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									                             Creative Arts in Counselling Chapter Report

This report covers the period of: November 2009 to April 2010

Submitted by: Lucy Lu

Chapter Officers:
      Name                      Function                              E-mail              Telephone
Lucy Lu               President                           (613) 680-6832
Anie Najarian         Communications                 (647) 339-6393
Miriam Duff           Secretary/Board Liaison                 (204)475-3984
Andrea Savoie         Treasurer                      (506)-292-7789

Nisha Sajnani         Past-president                      (203)781-6498

204 members, as of February 2010

Past activities (last 6 months or whole year)
(Newsletters, meetings, special project, surveys, etc.)

         Since November 2009, the executive of the CAC chapter has remained the same, while we have
added new provincial representatives. Barb Ingram has decided to come back as the BC rep, Rachela
Buonincontri has taken the Alberta rep position, and Louise Hardy has taken the Yukon rep position. Jerri
Booth stepped down from her position as Board Liaison We hope that having a full representation across
Canada will be able to better serve our chapter members. Since the last chapter report we have had 4
teleconferences, planning our newsletter as well as the upcoming workshops/meetings at the upcoming
CCPA conference.
         In February we put out our bi-annual newsletter, “The Creative Arts Connection” on-line,
updating our membership about the news across Canada from the CAC provincial reps, as well as
summarizing the results from our on-line chapter survey. Many members appreciated the work being
done by the CAC, and supported the idea of having the CAC work on issues of advocacy for recognition
for creative arts therapists.
         Local provincial representatives have been very active in their local communities. Miriam Duff,
Darci Adam and Jerri Booth represented the CAC with a display table of information at the Canadian Art
Therapy Association (CATA) Conference in November 5-7, 2009, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Leigh
Bulmer, as the Quebec rep, in collaboration with the QCA hosted a networking event for creative arts
therapists during March for Creative Arts Therapies week. Rachela Buonincontri had an open house for
the CAC chapter in Alberta with an attendance of 40 people and hopes to continue working on the
momentum of the local meetings. Lucy Lu started local meetings in Ottawa for CAC members and
practitioners in the creative arts therapies to meet, network and share skills. Many members also ran local
events for the Creative Arts Therapies Week and advertised them through the CAC listserv. We also
offered monetary compensation to our representatives to hold their meetings. Over all, it has been a very
active year, with lots of interest and exciting energy.
Provincial Representatives
Position                         Name                           Email
British Columbia Provincial Rep. Barb Ingram          
Alberta Provincial Rep.          Rachela Buonincontri 
Saskatchewan Provincial Rep. Christine Ciona          
Manitoba Provincial Rep.         Darci Adam           
Ontario Provincial Rep.          Athena Madan         
Quebec Provincial Rep.           LeighBulmer          
Yukon/Nunavut Rep.               Louise Hardy          
Atlantic provinces Rep.          Andrea Savoie        

Chapter Finances
Balance $1230.60 as of April 2010

Planned Activities
(Newsletters, meetings, special project, surveys, etc.)

We plan to create our next newsletter in hard-copy mail-out for the Summer/Fall 2010 on the creative arts
in counselling in rural areas.

We also plan to have provincial representatives and executive phone conference in April in order to get
input from the entire CAC chapter.

Part of the executive (Lucy, Anie and Andrea) will be attending the upcoming CCPA conference. We will
have our AGM and workshop “Stilling the waters: Self-care through post-session art-making” on May
11th at the CCPA conference in PEI 2010. We also are planning to run a community workshop on art
therapy in Charlottetown during that week in order to promote the creative arts in healthcare and mental
health settings.

Our current goals for this year will be:

To increase contact and dialogue among members -

    1) By creating and sending out two newsletters to all of our members
       In Summer/Fall 2010 and Spring 2011.
    2) Updating our e-group with related events, dialogue and discussion
    3) Recruit new executive members for the upcoming executive turn-over in 2011

To provide support to members to promote their practice -

   1)   Through contact with provincial representatives
   2)   Through our newsletter of ideas from chapter members
   3)   Offering a practical workshop at our next AGM
   4)   Providing financial subsidy to support meetings and organization of members

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