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									                             FIA AMERICA
         José F. Abed, FIA Sport America Vice-president
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

• 2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes in America

      –     Past and present Fund supported Safety Training Progammes over the last three years
      –     Achievements and objectives

• 2012 and the future

      –     Existing programmes
      –     Projects

• Development of the Motor Sport in America

• America in the FIA Structure
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

Over the last three years, in the Americas, funding was been approved for:

Costa Rica, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Mexico, United States, Nicaragua,
Uruguay, and Brazil.
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes
This represents 26 grants and €2,340,257.

Only three project were cancelled after approval so the adjusted numbers are 23 with €1,751,501,
which is approximately 20% of the total funding.
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

The Programmes have been distributed as:

      –   10 Young Driver Safety Training Programmes
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

 - 9 Officials Safety Training Programmes
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

  –    4 Facilities Improvement Programmes
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

  In total there have been 124 approved programmes across the world, with
  America represented 1/5 of the total number of programmes.
  In the future, this number will surely be increased, shaping the oustanding
  contribution of the FIA Institute to the development of Morot Sport in the
  continent .
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes
  Development of Motor Sport in America
  The improved positions of America within Motor Sport in the last three years,
  can be observed in all areas. An increasing number of FIA-sanctioned events
  in the continent or the involvement of a greater number of officials within the
  FIA organisation.
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

  The CODASUR and NACAM Rally Championships belong to the FIA Regional
  Rally Championships, and run events across most countries of the continent
  under full FIA regulations.
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

 After the traditional Canadian and Brazilian Formula One GPs, a new venue for
 the FIA Formula One World Championship, the Circuit of the Americas in
 Austin, Texas, is being developed.
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes
     Also, two American countries formerly part of the Formula One calendar are
evaluating plans which could see both become capable of holding F1 races again.
Argentina and Mexico last held F1 races in 1998 and 1992 respectively, hosting 35
rounds of the world championship between them.
Populous, the architects behind Silverstone’s revised track and new pits, have won a bid
to develop an FIA Grade 1 circuit in Argentina, which would be capable of holding F1
and Moto GP races. The Velociudad Argentina circuit will be built in Zarate, close to the
capital city Buenos Aires. A 5.5km track is planned.
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes
      Also, FIA Safety Delegate Mr. Charlie Whiting recently visited and inspected the
Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City with a view to the circuit being prepared
for FIA Grade 1 status.
The National Sporting Authorities were given details of the changes they would have to
make in order for it to be able to host an F1 race.
  2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

Since 2008, a FIA-style prize giving ceremony has
been organised for the FIA American
championships at the end of each season.

In 2010 and for the next four years, this event will
take place in Panama, which is placed in the
middle of the continent.

After this period it is hoped that further countries
will apply to host the event in the future.
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

       Motor Sport is constantly growing and that same rhythm and the Americas have
  been doing so at the same speed as the rest of the world in recent times. Drivers from
  Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica that Mexico, United States, Canada, Colombia,
  Venezuela and Guatemala are in the international series, all have the possibility in the
  short term to move up to one day to Formula One, or others to US NASCAR and
  Formula Indy.
   It is not difficult to see in series like British Formula 3 in all categories, Ford F-1.800 in
  the Euroseries, Formula BMW in Germany and America, Formula 2.000, the GP-3
  and GP-2, the Renault World Series , Formula Atlantic in Indy Lights, American drives,
  with a lot of talent, breaking into a difficult environment with lots of courage and bravery,
  aiming to become stars in their own rights.
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

      All these drivers come from categories in from ASNs. For example, in Argentina
 Touring Cars 2000 and Formula 2000; in Costa Rica there are championships of Touring
 Cars and single seaters, similar to Formula Three; in Guatemala Touring Car races are
 popular; in Venezuela GT and Single Seaters are popular.
 In Mexico there is a Formula 2000, involving Venezuelan drivers who perform well, it is
 also the Mexican series that produced Columbian Juan Pablo Montoya before his move to
 F1, the Canadian Allen Berg did likewise.
 Also in Mexico, stock cars are popular, in the 1990s International Formula Three took place
 and with a rich set of drivers became one of the most important series in the world of
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

      In the United States, the popularity of NASCAR, and its subdivisions Spirit,
 Nationwide, and Trucks, without forgetting the regional events. The drivers are
 exceptionally talented with unique qualities,
 Formula Indy with its blue ribbon event the Indy 500 of Indianapolis, it is considered the
 most watched race in the world, always the last Sunday of May, taking place at the same
 time as the Monaco Grand Prix.

 To feed these events, there is Formula Barber, BMW, Atlantic, and Indy Lights. And in
 NASCAR there are the regional events which are well know and from where many of the
 current drivers have come.
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

Best of all, there are achievements. A good example is Mexican Sergio Pérez already a points
winner in F1 Grand Prix Racing , coming to the series are outstanding results in karting, then
the US Formula Barber, German Formula BMW, British Formula Three, where the was
B division champion and the International champion, an incredible triumph. Then in GP2, runner
up with five wins, second to another F1 rookie Pastor Maldonado, Venezuela.
In 2012, there is a strong possibility F1 will return to this part of the continent. In the United
States is a given, a new course is under construction in Austin, Texas. And in Mexico, the
probability is the Speedway Sports City, which was inspected by the FIA ​and is soon due to start
implementing improvements.. This would help further grow enthusiasm for the sport in the
Americas and continue to narrow the gap with Europe. The big talents are not simply confined to
single countries, they are now evolving to the world level.
2009-2011 Safety Training Programmes

    Motor racing is an important sport. On top of the audiences at the circuit, TV
coverage is growing and increasingly important.
Millions of people watch Grand Prix Racing, the same for NASCAR or Indy Racing. Not
many other sports have the same reach.
     For this reason , the American continent is involved in the sport, and thanks to the
help of supporters, clubs and institutions like the FIA Institute, together we will work to
continue to grow.

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