How to Run Effective Meetings by 2fqjDa5


									How to Run Effective Meetings

  Group Members: Jenny Johnson and
          Jessica Schieck
Objectives of Running Meetings
• Know two types of meetings
• Know objectives that must be met in the
  planning process
• Know the chronological process of a
• List two ways to close a meeting
       Definition of a Meeting
- A meeting is defined as the coming together of
  two or more persons for the transaction of a
  common lawful order of business. Deliberative
  assemblies, such as committees, meet to make
  decisions or to develop recommendations.
Two types of meetings:
- Public
- Private
        The Planning Process
• Establish the meetings objectives
• Prepare the meeting agenda
• Determine timing and physical
• Identify and invite participants
• Consider matters of protocol
        Running the Meeting
• Introduction of business

• What precedes debate

• Obtaining the floor
    Running the Meeting Cont’
• Motions and Resolutions

• Seconding the Motions

• Stating the Question
     Running Meetings Cont’
• Debate

• Secondary Motions
     Running Meetings Cont’
• Putting the Question and Announcing the

• Proper Motions to Use to Accomplish
  Certain Objects
      Wrap-up and Follow-up
• Plan the follow-up procedure before the
• Adjust the procedure during the meeting
• Consolidate the procedure after the meeting
             Reference List
• How to Conduct a Meeting-CGA-Certified
  General Accounts Association of Canada.
• How to Conduct Successful Meetings.
• Robert’s Rules of Order Revised-I.

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