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               ANSWERS Chapter 25: Dairy and Beverages

Multiple Choice

1. Milk that has been heat treated to kill disease-causing organisms is called
   a. certified.
   b. homogenized.
   c. pasteurized.
   d. fortified.

2. Heavy whipping cream has a fat content of
   a. 10-12 percent.
   b. 16-22 percent.
   c. 28-33 percent.
   d. 35-40 percent.

3. Which of the following causes milk to curdle?
   a. acids
   b. tannins
   c. heat
   d. all of the above.

4. Which of the following is an example of a blue cheese?
   a. Stilton
   b. Liederkranz
   c. Edam
   d. Fontina

5. There are three problems associated with cooking milk and cream products. Which of the
   following is not one of them?
    a. curdling
    b. scorching
    c. evaporation
    d. formation of scum or skin

6. Cream with a fat content of _____% or more can be whipped into a foam.
   a. 10
   b. 20
   c. 25
   d. 30

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               ANSWERS Chapter 25: Dairy and Beverages

7. Clarified butter has had its __________ removed.
   a. fat
   b. salt
   c. milk solids
   d. cholesterol

8. __________ may contain rennet.
    a. Butter
    b. Cream
    c. Cheese
    d. Yogurt

9. Which of the following combinations is correct?
   a. bacteria-ripened from the inside → Roquefort and Stilton
   b. washed-rind → Limburger and Liederkranz
   c. blue-veined → Brie, Camembert, and St. André
   d. mold rind → Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, and Parmesan

10. When cooking with cheese, it is important to remember that __________.
    a. aged cheeses melt more slowly than young cheeses
    b. cheese becomes tough and stringy when heated too much
    c. young cheeses add more flavor to foods than aged cheeses
    d. all of the above

11. Coffee is grown in all the following countries or regions except __________.
    a. Africa
    b. Norway
    c. Columbia
    d. Indonesia

12. Espresso is associated with all the following except __________.
    a. small cup
    b. after dinner
    c. strong and dark
    d. equal amounts of coffee and milk

13. If crème fraîche is not available, you can easily make a similar product of you have
    ____________ and ________________ on hand.
     a. milk, butter
     b. heavy cream, sour cream
     c. buttermilk, heavy cream
     d. yogurt, half-and-half

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               ANSWERS Chapter 25: Dairy and Beverages


14. _T___ Sour cream, buttermilk, and yogurt are three examples of fermented or cultured dairy

15. __T__ For proper whipping, heavy cream and all equipment should be well chilled.

16. __F__ Cheeses should be stored unwrapped to allow for air circulation.

17. __T__ Low temperatures should generally be used when cooking with cheese.

18. ___T__ The process that changes fresh cheese curds into aged cheeses is called ripening.

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