Return address:
                                                                                                   E-mail: bolig@adm.ntnu.no
1.   Housing Needs

Preferred housing option                                      Priority            Contract Period (DD/MM/YYYY)

     Studio Apartment (Bedsitter)                                                 From:                  Until:
   1 Bedroom Apartment                                                            When will / did you first arrive in Norway?
   2 Bedroom Apartment
   For larger accommodation, give additional
Use of letting agency

If NTNU-apartment is unavailable, do you require housing-services via commercial housing agency?
Utleiemegleren can assist you with finding an apartment – more info page 2.
 YES        NO

2. Tenant                                                           Date of application:
Family Name (as in passport)                        First Name (as in passport)                                       Sex

Date of Birth                                                                 Priority 1-4 (see
                                                    Nationality                                     Mobile Phone Number

Position at NTNU (mark X)                From       To               Professional Title
     Guest researcher
     Employed researcher                                             E-mail Address:

3.   Accompanying Family
Will family be living with you in the flat?                                                           NO            YES*
* Name of Spouse or Partner                                                                           Date of Birth

Name(s) of child(ren)                                                                                 Date of Birth

4. Fylles ut av vertsinstituttet /To be completed by host institute
Name Institute:                                    Postal address Institute:

Name                                                       E-mail address:

The department will be billed for rent               Yes      NO         If yes, K.sted (må alltid oppgis!)
The department will pay for UTM housing services Yes          NO         If yes, K.sted (må alltid oppgis!)
Brief description of the purpose of the researcher's stay at the department

Obs! Ved manglende betaling fra forsker står instituttet økonomisk ansvarlig.
Note! The department will be held responsible in cases of non-payment of rent.

Decision Boligformidlingen:
Granted / refused



 NTNUs priorities housing policy - more information at page 2!                                         (Versjon 18.07.2012)

Priority for allocation of housing at NTNUs apartment 2012:

1) Foreigner with families from countries with visa obligation*.
2) Foreigner with family from countries outside Scandinavia with a visa exemption agreement.
3) Foreign nationals without family from countries with visa obligation.
4) Foreigners without family from countries outside Scandinavia with a visa exemption agreement.

* Priority 2 and priority 4 countries:
Exemption for nationals of countries with which Norway has a visa exemption agreement

Exemption to the visa requirement also applies to nationals of countries that have visa exemption agreements.
Some of these countries are also covered by the Schengen Agreement. Nationals from countries with
exemption agreements can stay in Norway for up to 90 days. Norway has visa exemption agreements with the
following countries:
A: Andorra, Albania (holders of biometric passports), Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, B:
Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda (BDTC passport), Bosnia and Herzegovina (holders of biometric
passports), Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, C: Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic , D:
Denmark , E: El Salvador, Estonia, F: Finland, France, G: Germany, Greece, Guatemala, H: Honduras, Hong
Kong (SAR passports and BNO passports), Hungary, I: Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, J: Japan, K: Republic of
Korea, L: Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg , M: Macau (SAR passport), Macedonia (holders of
biometric passports), Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro (holders of biometric
passports), N: The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, P: Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, R:
Romania , S: San Marino, Serbia (holders of biometric passports), Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia,
Spain, St. Kitts and Nevis, Sweden, Switzerland, T: Taiwan (holders of Taiwanese passports that contain an ID
card number), U: The UK, Uruguay, the USA, V: The Vatican City State, Venezuela.

Housing services Utleiemegleren:

NTNU has an agreement with the housing agency "Utleiemegleren" which gives you as a NTNU employee,
discounted housing services.

Utleiemegleren is the market leader in home rental real estate in Norway. Their customers are persons or
companies that have one or more homes that they wish to rent out, this includes NTNUs employees.

For those who want to rent the accommodation Utleiemegleren offer, your stay must be for at least one
Lease by applicable law, large selection of rental homes, safe handling of your deposit, possibility of rent
guarantee over deposits, you get a real estate agent as a contact and a neat and orderly tenancy, and you pay
the correct market price.

If you want to use their services, please mark “YES” on the front page (1), and NTNU international researcher
support will send you Assignment Agreement for you and your institute to sign, and then they contact the
agency if there is no NTNU apartment available.

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