. The
invite and who not to invite, invitation   good news is that you can still look
options run from do-it-yourself to         amazing without breaking the bank.                    you Spoke to her father…
custom made. Deending on how               Keep in mind it may take a few                          you Talked with the minister…
many people you plan to invite, you        months before your dress is ready, so
may have enough money in your              you need to get started on this as soon                    have you Talked to your nancial planner?

                                                                                                                                                                       Toll-Free 1-800-569-3030

                                                                                                                                               Insurance Services
                                                                                                                           Dennis Brumbaugh,
                                                                                                                           LUTCF Agent
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February 23, 2012                                                                          Bridal, The Vidette                                                                                                                    Page 5

Budget:                                     visit a craft store and ask for some
                                            florist supplies based on your needs.
                                                                                       one wedding aspect you may want to
                                                                                       leave to the professionals. However, it
                                                                                                                                    the cake topper or cake decorations
                                                                                                                                    by purchasing them yourself and hav-
                                                                                                                                                                                     sure to get a contract, hear a demo and
                                                                                                                                                                                     check references.
Continued from 4                            At the very least, you will need florist   doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dol-        ing the bakery use them on the cake.
                                            tape (it comes in white or green), pins,   lars. There’s no law that says you                                                            Food
Grays Harbor College to see if there        ribbon of your choice to cover the         have to eat cake, especially if you or       Music and entertainment                             Depending on what time of day
are any photography students willing        stems of the bouquet and boutonniere       your guests are not fond of it. Baker-          For my wedding, I asked my best               your wedding is, don’t sweat it —
to capture the special day. Contact         and possibly florist wire. The Internet    ies also offer cupcake and cookie            friend to download a list of songs onto          you’ve got a lot of options. I hosted a
Sarah Alvarez in the media services         is a hotbed of ideas and instructions      options in a cake-like structure.            CDs. We played our wedding songs                 potluck for everyone in the backyard
center at the Spellman Library, (360)       for do-it-yourself wedding flowers.           Consider purchasing a ready-made          on a portable stereo on the beach                of the beach cabin we rented. In the
538-4055 or               You will need to remember that with        cake from a local grocery store and          when we were married and then                    invitation, we requested guests to
   Another option is to have formal         fresh flowers, you will need to budget     having them inscribe your names on           played the other songs on a stereo at            bring a potluck item in lieu of gifts.
pictures taken beforehand at a studio,      yourself some time to complete the         it or the like. If this doesn’t float your   our reception. It was easy and simple.              You can also host a themed buffet,
and have friends and family members         project the day before the wedding.        boat, do your homework and call all          Other options may be to hire a single            featuring desserts, cheese and cracker
take candid shots during the wedding.                                                  of the area bakeries, including those at     musician (guitar player or piano play-           variety, barbecue or even finger foods.
Disposable cameras given to children        Favors and decorations                     the grocery stores to get pricing. Con-      er) for a period of time. It may be              All are really easy to pull together and
can yield some really funny and cre-           Making favors can be so much fun        sider having them deliver it or desig-       cheaper than renting a DJ and a dance            pick up ready-made from most gro-
ative shots — you’ll be surprised.          because there is a lot you can do. I       nate a friend or family member to            floor or venue for a night. Craigslist           cery stores or even bulk stores at a
                                            purchased inexpensive beach buckets        pick it up.                                  lists musicians and entertainers for             reasonable price compared to having
Flowers                                     with shovels and filled them with             However, you can save money on            hire under the services section, be              your reception catered.
   Here’s where you can get really          beach balls, squirt guns and bubbles
creative. For example, for my beach         for the children who attended. For the
wedding I opted not to use fresh flow-      adults, I had bubbles that had our           B                      P
ers in my bouquets and boutonnières.
I used seashells, feathers, beads, rib-
                                            names and wedding date on it. It was
                                            small, but the guests could keep it as                              …for Every Important Moment
bon, dried flowers and raffia! With a       a memento.
few florist supplies, a hot glue gun           Immediately following a holiday,
and bamboo skewers, they turned out         check department stores for decora-
to be breathtakingly amazing! I also        tions or possible party favors at a deep
made hair clips for the flower girls        discount (think Valentine’s Day or the
and the girls who attended the wed-         Fourth of July). Even if your wedding
ding. They take very little time, and       will not take place during the same
are a real showstopper.                     time of year, the colors of the holiday
   If you’d like to use fresh flowers for   may match your wedding.            
your wedding, you will want to con-            Make it homemade — canning
sider the time of year and what is in       fruit preserves, vegetables or even
season. Buying flowers in pre-made          those prized Chanterelles can make a
bouquets will be considerably less
expensive than having a florist arrange
                                            beautiful presentation at your wed-
                                            ding. Top each jar with a fabric to                                                                               MAKE THAT
the flowers. Also, if you happen to
plan a wedding during the time the
daffodils and tulips are blooming, you
                                            match your wedding, matched with a
                                            complementary ribbon and tag to
                                            commemorate your wedding. It’s a                                                                                  SPECIAL OCCASION
could supply your entire wedding at a
very reasonable cost by visiting the
Satsop Bulb Farm. (Did you know
                                            gift that is practical, yet beautiful.

                                            The cake
                                                                                                                                                              EXTRA SPECIAL
you can also get married there too?)          Unless you’ve got a friend or a                                                                                 at the Grays Harbor Pavilion in Elma
   If you want your flowers to be           family member who has skills to
presented somewhat professionally,          make a wedding cake, this may be

                                                                                                                                                              FEATURES: Full kitchen, up to 400 chairs, up to 75 tables, gas heating,
                                                         start here…                                                                                          paved parking for up to 200 cars, handicapped accessible, portable
                                                                                                                                                              staging and PA system, curtains and stauchions, catering supplies at
                                                                                                                                                              no extra charge. SIZE: 5,000 sq. ft. (100 ft. by 50 ft.)

                                                                                                                                                              Make your reservation today!
                                                    (360) 249-2624                                    bout the
                                                                                                Ask an-Seabert
                                                                                                Bordepo Hall!
                            Wilder                          Combs                                                       Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds Pavilion
Page 6                                                                                     Bridal, The Vidette                                                                                 February 23, 2012

 B aby Bump?
Things to consider when a bridesmaid (or bride) is pregnant

         rides-to-be thinking of asking       • Nonalcoholic drinks: From              can be arranged so your bridesmaid
         a pregnant friend or family       bachelorette parties to the wedding         can sit down when she needs a rest.
         member to be in the bridal        itself, be sure there are plenty of            • Declined invitation: Some preg-
party should know such a request is        nonalcoholic and decaffeinated              nant women will jump at the chance
common. Recent findings indicate           drinks she can enjoy. Pregnant              to be in the wedding, while others
that around half of all weddings now       women need to have a lot of water to        may realize their limitations and pre-
have at least one member of the            meet the physical demand of preg-           fer to attend only as a guest. Have a
bridal party showing off a baby bump       nancy as well.                              another person in mind in case your
— sometimes it’s even the bride her-          • Travel: In the latter months of the    bridesmaid invitation is declined, and
self.                                      pregnancy, many doctors advise              do not hold it against the person if she
   Barring a medical condition, there      against air travel. Spending long hours     feels she won’t be able to commit
is no reason a pregnant woman can’t        in a car may be uncomfortable as            during her pregnancy.
be in the wedding and fulfill her obli-    well. If you were thinking about hav-          • Patience: Although all eyes are
gations, so feel free to invite that       ing the wedding far away, these are         generally on the bride on her special                                                         — Metro Creative Graphics Inc.
special someone to be in the wed-          things that must be taken into consid-      day, having a pregnant bridesmaid            Having a pregnant friend or family member as a bridesmaid (or
ding. There are just a few things to       eration. You may want to revise your        may garner a share of “oohs and              bride) just takes a little extra planning.
consider to help make it easier on         plans if your heart is set on having this   aahs” and attention for her as well.
everyone involved. Think over these        woman in the bridal party.                  It’s a humble bride who can share her
things.                                       • Ceremony: It can be tiring for a       spotlight for a while. And remember,
   • Gowns: One of the things brides       pregnant woman, especially one in           the “something new” at your wed-
and bridesmaids often fret about is        the last trimester, to stand for a long     ding may be that new baby who is on
the gown they will be wearing. While       period of time. If you are having a         the way!
nonpregnant members of the bridal          long, religious ceremony, see if a seat                 — Metro Creative Graphics Inc.
party won’t fluctuate much in weight
from the day of their first fittings to
the wedding day, a pregnant woman
is growing with new life within her                                                                                                                                          Let us design
from the moment of conception. This                                                                                                                                          a customized
will have to be taken into consider-
ation. Some maternity designers cre-                                                                                                                                         wedding package
ate bridesmaid dresses for pregnant                                                                                                                                          to fit your decorative
women, but they may not exactly                                                                                                                                              floral needs and budget.
match the other gowns in mind. Ask
the bridal store if alterations can be
                                                                                                                                                                             We use only the
made to a standard gown, including
ordering a much larger size, adding              Call us for your                                                                                                            freshest flowers to
elastic panels or another way to                                                                                                                                             create unique and
ensure the gown will stretch over a
growing belly. Also, be considerate
                                                 Rehearsal Dinner                                                                                                            artistic arrangements
and choose a gown in an empire
waist style so that it is flattering for
                                                 or other Special                                                                                                            that will hold up
                                                                                                                                                                             beautifully throughout
the pregnant bridesmaid.
   • Shoes: While pregnant, some                 Occasion!                                                                                                                   the day.
women’s feet swell. Having strict
restrictions on footwear can make a                                                                                                                                          Call now for a
pregnant woman uncomfortable.
                                                 (360) 532-6563                                                                                                              free consultation!
Low heels or ballerina slippers can be
comfortable and fashionable. The                 Ask for Christina Kost                                                                                                      (360) 249-8382
other members of the bridal party

may also thank you for choosing a
sensible shoe.                                                                                                                                                            “Your Friendly Flower Shop”

                                                                                                                                                 Petal Pushers
   • Breaks: Many activities during
the wedding are bound to be tiring.
But someone who is pregnant may
feel it more than others. Ensure your
mama-to-be has ample time to sit and                                                                                                                                          floral & gifts
rest. Also, try to have planning meet-                                                                                                               1 0 0 B r u m f i e l d Av e . We s t , S u i t e 5
ings near a restroom where she will
be comfortable.
 February 23, 2012                                                                         Bridal, The Vidette                                                           Page 7

 Are you a Bridezilla?

            ew brides-to-be want to be         • Extreme dieting. If dieting           many want to have the “perfect” wed-
            tagged as a “bridezilla.”       becomes extreme, including dramatic        ding, fixating on every detail and
            However, engaging in cer-       calorie control, binging or purging, it    spending excessively to achieve per-
 tain behaviors just might earn them        can be unhealthy and dangerous. Put-       ceived perfection is bridezilla behav-
 that dubious distinction. The term         ting appearances before well-being         ior, entering a marriage in debt can
 likely was coined in a Boston Globe        may constitute bridezilla behavior.        strain newlywed bliss.
 article in June 1995. Since then, it has      • Failing to spend time with a             • Fighting with friends and fam-
 been widely used for an overbearing,       fiance. When wedding planning and          ily. Brides may bicker with their
 difficult and perfectionist bride.         meetings take precedence over spend-       moms over seating arrangements and
    Bridezillas have several traits in      ing time with your fiance, it can set a    hairstyles, but they might just be
 common. If a bride-to-be sees her          poor course for the future marriage        glossing over their evolving mother-
 behaviors on this list, she may want to    and strain the current relationship.       child relationship. Fighting just to
 make changes quickly or risk alienat-         • A “me-first” attitude. It’s unpro-    fight and draw attention to oneself is
 ing friends and family members.            ductive for a bride-to-be to think that    bridezilla behavior.
    • Talking about the wedding non-        her family, bridemaids and others             • Expecting preferential treat-
 stop. Getting married is exciting and      involved in the wedding will drop          ment. Many bridezillas are rude to
 stressful at the same time. It is good     everything for the sake of the event.      wedding vendors and think that they
 for brides to have enthusiasm about        Although it is expected that a bridal      deserve something extra. Brides
 the big day, but speaking incessantly      party will partake in some tasks and       should remember that these people
 over every little detail, especially       responsibilities, they are not the prop-   work hard, often with couples who
 when the conversation often veers to       erty or employees of the bride.            are emotional and feeling the stress of

                                                                                                                                      B idal
 complaints can be off-putting.                • Going well over budget. While         spending large amounts of money.          — Metro Creative Graphics Inc.

     Turn Y ur O d Jewelry                                                                                                       AFFORDABLE

         into a new wedding set or cash.
              WE BUY GOLD & SILVER

                  Same day evaluation and payment
                   based on current market prices.

                                  W lso ake rade- ns.                                                                                             601 W. Wishkah, Aberdeen
                                                                                                                                                            (360) 532-8232
Page 8                                                                              Bridal, The Vidette                                                               February 23, 2012

W hy do We do T hat?                                                                                                                                            Tradition,
                                                                                                                                                            The Jewish tradition of break-
                                                                                                                                                         ing glass at a wedding dates
                                                                                                                                                         back to the destruction of the

         hances are those who have      held different meanings in the past.    ger has a blood vessel that goes                                         ancient temple in Jerusalem.
         attended a wedding have        Saracen brides carried orange blos-     directly to the heart.                                                   Taking place at the conclusion
         witnessed some popular tra-    soms for fertility. Others carried a       • Wedding cake: The traditional                                       of the Seven Blessings, the
ditions take place. The bride wears     combination of herbs and flowers to     wedding cake evolved from Roman                                          breaking of the glass is meant to
a veil, a court of wedding attendants   ward off evil spirits with their        times when the cake was originally                                       symbolize the breaking of the
accompanies the bride and groom,        aroma. Bouquets of dill were often      made from wheat. It was broken                                           Jewish people’s hearts at the
and birdseed, rice or flower petals     carried, again for fertility reasons,   over the bride’s head to ensure fer-                                     destruction of the temple. In
are tossed. But have you ever won-      and after the ceremony, the dill was    tility. All of the guests eat a piece                                    addition, the tradition is meant
dered why? The wedding customs          eaten to encourage lust.                for good luck. Single women used                                         to remind the Jewish people that
are ripe with tradition and harken         • Bridesmaids: There may be          to place a piece of wedding cake                                         even at the height of their happi-
back to days when superstition and      arguments over dresses and how          under their pillows in the hopes of                                      ness, they must never forget the
myth often ruled the day.               many bridesmaids to have in a wed-      finding their own husbands.                                              destruction of the temple. Dur-
   • Throwing rice: Today it has        ding party now, but in ancient times       • Father accompanying the                                             ing the ceremony, the groom
become de rigueur to blow bubbles,      it was “the more the merrier.” That’s   bride: This tradition symbolizes that                                    will stomp on a glass wrapped
toss birdseed or release doves when     because bridesmaids were another        the bride’s father endorses the choice                                   in a cloth. Though it’s meant to
the bride and groom leave the house     measure to keep the bride safe          in husbands and is presenting his                                        remind the bride and groom as
of worship newly betrothed. That’s      against evil spirits. Essentially the   daughter as a pure bride to that man.                                    well as their guests what the
because savvy individuals found         bridesmaids were decoys for the            • Kissing the bride: In older times,                                  Jewish people have been through
that raw rice can pose a hazard to      spirits — dressing like the bride to    a kiss symbolized a legal bond. There-                                   throughout their history, this tra-
birds pecking in the area. However,     confuse the spirits or maybe help       fore, the bride and groom kissed to                                      dition has become a ritual many
rice throwing is an old custom that     deter them to leave the bride be.       seal the deal on their betrothal.                                        look forward to despite what it’s
dates back to the Middle Ages,             • Wedding rings: Wearing of             There are many traditions sur-                                        intended to symbolize. In fact,
when wheat or rice where thrown to      wedding rings dates back to ancient     rounding a wedding that people                                           the shouts of “Mazel tov!” once
symbolize fertility for the couple.     Egypt. The round shape of a ring        simply accept. But understanding                                         the glass has been smashed typi-
   • Bouquet: Nowadays, the bride       symbolizes eternal love. The ring is    their origins can make the ceremony       Traditional wedding cake
                                                                                                                                                         cally begins a joyous celebra-
carries a beautiful bouquet of flow-    worn on the fourth finger of the left   more meaningful.                          dates to Roman times when it   tion.
ers. But the purpose of the bouquet     hand because it is believed this fin-      — Metro Creative Graphics Inc.         was broken over the bride’s       — Metro Creative Graphics Inc.
                                                                                                                          head to ensure fertility.

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February 23, 2012                                                                                       Bridal, The Vidette                                                                             Page 9

P opping the Q uestion                                                                                                                                       Tips to encourage
                                                                                                                                                             her to say ‘I do’

            ccording to David                             change color or fade. It symbolizes       it up and stick it in an envelope        “Remember, the proposal           bride-to-be and chances are
            Tutera, wedding guru                          a relationship that will endure.          with a love note and his name on       and engagement doesn’t have         she’ll jump to say, ‘yes,’ ” says
            and party-planning                            Also, choosing a lasting metal            it.”                                   to be expensive to be memora-       O’Connor.
expert, “Men should propose                               means that your engagement ring              There are many other proposal       ble. Simply keep in mind the
with personality, making it echo                          can become a family heirloom,             ideas that can secure this special     personality and likes of the          — Metro Creative Graphics Inc.
something meaningful to your                              passed down from generation to            moment. Consider these tips, cour-

                                                                                                                                             Customevery budget
relationship with one another                             generation.                               tesy of O’Connor.
and do it in a place that high-                              When selecting a setting, experts         • Make it personal. Propose at
lights your love story.” That cer-                        including Tutera and O’Connor             a place that has great meaning for
tainly sounds like good advice.                           recommend putting some thought            your relationship — where you
But while women seem to have                              into a design that is classic because     first met, or the place where you
the knack for conjuring up per-
fect wedding-related ideas, men
tend to be a bit clueless on the
                                                          this will be a ring that she will cher-
                                                          ish through the ages.
                                                             “Choose a setting that truly
                                                          reflects how you feel about your
                                                                                                    first said “I love you.” Think
                                                                                                    about the romantic places you
                                                                                                    have visited together that can
                                                                                                    serve as the perfect backdrop for
   Naturally, the first element                           partner,” says Tutera.                    a proposal.
involved with a proposal is buy-                             Although the ring is a very               • Think back to all of those
ing an engagement ring. “This is                          important component of the entire         chick flicks you were persuaded
not just any ring ... it is ‘the’ ring                    proposal, make it memorable.              into watching. Was there a pro-
that she’ll cherish for the rest of                       “How did he propose?” is often            posal scene that she gushed about
her life, and may possibly pass                           the first question her girlfriends        or another movie moment that
down to her children in the                               will ask once she has gotten              stood out? Consider recreating that
future,” says Tutera. Jewelry                             engaged.                                  feeling in the proposal. If need be,
expert, Michael O’Connor offers,                             Whether taking place at the            man up and rewatch her favorite                                 Call for your consultation today!
“There’s a very good chance the                           beach or a page right out of a            movies for ideas.
bride has a platinum engagement                           fairytale, many women dream of a             • Consider spontaneity. Sim-                                              (360) 533-4560
ring in mind. It’s possible that                          memorable proposal.                       ply scratch “Will you marry me”
she’s even offered hints about it,                           In a recent contest on Glamour.        in the sand while walking on the
leaving magazine photos on the
table or admiring a ring in a jew-
elry store window.”
   Like gold, platinum is a great
choice for engagement rings and
                                                          com, contest entrant Briana D. from
                                                          New York offers the following hint,
                                                          “I have always dreamt of a fairy-
                                                          tale proposal and what better way
                                                          to drop the ball than to draw out the
                                                                                                    beach and hand her the ring in a
                                                                                                       • Do it the old fashioned, and
                                                                                                    tried-and-true way. Bend down
                                                                                                    on one knee with a rose and ring in
                                                                                                                                                   Barnes Florist
                                                                                                                                                             Making Scents Since 1959

wedding bands because it won’t                            ring design that I have in mind, fold     hand.

    The Perfect Wedding                                                                              “A beautiful community gathering place along the Chehalis River.”

                                                                       A                                   Rotary Log
                                                                       N                                   Pavilion
                                                                        C                                                                                                                       for 200.
                                                       Arlene Hoiland
                                                                   Certified Instructor
                                               will choreograph your wedding dance.
                                                                    Only $50 per hour

                                                                                                                                                               Photo by MP Merril Photo
     To get dancing call…                                             (360) 533-1412                                                                      There are still many open dates, call:
    Arlene Hoiland is formerly with Arthur Murray & Fred Astaire       6939 North Bank Rd.
    Dance Studios and formerly a West Coast Grand Champion             Aberdeen, WA 98520
    Ballroom Dancer.
Page 10                                                                                  Bridal, The Vidette                                                                            February 23, 2012

D o                             I t Y ourself                                                                W edding                                                     money on an extra envelope.
                                                                                                                                                                             • Check with your town if you need
                                                                                                                                                                          a permit or variance for having so
                                                                                                                                                                          many cars parked by the house in the
                                                                                                                                                                          event of a backyard wedding. Other-
                                                                                                                                                                          wise you could be facing a fine.

          hose thinking about tying       well-planned wedding is the best           oneself. Candles can be stockpiled         face for placing tables or creating a        • Many different foods can be
          the knot in the months to       start.                                     relatively easy and provide a very         dance floor.                              cooked in advance and frozen instead
          come may be discouraged            Grab a notebook and start making        affordable means of ambient light.            It may pay to ask an electrician to    of hiring a catering service.
by how expensive weddings can be.         lists of all the things you will need:     Plan out centerpiece ideas and figure      help string some lights to better illu-      • Consider favors that also double
But with a little ingenuity and a            • location                              out which components can be bought         minate the area.                          as table centerpieces.
hands-on approach, couples can have          • tables and chairs                     and stored. Then items can be assem-                                                    • Bouquets can easily be made with
a wedding that is inexpensive and            • linens                                bled at leisure. Wedding stationery is     Other Tips and Tricks                     store-bought flowers, some floral tape
memorable at the same time.                  • food                                  one thing that will have to be bought         • Fruit is less expensive than flow-   and decorative ribbon.
   According to,           • silverware and glassware              well in advance so there will be time      ers for centerpieces.                        • Restrict the bar to wine and beer,
on average, U.S. couples spend               • invitations                           enough to print save-the-dates, invita-       • Include postcard response cards      and you’ll save money on expensive
$26,542 for their weddings. That does        • photography                           tions and response cards, as well as       in wedding invites. The postage is        liquors.
not include the cost for an engage-          • music                                 mail them.                                 less, and you don’t have to spend            — Metro Creative Graphics Inc.
ment ring or wedding bands. With             • officiant                                An informal wedding may mean
such a high price tag, some couples          • music                                 couples can get simple attire. Buying
wonder if they can afford their dream        • centerpieces and other decor          off the rack may mean a smaller price
wedding. DIY wedding can be the
                                             • cake or dessert
                                             • lighting
                                                                                     tag for gowns. Gentlemen may be
                                                                                     able to fare with sportcoats and slacks.
                                                                                                                                                         Visit us for our
   Smart couples are realizing that the
money they would normally spend on
                                             • attire
                                             • flowers
                                                                                     Keep your eye out for deals in
                                                                                                                                                         complete selection
a big wedding at an outside venue can
be put to better use, either through      Work in Advance
                                                                                        Enlist the help of family and friends
                                                                                     to get many of the tasks completed.
                                                                                                                                                         of wedding…
buying a new home or fixing up one           Many items necessary for a wed-         Upon asking, many couples find there
they may already own. Furthermore,        ding can be bought in advance. Some        are members of the family who have
for couples who are picky about           couples find that purchasing low-cost      skills: There may be a gourmet chef,
details, having a DIY event ensures       items at discount stores turns out to be   a disc jockey, a photographer or even
that they can control details and have    less expensive than renting. For           someone who can officiate the vows.
them as personal as they would like.      example, inexpensive glasses and sil-
                                          verware can be bought at dollar stores.    Readying the Venue                                                                   Since 1959
Getting Started                           Later on these items can be kept, sold       Because couples will be doing the
   A DIY wedding is one that will         or even donated to shelters.               work themselves, it’s best to start
take much more work than simply              Tablecloths don’t have to be the        several days in advance. Be sure the
hiring vendors and leaving the details    traditional kind. It may be less expen-    grounds are well groomed and land-
to them. But the money saved with         sive to purchase pieces of fabric from     scaped. Ensure there are no tripping
sweat equity can be substantial. A        a fabric store and dressing them up        hazards and that there is a sturdy sur-

                                                                                                                                A ring to build a future on.
                      Beautiful Gifts
                      For your wedding or shower

                                                                                                                                                                                         Since 1926

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February 23, 2012                                                                       Bridal, The Vidette                                                                                             Page 11

S                ecrets to a
                                                    L                   ong and
                                                                                                     H M                          appy                                        arriage
         ome might say a long             playing the protector to his wife. In     divorce as the only solution instead of
         celebrity marriage is one        reality, marriage is more of a partner-   discovering ways to remove the cause
         that endures the duration of     ship, and truth and trust are often at    of strife. Divorce can sometimes be
the newly betrothed’s trip down the       the basis of good marriages.              the easy way out when you think
aisle. We’ve seen Britney Spears             There are many other “secrets” that    about the work that goes into keeping
dissolve a marriage after 55 hours        marriage experts will offer to couples    a marriage working. Experts say that
and Kim Kardashian call it quits          seeking the magic formula:                there are a few issues, like adultery,
after 72 days.                               • There’s no such thing as the         abuse and drug/alcohol addiction, that
   But some couples have been             perfect marriage. Some couples cre-       may be reasonable catalysts for
together for 50, 60 years and say         ate an image of what they think mar-      divorce if personal safety and sanity is
they’re still as much in love as they     riage is supposed to be, and that         being compromised.
were the day they spoke their “I dos.”    image that often goes “poof” once            • Make time for romance. It’s eas-
What do they know that others do          reality sets in. Even soulmates are       ily said but not so easily done. Too
not?                                      bound to frustrate or irritate one        often married couples forget what it
   According to clinical psychologist     another from time to time.                was like to date when all of their         Couples who have stayed married for decades often put each
and relationship guru Dr. Phil               • Couples should express their         attention was spent on each other          other first and share a mutual respect.
McGraw, “We all need to be flexible       frustrations. Bottling up frustrations    instead of the house, kids, work, etc.
and to compromise in marriage, but        can eat at a person and eventually        Today there seems to be even more          your spouse than you take. If he or        stranger? Probably not. Good mar-
you’ve got to be true to your core        destroy a marriage. Talking about the     distractions, from e-mails to texts to     she is doing the same, you’re working      riages are based on a foundation of
traits and characteristics, what I call   things that are bothering you with        pressure and obligations at the office.    collectively for the benefit of the mar-   respect and love. It’s easy to lose feel-
your authentic self.” Some couples        your partner opens up a discussion        Happy couples find the time to spend       riage instead of yourselves.               ings of love if the respect is gone.
enter a relationship projecting a per-    and can help you work through             quality time with their spouses —             • Respect each other. Often cou-           Couples can realize that there are
sona they believe the other person        things.                                   even if that’s only 10 minutes of alone    ples having troubles realize they treat    some thorns that come with the roses
wants -- one that really isn’t what          • Divorce should not be seen as a      time a day.                                strangers better than they treat each      of marriage, and staying happy
they’re all about. This could be a        viable option. Couples who want to           • Put “we” first. Many people           other. Would you use the insults or        together does take work for it to all be
woman trying to fill the role of her      bail on the marriage at every turn        operate on a “me” mentality. When          unflattering terms that you sometimes      worth it.
husband’s nurturing mom or a guy          could be directing their energy toward    you’re part of a couple, give more to      throw at your spouse with a complete          — Metro Creative Graphics Inc.

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