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									                                              Vision: Establishing a culture of people helping people.
                                     Mission: The National Association of Peer Programs Professionals helps
                                     adults establish, train, supervise, maintain and evaluate peer programs
NAPPP, PO Box 28564
Gladstone, MO 64188                  Good Practice: Parent Newsletter
Phone/fax: 888-691-1088
Email:   Julia Champion, Peer Helpers Coordinator, Foley High School (Alabama),
                                     a NAPPP Certified Peer Program, and recently named a NAPPP Certified
Website:                             Trainer/Consultant, sends newsletters (Champ’s Update) to peer helpers’
                                     parents which gives parents information on projects involving their kids.

                                     “I’m sure parents see some of these events in the newspaper, but I want
                                     them to know about it first! Hopefully, their kids have been talking about
                                     some of this. If not, I encourage them to ask,” Julia said.

                                     Good Morning Parents!

                                     I just wanted to give you a report on some of our latest projects. Your kids
       Good Practice: Parent        have been working diligently the past few weeks. To be more accurate,
        Newsletter                   we’ve been running like crazy!!! They have done tremendous work
                                     supporting two national campaigns: National Teen Driver Safety Week,
       Trainings for the Peer       the week of October 18th and Red Ribbon Week, the week of Oct 25th.
        Helper Professional          Below you’ll see a bulleted list of their work. Different kids took on
                                     different responsibilities, but they can tell you about any of it, so ask them!
       NAPPP Represented at
        NOYS Meeting                 National Teen Driver Safety Week:
       Teen Driving Bill Focuses
        on Peer-to-Peer                    PSA: Bulletin Board
        Education and Prevention           Held a radio commercial contest – winner’s ad ran on WHEP
                                           Received a proclamation at the Foley City Council meeting to
       Partner News                        declare NTDS in Foley
Become a fan of NAPPP on                   Surveyed our student drivers in parking lot after school and
Facebook                                    reported statistics to student body via morning announcements

Congratulations to Foley Middle      Red Ribbon Week (This week was crazy but SO rewarding!)
School (Baldwin County,
Alabama) for an article on their           Tuesday – Bake Sale & Grim Reaper Day
Certified Peer Program status in            For GR Day, we had the Grim Reaper “collect” 30 students
the Alabama Education News:                 throughout the day to represent the number of people who die (1            every 14 minutes) due to drug and alcohol use. Those students
AEN/November2010.pdf                        were not seen in class the rest of the day. They did their work in a
                                            separate classroom.

                                           Wednesday – Foley Middle School Presentation
                                            Our students spoke directly to 7th and 8th graders about their
                                            personal experiences with family members’ alcohol/drug use,
                                            showed an original Powerpoint with video clips, and performed an
Renewing member: Marilyn                    original rap! Their courage on this day speaking to about 300
Bader, National Council of                  students each assembly was so inspiring! They’ll be going to Swift
Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, St.              School next month to do it again if you’d like to come see them in
Louis, MO; Kimberly McTighe,                action.
Vernon Youth Services Bureau,              Friday- Foley Elementary School
Vernon, CT                                  Our students spoke to k-4 graders to show them a video and
                                            talked to them about being happy, healthy, and drug free.
Renewing CPPE: Marilyn Bader,
National Council of Alcoholism       Pride T.E.A.M. Tutoring/Mentoring Program
and Drug Abuse St. Louis, MO;
Kimberly McTighe, Vernon Youth             Last Thursday – They began their weekly tutoring for the at-risk
Services Bureau, Vernon, CT                 freshmen & sophomores on campus. This program will continue
                                            during their class time on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the
                                            rest of the quarter.

NAPPP offers certification to        Next Week… We will host National Mix It Up Day on Tuesday, Nov 9th.
individuals, programs, curriculum,
and trainer/consultants as part of         This day is to promote tolerance and diversity by breaking down
its mission to help adults                  the barriers which separate different groups. We’ve designed a
establish, train, supervise,                logo to make iron-on t-shirts and more. All students that day will be
maintain and evaluate peer                  encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, “show their colors”
programs.                                   and change lunch seats and meet new people.
Support NAPPP by shopping at
more than 700 brand name
stores. A portion of each online
purchase will be donated to          Trainings for the Peer Helper Professional
NAPPP           National Peer Helpers Conference: Opportunities for Establishing or
AND                                  Expanding a Peer Program      CPPE Certification and Graduate Credit Available
pp                                   When: Sunday, February 20 - Tuesday, February 22, 2011
                                     Where: Perdido Beach Resort, Orange Beach, AL
                                     Sponsored by the Jennifer Moore Foundation and National Association of
Please look over the                 Peer Program Professionals
book/resource area at
www.peerprogramprofessionals.o       Note: Meals included in registration fee
rg where you can shop for books      Cost: Conference Registration prior to December 15: $199 (After
and resources that have been         December 16: $250) Hotel $99/night
reviewed by the NAPPP
Professional Development             Please register at Look for
Committee and are found to be        NAPPP.
consistent with recommended
training needed for peer helpers     PEER HELPER INSTITUTE: How to Begin, Enhance, and Expand your
or support activities utilized in    Peer Program. The institute will give beginning peer program educators
Peer Helping Programs.               an opportunity to learn steps to set up a peer program that follows the

                                      NAPPP Programmatic Standards and Ethics. Experienced peer program
                                      educators will be given an opportunity to learn strategies to enhance and
                                      expand their program through learning about different activities. Both
FFA Learn – Peer Helper Online        groups will connect with peer programs, learn ways to keep the program
Evaluation Tool                       relevant and exciting, and discover additional service opportunities for
Provided by the National FFA          their peer helpers. Time will be spent on how to build a team in their
Organization and NAPPP                organization that supports peer helping, opportunities for trouble-shooting
                                      and problem solving, and looking at “hot issues” in the peer program field.
What is the Peer Helper Online        Break-out sessions will give participants hands on learning about specific
Evaluation Tool?                      topics such as peer mentoring, tutoring, mediation, peer educators,
 A free resource to receive          highway traffic safety, and other roles that peers play. At the end of the
   feedback from groups and           Institute, all participants will be eligible to become Certified Peer Program
   people with a vested interest      Educators through NAPPP, and ongoing peer programs educators will
   in the effectiveness and           have the opportunity to apply for NAPPP Certified Peer Program status.
   longevity of the services          Graduate credit will be available. The conference is ideal for School
   offered by your peer program.      Administrators, School Guidance Counselors, Mental Health
 A value-added measurement           Professionals, Public Health Professionals, Social Service Employees,
   to be used by your                 School Resource Officers, Safe and Drug Free Coordinators, At-Risk
   organization’s participants,       Coordinators, Church Youth Ministers, Youth Ministers and Pastors,
   such as peer helpers,              Social Workers, and Center-Dispute Resolution Workers, and Peer Helper
   advisors, administrators,          Teachers.
   board members,
   parents/guardians, program         National Conference on Bullying
   managers and volunteers.           When: February 14-16, 2011
                                      Where: Doubletree Hotel, International Drive
What is the purpose of the Peer       Orlando, FL
Helper Online Evaluation Tool?        Sponsored by: The School Safety Advocacy Council, the Florida
 To help improve the quality of      Association of School Resource Officers (FASRO) and SAVE (Students
   your peer helper program.          Against Violence Everywhere)
   Whether your program is
   designed in agriculture, 
   health, juvenile justice, faith-
   based, education,                  Among those confirmed to attend the 3-day event is Dr. Scott Poland,
   government, or other field of      past-president of the National Association of School Psychologists. Dr.
   concentration, gaining             Poland has lectured and written extensively on the subject, has conducted
   validation and certification of    approximately 900 media interviews, has appeared on all major television
   your program’s structure,          network news programs, and has been quoted in a number of publications
   quality, and impact is             Also confirmed for the conference is Kevin Jennings, Assistant Deputy
   becoming increasingly              Secretary for the United States Department of Education, Debbie
   essential for programmatic         Johnston (Debbie Johnston has appeared on a Nova/PBS Special entitled
   and funding sustainability.        "This Emotional Life" as well as The Dr. Phil Show, Good Morning
 To strengthen your peer             America, Hannity & Colmes following the suicide of her teenage son as a
   program’s alignment with           result of bullying), and Carol Greta, Staff Attorney for the Iowa
   NAPPP’s core requirements          Department of Education where she has been very active in the anti-
   for peer programs.                 bullying legislation in place in the State of Iowa.

What are the benefits of the          Also, as part of the conference, Curt Lavarello, Executive Director for the
Peer Helper Online Evaluation         School Safety Advocacy Council will moderate a town hall meeting on
Tool?                                 Bullying and some of the recent tragedies that have taken so many young
 View growth opportunities that      lives.

    align with nationally approved       2011's International Training Institute
    peer program quality                 'Establish or Enhance a Youth Court/Teen Court'
    programmatic standards and           When: June 7-9, 2011
    code of ethics.                      Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
   Improve awareness of how             Sponsored by Global Youth Justice and Youth Justice USA
    the different stakeholders 
    view the effectiveness of your
    peer program.                        Global Youth Justice and its new Youth Justice USA announce the first
   Gain eligibility for certification   of two (2) International Training Institutes scheduled to take place in
    through NAPPP.                       2011 for purposes of Establishing/Enhancing a Youth Court/Teen Court.
   Take advantage of the                The first 2011 International Training Institute will take place June 7-9,
    comprehensive peer program           2011 in Las Vegas, NV. The second 2011 International Training Institute
    analysis—strengths,                  will take place in December, 2011. Registration opens on January 1,
    weaknesses, opportunities            2011, for the 1st International Training Institute and on August 1, 2011 for
    and threats.                         the 2nd International Training.
   Utilize report results for
    overall evaluation and               Global Youth Justice's in-demand 2.5 Day Intensive and Interactive
    research to advance the peer         Training Institutes are designed for individuals/communities interested in
    program field.                       establishing/enhancing a youth court/teen court juvenile justice diversion
   Access professional peer             program. Local communities are encouraged to send teams of 2-4 adults,
    program consultants                  especially when establishing a new local Youth Court/Teen Court. New
    (www.peerprogramprofession           staff working full-time/part-time in an existing program are encouraged to                            attend, as are key adult volunteers, and other individuals interested in
                                         learning more about these rapidly expanding local youth justice-juvenile
What is the fee for the Online           justice programs.
Evaluation Tool?
 The three reports (Coaching,           The Registration Fee for the 2011 International Training Institute in June,
   Grade Book and Survey) are            2011 in Las Vegas is $195. This includes 3-days of instructional
   free at this time.                    training, (3) breakfasts, (2) lunches, and (2) coffee breaks. Rooms at the
 Technical assistance and               Tuscany Suites in Vegas for our participants are $35 plus tax per night
   training for those needing            from Sunday to Thursday and $75 plus tax on Friday/Saturday for
   help to strengthen their              participants coming early or staying late.
   program can be found at
   www.peerprogrofessionals.or           For information, email
   g. Fees depend on the needs           and/or call (202) 468-3790.
   of the organizations.

How do you access the Peer
Helper Online Evaluation Tool?
      The administrator can go
   click on Peer Helper Online           National Organizations for Youth Safety
   Evaluation Subscription               7371 Atlas Walk Way #109
   Agreement and submit the              Gainesville , VA 20155
   agreement. Once received,             Phone - 703-981-0264
   your password will be issued          Fax - 703-754-8262
   and access granted.         
How do you access the Peer
Helper Online Evaluation Tool?

   The administrator can go to       NAPPP attends National Organizations for Youth Safety
    www.peerprogramprofessiona        Meeting November 14-16 in Washington D.C. to access information.
    For programmatic standards,
    visit                             Judy Tindall, Ph.D., NAPPP President, represented NAPPP as Vice
    http://www.peerprogramprofe       President of NOYS at their BOD meeting November 14 and was the   opening speaker about the new on-line evaluation tool that FFA and
    cations/standards/.               NAPPP developed. NAPPP also shared their curriculum about Highway
                                      Traffic Safety “Youth Saving Youth.” Part of the time was spent discussing
What do you get by taking the         the outcome and impact evaluation for both the City of Kansas City and
Peer Helper Online Evaluation         City of St. Charles and the positive trends that MODOT found around
Tool?                                 injuries and fatalities for 16-20 year olds. Peer Helpers in St. Charles and
 Coaching Report - used to           Kansas City delivered messages to their peers about highway traffic
   view results of a single           safety such as seat belt use, underage drinking, drug use and driving,
   assessment (i.e. Peer              distracted driving and drowsy driving. This years’ grant was reviewed and
   Helpers). As an administrator,
                                      participants saw pictures of advanced Peer Helpers teaching beginning
   you can see how individual
   questions were answered.           Peer Helpers how to lead the lessons.
 Grade Book Report - used to
   see overall results for all        There were presentations around Traffic Safety and Health and Wellness.
   assessments taken.                 ONDCP Director Gil Kerlikowke gave a talk around drugs and traffic
 Survey Report - used to see         safety. The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) was created
   question analyses from a           by Congress with the passage of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of l988. In
   survey perspective, including      addition to its leadership role in developing and coordinating drug control
   graphs of answers.                 policies, ONDCP also functions as a central organizing body, managing
                                      the anti-drug efforts and certifying the drug control budgets of other
                                      government agencies.
No Name Calling Week -
January 24-28, 2011                   Jon Terry delivered a Legislative Update and legislation that specifically
No Name-Calling Week is an            identifies funding peer programs (see following article). A NT SB Press
annual week of educational            Conference was attended by NOYS participants. The NOYS meeting was
activities aimed at ending name-      supported by the Allstate Foundation, ASPIRA, GHSA, and the National
calling of all kinds and providing
                                      Education Association.
schools with the tools and
inspiration to launch an on-going
dialogue about ways to eliminate      The following federal agencies were represented: OSHA, Governors
bullying in their communities The     Highway Safety Association, NHTSA, HRSA, National Safety Council, and
curricular materials on this web      National Transportation Safety Board Transportation Safety Analyst. More
site and in the Resource Kit are      than 65 organizations representing youth serving, youth participating and
primarily aimed at middle school      business and industry met together to learn new strategies to focus on
students, specifically grades 5 -     youth safety and health.
8, but may be modified for older
or younger students. To learn         NOYS is a collaborative network of national organizations and federal
more about No Name Calling            agencies that serve youth and focus on youth safety and health. NOYS
Week, visit                           was created in 1994 as a coalition of national nonprofit organizations and             federal agencies to promote collaboration of youth member and youth
                                      serving organizations and agencies. Through this network, NOYS
                                      influences more than 80 million young people, ages 5 to 24 and adult

                                      NOYS’ vision is to be the premier national youth health and safety
                                      coalition. The NOYS mission is to promote youth empowerment and
Perspectives in Peer Programs         leadership and build partnerships that will save lives, prevent injuries, and
(PPP) is conducting a search for      promote safe and healthy lifestyles among all youth.
the volunteer position of editor.
Responsibilities include: manage
submissions and author
communication through online          Teen Driving Bill Focusing on Peer-to-Peer Education and
and mail submission system;           Prevention Introduced in Senate, House
evaluate and comment on
manuscripts as well as compose        Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) has introduced H.R. 5949, the Students
decision letters; assist with         Taking Action for Road Safety Act of 2010 (STARS) in the U.S. House of
oversight of a Review Board;          Representatives. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced companion
solicit, as needed, ideas for         bill S. 3679 in the Senate.
special issues; send out calls for
manuscripts; and maintain an          The Act authorizes $25 million a year in FY 2011 through 2015 for a state
efficient and thorough review         grant program to support school and community peer-to-peer education
process.                              and prevention programs for teen drivers (those under 21). The program
                                      includes a formula for distributing the funds based, in part, on the number
The term commences as soon as         of teen drivers in a state. States would receive no less than $200,000
a decision has been made by the       under the program, and states would specifically be allowed to
NAPPP Board.                          suballocate funds to nonprofits.

Qualifications include:               Under this new grant program, funds could be used to improve the safety
     Rank of at least assistant      of teen drivers by:
         professor or adjunct              Working with student-led groups and advisors from schools to plan
         professor                            and implement teen safety programs;
     Editorial board                      Providing sub-grants to schools to support the establishment and
         experience                           expansion of teen-focused student groups;
     A consistent record of               Creating statewide or regional websites to publicize and circulate
         scholarly publications in            information on teen safety programs;
         refereed journals, with at        Conducting outreach and providing educational resources for
         least some focused on                parents;
         peer program issues               Establishing teen driver state or regional advisory councils to
     Ability to critique                     provide input and recommendations to the governor and
         manuscripts that are non-            governor’s safety representatives on teen safety issues;
         empirical/conceptual in           Collaborating with law enforcement;
         nature as well as those           Organizing and hosting state and regional teen driver safety
         using quantitative,                  conferences;
         qualitative and mixed             Establishing partnerships and promoting collaboration among
         methods                              community stakeholders (including public, private and nonprofit
                                             entities); and
To apply, submit a current                 Funding the position of a state or regional teen safety program
curriculum vita and a cover letter            coordinator.
outlining your interest and
qualifications as well as level of    The bills have been referred to the Senate Commerce Committee and the
institutional support to              House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

                                      Partner News
                                      The SOS Signs of Suicide Middle School Program has been listed in
                                      Section III of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)/American
                                      Foundation for Suicide Prevention Best Practices Registry for Suicide
                                      Prevention (BPR). Practices listed in Section III of the BPR address
                                      specific objectives of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention and
                                      their content has been reviewed by a panel of suicide prevention experts
At Global Youth Justice and           for accuracy, safety, likelihood of meeting goals and objectives and
Youth Justice USA, we                 adherence to prevention program guidelines. Although practices listed in
encourage the more than 1,155         Section III have not been reviewed for evidence of effective outcomes,
local communities with a local        their content has been found to adhere to current standards in the field.
Youth Court, Teen Court, or Peer      The BPR includes two other sections: Section I lists Evidence-Based
Court to celebrate Martin Luther      Programs and Section II lists Expert and Consensus Statements.
King Jr.
Day of Service on January 17,         “This is a tremendous honor and a testament to our continued
2011.                                 commitment and dedication to providing the best mental health programs
                                      for secondary schools,” says Connie DiCocco, executive director of    Screening for Mental Health®. “Modeled after our award-winning and
Home_Page.php                         Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
                                      approved SOS High School Program, this program is designed to meet
                                      the needs of middle school students and provide tools and resources they
                                      can use.”
Search Institute
                                      You can find a fact sheet describing the program posted in Section III of
                                      the Best Practices Registry, located on SPRC’s website (
Search Institute has a listing of     For additional information about the SOS Signs of Suicide Middle School
current peer helping programs in      Program, visit website at
the United States and Canada.
To add your program to the list,      programs/sos/ or call (781) 239-0071.
please email varenhorst@search- To view current
                                      National Eating Disorders Screening Program® (NEDSP)
programs listed:
                                      February 20 - 26, 2011
programs                              Held annually during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, NEDSP
                                      educates and screens for eating disorders and connects those at-risk with
                                      local resources.

                                      Many people struggle with the way they look or how they feel about their
                                      bodies, with one out of three normal dieters progressing to pathological
                                      dieting. In the United States, as many as 10 million females and 1 million
                                      males are fighting a life and death battle with an eating disorder, which
                                      has one of the highest mortality rates of any mental illness.

                                      CollegeResponse offers kits to host in-person events for National
                                      Depression Screening Day® (NDSD), National Eating Disorders
                                      Screening Program (NEDSP) and National Alcohol Screening Day
                                      (NASD). Also, year-round online screening, with customized URL and

                                       home page featuring college colors, logo and photo of campus.

                                       Take a sample online screening or view the features of the customized
                                       online screening.

                                       Colleges may register for one or all of the screening programs available
Youth Leaders for Literacy will        through CollegeResponse®. For further details on a specific program,
award 30 young people from             please explore our site, or call our program office at: 781-239-0071.
across the U.S. with $500 grants.
Successful projects will be youth-     Screening for Mental Health, Inc. (SMH) is dedicated to promoting the
led and address an established         improvement of mental health by providing the public with education,
literacy need in the applicant's       screening, and treatment resources.
school or community. The     
projects will launch on NEA's
Read Across America Day on             Youth Service America
March 2nd and culminate on             Youth Leaders for Literacy Grants Available
Global Youth Service Day, April        Deadline: January 5, 2011
15-17. All 50 states and the           The National Education Association (NEA) is partnering with Youth
District of Columbia are eligible to   Service America to offer Youth Leaders for Literacy grants to support
apply. Youth ages 5-25 are             service-learning projects focused on increasing young people's interest in
welcome to apply along with an         reading and improving literacy in schools and communities.
adult ally. The application
deadline is midnight January 5,
2011. Access the application at:

NAPPP, PO Box 28564
Gladstone, MO 64188
Phone/fax: 888-691-1088


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