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									Global Village – Santa Rosa de
Copan 2012

       Habitat for Humanity
Map of Honduras
 Santa Rosa de
Honduras & Facts (CONT’D)
      Land
           Capital: Tegucigalpa                     Government
           Divisions: 18 provinces                      Type of Government: Democratic
                                                          Constitutional Republic
           Size: 112,492 sq km.
                                                         President: Porfirio Lobo ( Pepe)
           Terrain: Most of 75% of the country
            are mountains and 25% are flats              Currency: Lempira
                                                         US$1.00=19 Lempira
      People                                            Electricity Voltage: 110 volts
           Population: 8 million
                                                         Weather: Tropical which means
           Language: Spanish, Amerindian
            dialects, Maya, Garifuna, Arab,               that constantly change and also
            English on Bay Islands.                       depends of the altitude, pacific or
           Adult literacy rate: 70%                      north coast.
           Religion: 70% Roman Catholic,                January to July 35° C, and 27° C
                                                          from August to December.
            Protestant 30%,
           People:90%, mestizo or Amerindian
            and other groups 10% Arab, whites.
           Population below poverty line: 60%
           Unemployment rate: 35%
  Honduras is the most mountainous country of
   Central America, for that reason climate and
   temperatures are variable depending where you are
   located either in flat valleys (warm) or high on the
   mounts (Chill).
  Rainy season May-November
  Dry Season December-April
  Rainy season is not that rainy
  Dry Season is not that dry.
    DAY 1 – ( Jun 9th.... .Sat)
        Arrive at San Pedro Sula Airport             DAY 5 – (Jun 13th......Wed)
         please book morning or Noon                   Build. Cultural activity.
        Rendezvous Wendy’s restaurant,               DAY 6 – (Jun 14th.......Thu)
         please wear the T-Shirt,.                 •   Build.
        ( If you don’t see the Habitat person
         right away Don’t Panic, I’ll be there )      DAY 7 – (Jun 15th..... Fri).
        Book morning or noon arrivals             •   Build and farewell
        Travel to Santa Rosa de Copan 3hrs
                                                      DAY 8 – (Jun 16th..... Sat).
    DAY 2 – (Jun 10th.....sun).                   •   Travel to Copan Ruins
 Orientation / Day Off Options                     •   Day off.
 A.     Agua Escondida Hike                        •   DAY 10 – (Jun17th....Sun)
 B.     Belen Gualcho                              •   Fly home, please book noon or afternoon
 C.     Gracias Lempira                                departures.
                                                   •   3hrs trip to the airport.
    DAY 3 – (Jun 11th..... Mon).
     Build cultural activity

    DAY 4 – (Jun 12th....... Tue).
     Build. Cultural activity
  Hotel Addresses:

     At Santa Rosa de Copan www.hotelsanjorge.4t.com

     At Copan Ruins www.hotelmarinacopan.com (
Dos and Don’ts
    America is not a country is the name of the whole continent, please avoid
     referring yourself as American if you are from the United States, we also have
     to change the way you say it, you may say "Soy Estaunidense " or just “I'm
     from the States” if from Canada “Soy Canadiense”.

    Soccer: If you cheer the wrong team on the wrong bar could result in more
     than just a verbal rebuke.

    Cheke: is a normal expression for Ok or good or even sure, using slang is
     well received by locals.

    June 28th Coup D'état: Hondurans are divided about this matter so you’ll find
     people pro and con, is not recommendable to give a partial opinion about
     this, could be and issue since Hondurans are very passionate about the
     politic situation.

    Remember to preface any request with the appropriate salutation, Buenos
     Dias ( Good morning) , Buenas Tardes (Good Afternoon) or Buenas Noches (
     Good Evening) and use Usted (the formal term for you).

    Some Hondurans speak 2 or even 3 languages, so don’t take for granted
     people do not understand what you are talking about.
Money Matters
    Although US Dollars are generally taken everywhere, foreign currencies can
     be exchanged in banks and authorized bureaus. VISA, widely accepted.
     There may be difficulties in changing traveler's so do not bring them.

    Change money right away when you go out of customs, or at the hotel is

    IMPORTANT: Most places will not accept bills larger than us$20 so bring
     lots of 5’s and maybe 10’s, those have to be in good mint conditions
     without ink marks or too old.

    To have an idea about the cost or services, souvenirs, meals ..etc just
     divide the amount in 20 and you’ll got the average price in US$.

    Please note that HFH does not pay for any alcoholic beverages, tours
     ..etc as an official trip expense.
Spending Money
   The amount of spending money you need really depends on what you plan to
    buy ( Souvenirs, tours, snacks).

   The in-country coordinator suggests each team member carry $200 USD in cash
    in case of an emergency or R&R.

   ATM machines are accessible in Honduras on big cities and should be used for
    those who do not want to carry a large amount of cash into the country.

   Please check with your bank regarding the international ATM surcharge
      Traveler’s checks are not recommended to bring.

   There will be a few options, as far as shopping is concerned during R&R and the
    evenings; however, most everything else is paid for via the trip / programmatic

   If you decide you need a break from anyone of the contracted meals, and decide
    to "eat out", you will be responsible for those optional expenses.

   The best practice is to pay for your alcoholic drink when it is served.
Personal Safety
  Although Honduras is a relatively safe country for travel, the host affiliate will take
  additional steps to ensure a safe and successful visit.
     It is prudent to observe the following:
           Whenever possible, travel in groups; include a Spanish speaker
           Please do not go off by yourself without telling someone in the group;
           Keep your money and valuables in a safe place at all times
           Bring a money belt or travel pouch.
           Do not wear jewelry
           Do not wear expensive watches
           Do not expose yourself carrying expensive cameras or devices, plus is very common
            people lost them as well.
           In public places watch your belongings and those of your teammates; don't expose
            large quantities of folded bills, even if they are small denominations
           Leave extra money, credit cards, passports at the hotel safe box.
           Have what you plan on spending outside of your stash of money, before going
           Don't run after a thief; you may get lost or end up in an area that is unsafe
           Carry emergency contact information with you when you travel (i.e., hotel name and
           Leave a travel itinerary with family/friends (back home)
           Notify me of any medical conditions you may have, so I can work with our host affiliate
            to ensure the appropriate actions are taken
           Notify me and/or our host affiliate of any uncomfortable situations ASAP
            Scan a copy of your passport and emergency contacts and send it to yourself on an
            email, in that case even you lost the hard copies you can print brand new.
Just as a reflexion to avoid playing tourist while your visit, these are some funny questions and
remarks volunteers sometimes do:

Q "Why there are no cats?“
a. Looks like Hondurans prefer dogs, but certainly you’ll find cats as well.

Q"Is the ice ok?” "Is it purified water?“
a. All the places we select for teams got purified water and ice.

Q "Luis is it going to rain today?“
a.  I might ask to the Mayan gods but certainly who knows, is a tropical country so expect rain
    and sunny days.

Q "Luis at what time is it going to rain today?“
a. Same as Above.

Q "Ohh!!!! is raining I wish someone told me to bring my rain jacket but nobody did, it was going
to rain"(Geess).
a. Please come prepare to the work site Turn On the MacGyver Mode.

Q "Why there are lots of check points?“
a. It will be common police stop cars random in the main road normally asking for drivers licencse
      or car registration.
"Why there are so much poor people?”
Honduras is one of the poorest countries of the continent, with a history of corruption military regimens

"Why there are "not" so much poor people?“
Latin America is the most unequal region in the whole world, and Honduras got extreme high levels of economic
and social inequality so it will be “common” to see people with nothing and next door a nice house.

"Ohh!! you got McDonalds too?“
Franchises do not pay taxes in Honduras and are owned by middle or rich class of Palestinian families.

"How the chickens, hens and roosters know which house to go?“
Discovery channel time: For million of years of evolution develop the sense of territory in reptiles and birds, also
Chickens return where they are been fed and got a place to sleep too.

"Is it malaria everywhere?“
Malaria is not everywhere but latent in all Latin America so caution need to be taken visit your local doctor.

"Do people take malaria medication?“
There is no vaccination for Malaria and taking malaria medication for extended periods might affect the liver and
cause several damage.

"In my lonely planet guide says something different of what you said".
Lonely Planet, Moon and Frommers are excellent reference but remember that locals known the real thing.
                                       Travel Smart


   Simple first aid kit / Travel size.                 ** It’s mandatory volunteers travel light just with
   Work gloves (1-2 pair).                             Carry On, a backpack the better, for these
    Camera.                                             following reasons:
    Any required prescription drugs.               1.   We wont provide any support in case lost
    and antibiotic.                                     checked luggage is just between you and the
   Sharpie Marker.                                     airline.
   Toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant. .etc.).         Small room on the van for baggage.
   Zip Locks bags are extremely handy.            1.   Loading and downloading the van is Easier &
    Poncho ( travel size).                              Faster
   Mosquito repellent.                            2.   Time efficiency, save lot of time on the road.
   Water bottle or canteen (purified water will   3.   Keep the van in good mechanical conditions and
    be available to fill it with).                      safety driving.
    2 copies of your passport.                     4.   Go Green, saving fuel.
   Microfiber towel.                              5.   Laundry is available on Hotels.
   Rain jacket or fleece.
   ‘’Duck ‘’Tape
   *Towels and bedding will be provided by            Not Bring Tools: You can get them on a local
    the hotel and are NOT necessary to bring            hardware store and support the local economy
    along                                               plus is cheaper, sharp tools might not be a good
                                                        idea to travel on your carry on.
                          Travel Smart
                                                 Sun Protection
                                                      You will need a hat with a brim,
   Clothes                                            sunglasses, and plenty of sun screen
                                                       and lip balm with sun screen (+30).
       Long pants to protect from sun,          Additional Supplies & Tips
        bugs, wire and rocks at the site or           Bring a small travel size flashlight
        even chilly weather.                           and extra batteries,
       Easy Drying materials (Columbia               A money belt.
        or The North Face).                           Watch this video is hilarious and
                                                       educative http://vimeo.com/6387228
       A light rain jacket and/or fleece for         Check: www.onebag.com is really
        evenings.                                      handy.
   The right Shoes:                             Check: http://www.aswetravel.com/how-to-
       Bring work/hiking boots (broken          Check: http://whatplug.info/from//
        in) for the site construction, an
        comfortable pair of walking shoes,            Organize everything on a Travel
        flip flops are not a good idea                 Toiletries Hanging Case or Zip Lock
        considering in case if rains and               bag works too.
        the mud.
                           Luis’s Zen Packing list.

   A backpack and small suitcase works and
    enough as carry on.                                  Toiletries travel size pouch( tooth brush,
   5 socks , light easy drying Patagonia.                paste..etc) try they meet the 3-1-1 criteria.
   1 pair of hiking Boots ( wear them at on the         Travel size toilet paper
    plane), and one pair of sandals.                     Passport and emergency contacts travel pouch.
   5 pair of underwear, easy drying too.                Watch with alarm, (cheap one.)
   1 pair of jeans wear them at the plane.              Medications ( put all in a zip lock).
   2 convertible pants, Omni travel easy drying         Brim hat
   5 shirts                                             Sun glasses
   1 pair of shorts                                     bandana
   Swimming suit                                        Couple of dry sacks for your laundry and your
   1 fleece or rain jacket ( wear it at the plane)       clean cloth to separate odors into the backpack
   1 poncho ( travel size)                               15 liters is fine.
                                                         Scan copies of your passport and contacts and
   1 microfiber towel ( packtowel)
                                                          send it to yourself on an email, so you’ll have a
   1 packable backpack                                   virtual backup all the time.
   Hand sanitizer towels                                Find travel gadgets and travel size on these links
   Insect repellent and sun block, buy them once        www.REI.com
    you arrive to Honduras.
                                                         www.Altrec.com
   Sharpie marker and “duck” tape rolled on the
                                                         www.Tahoemountainsport.com
    same marker.
                                                         www.Deuter.com
   Aluminum bottle
                                                         www.backcountry.com
   Phrase book
   Travel size toilet paper
   Tiny flashlight
   A pen and journal.
    Travel Insurance
      “Trip Cancellation” and/or expenses related
       to “delayed” or “missed” flights are not
      The cost of basic health and accident
       insurance covering expenses related to
       accidents and/or illnesses related to your
       participation in the project is included in
       your program fee
Medical Precautions
     Remember the saying “BOIL IT, COOK IT, PEEL IT, or FORGET
      IT” and don’t forget to wash your hands frequently with soap and
      water or an anti-bacterial cleanser.
          Purified water will be provided on the worksite

     Please, carefully read the CDC Travelers’ Health advisory for
      Travelers to Central America (PROVIDED by HFH-GV)
          If it didn’t come in your welcome package, call the Global Village
           Customer Service Desk at 1-800-422-4828 to obtain any missing

     Please talk with your health provider and/or health department
      resource person “early on” about the shots you need
          Some shots cannot be taken together, while others may need
           several weeks in between
          Tetanus/Diphtheria booster and Hepatitis A and B immunizations
           should be seriously considered
Travel Issues (CONT’D)
      Honduras Coordinator: Luis Madrid.
       It will be our host or set a translator or assistant for
       your team while we are in Honduras
       Personal phone (504) 9981-2165, also contact him
       at luisen22000@yahoo.com.ar he got internet
       access 24/7

      Please include Luis & GV ’s contact information with
       your tickets for emergency purposes.
Construction Information

           Stages of Construction Process
       1.      Earthwork and Grading
       2.      Preparation of Trenches and Preparing Channels for
       3.      Construction of Column Forms Using Re-Bar for Reinforcing
       4.      Leveling of Floors
       5.      Filling with dirt
       6.      Construction of Block Walls
       7.      Installing the roof
       8.      Setting of Sanitary Hook-Ups
       9.      Electrical system

   Mixing and pouring concrete goes on throughout the process. You can be
   sure to be involved in several of the above mentioned stages till number
   6, but not necessarily all of them. Team members are encouraged to
          switch around throughout the project.
Construction Information (CONT’D)
   Each HFH affiliate contracts with local masons and carpenters to lead
    the skilled and (our) unskilled labor.
   The home owner is required to work ( a.k.a. perform sweat equity) or
    provide a volunteer to represent him/her and normally is preparing the
    foundation of the house.
   Most HFH-GV team members are "unskilled" and can feel comfortable
    since most of the tasks won't require a developed skill; the masons
    help both the skilled and the unskilled.
        The same is true for home owners
   As you can imagine, homeowners are usually very happy to have help
        The boring work is virtually non-existent, because most all experiences turn
         out to be rewarding in one form or fashion
   Some of us will have an opportunity to learn a skill or two working right
    alongside a mason.
   We may start, work on a house in progress, complete a house or even
    renovate and existent house.
   Rarely do we start a house that we finish in the short time we are there,
    but that can happen
   IMPORTANT: We are not teaching the skilled masons how to do their
    jobs; they are teaching us.
    Flights
       You will also need to give an address in Honduras.
       You can provide the address of the country’s affiliate.
       Please keep $39.00 of Departure Taxes.

    Loss Prevention
       As a final precaution against loss, carry extra copies of
        flight information/tickets and your passport information
        page in your carry on baggage, but separate from the
        originals .
       Good Tip, Scan copies of those documents and send a
        mail to yourself, so in case you lost the hard copies you
        can get them from the Internet.
     Scaffolding – LOS ANDAMIOS                          Cement – EL CEMENTO
     Pliers – LOS ALICATES                               Filtered and Clean Sand – LA ARENA LAVADA
     Tools – LAS HERRAMIENTAS                                    (Used for Mortar and Plaster)
     Barrel – EL BARRIL                                  Lime – EL CAL
     Tape Measure – LA CINTA                             Brick – EL LADRILLO
     Metal Bar For Digging – LA BARRA                    Roof Tile – LA TEJA
     Rebar Bending Tool – LAS GRIFAS                     A Square Tile Placed Beneath The Roof Tile – EL
     Hole – El Oyo                                        TEJUELON
     Plumb Bob – EL PLOMO                                Nails – LOS CLAVOS
     Screen To Sift Sand – LA ZARANDA                    Wood – LA MADERA
     Side – EL LADO                                      Door – LA PUERTA
     Concrete – Concreto.                                Mortar – LA MEZCLA
     To Assemble – ARMAR                                         (Used to Cement Bricks and/or Concrete Block to
     To Nail – CLAVAR                                             One Another)
     To Cut – CORTAR                                     Door Frame – EL MARCO
     To Shovel – PALEAR                                  Metal Frame For Window – EL BALANCIN
     To Hold or To Attach – PEGAR                        Tar – EL ASFALTO
     Hoe – EL AZADON                                     Shovel – LA PALA
     Chisel – EL CINCEL                                  Thank You – GRACIAS
     Other Useful Words – LAS OTRAS PALABRAS UTILES      Axe – ACHA
     Trowel (Non-Gardening) – LA CHUCHARA                What’s Your Name? – ¿CÓMO SE LLAMA?
     Bathroom – EL BANO                                  Hammer – EL MARTILLO
     Bucket or Pail – EL BALDE, LA CUBETA                Home – LA CASA
     Let’s Get To Work – VAMOS A TRABAJAR                Wire – EL ALAMBRE
     Wheelbarrow – LA CARRETILLA                         Construction Materials – LOS MATERIALES PARA
     To Take A Drink Of Water – TOMAR AGUA               Water – EL AGUA
     Screwdriver – EL DESARMADOR                         Large Beam – LA VIGA
     Extension Cord – LA EXTENSION ELECTRICA             To Stamp Down – APELMAZAR
     Handsaw – EL SERRUCHO                               To Level Out – APLANAR
     Electric Saw – LA SIERRA ELECTRICA                  Wrench – LA LLAVE
     Board, Plank – LA TABLA                             End of an Object – El Extremo
     To Break - ROMPER
    The challenge for us as visitors to Honduras
     is to respect the rights and beliefs of those        In an effort to minimize negative
     we come in contact with                               effects please observe the following
    Your presence in Honduras will have an                (CONT’D):
     effect, whether good or bad                               Shaking hands is often expected as
          Don’t give gifts directly to the family,             one enters a new group, and
           unless the gifts are candies, pencils                sometimes upon leaving that group
           etc., or something everyone can enjoy               Remain aware and do the obvious
          You are welcome to donate work                      With professionals, it is important to
           clothes, gloves, tools directly to the               use their title either with the family
           Affiliate Habitat Staff                              name or their full name (Doctora
    In an effort to minimize negative effects                  Rebecca Perez Castro)
     please observe the following:                             Say please (“Por Favor“) and thank
          Do not wear revealing clothing                       you (“Gracias“)
          Public displays of affection are frowned                  It cannot be overdone!
           upon                                                Attitude is everything
          Try to remain calm, as yelling or getting                 Bring a good one
           upset or use passive aggressive talks               Every morning, greet everyone!
           does not solve problems in Honduras.                 "Buenos Dias" is all you need to
                                                                remember to say
                                                                     Add a name to it if you can




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