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					                                           How I believe the World works
How we think and behave is determined by our beliefs. There are no right or wrong beliefs – just those that work for you and those that don’t.
So, how do you believe that the world works? The financial markets – how do they work? Capitalism is based on the principle of supply and
demand - how is that working for you?

Financial Markets

The law of Supply and Demand

The role of Religion in the modern world

The production of food

The use of resources - oil, water, coal,

Pollution and waste management

The quality of education

The nature of family

The thing I value most in life is

How do I want to live this next phase of my life?
                                                 My beliefs about myself
This questionnaire will give you some insight into some of the attitudes you hold toward life and your relationships with self and others. This
in turn is some measure of your state of happiness
For each statement, mark the box that best represents your beliefs about yourself. Don't worry too much about the individual scores, but
look at the trend down the page. If most of your answers tend to the left, they may indicate limiting beliefs you have about yourself.. If they
tend to the right they would indicate a level of self actualisation and positive self belief. You can use that trend to help you identify growth
areas you desire.

                                                    My beliefs about me tend towards …

It's difficult to see what is real                                                                                             I'm reality-centred
I take things personally                                                                                                     I'm problem-centred
My "means" often compromised                                                                                    My means as important as ends
I need the company of others                                                                                    I enjoy solitude - I'm easy alone
I have many acquaintances                                                                                            I've a few deep friendships

I'm driven by social mores                                                                                            I enjoy personal autonomy

I'm susceptable to social pressure                                                                                          I resist enculturation

My humour is directed at others                                                                                 My humour is often self-directed
I often attempt to change others                                                                                I'm accepting of self and others
I'm pretentious & conforming                                                                                   I'm spontaneous, enjoy simplicity
I'm prejudiced and superior                                                                                    I'm humble & respectful of others

I'm self-absorbed                                                                                             Compassionate, in human kinship
I'm subject to religious dogma                                                                                        I've a strong spiritual ethic
I'm blasé - been there, done that                                                                             I have a freshness of appreciation
I'm conventional & compliant                                                                                      I'm creative, inventive, original

My experiences are predictable                                                                                     I seek out peak experiences
I resist natural law                                                                                                       I have natural values

I am dependent.                                                                                                                I am self sufficient

I'm intolerant of ambiguity                                                                                   I'm able to transcend dichotomies

                                              My beliefs about life and others tend toward ….

People are dishonest                                                                                                          People are truthful
People try to rip me off                                                                                            People are helpful and good

Most people pursue the vulgar                                                                                      Most people strive for beauty
Life's choices are arbitrary                                                                                           There is unity with others
Life is mechanisic                                                                                                       Life is alive and vibrant
Around me I see bland uniformity                                                                                   Around me I see uniqueness
Life's inconsistent and accidental                                                                                   Life is perfection and order
Things don't get completed                                                                                          People strive for completion

Injustice and lawlessness rule                                                                                                       Justice rules
Life is unnecessarily complex                                                                                       There is simplicity and order
Tends to cultural impoverishment.                                                                                Tends to richness and diversity
Everything is a strain.                                                                                               Things happen effortlessly
Life's grim, humourless, drudgery                                                                                         Life is fun and play full
Life is senseless                                                                                                 Life is a meaningful challenge
                                              Self-description Questionnaire
 The 20 statements below will give you an insight into how you see yourself. Indicate the degree to which each statement is a poor or good
description of you. You may identify 2 or 3 that you would like to do something about. Make a note of them in your journal.

                                                                                         Poor description                 Good description

                                                                                          1     2    3      4   5     6     7    8     9     10

 1   I have a high degree of self-confidence

 2   I tend to view every problem situation as an opportunity for growth

 3   I start each day with optimism

 4   I am highly creative in finding solutions to problems

 5   I am a person who takes action rather than one who procrastinates

 6   I usually complete whatever I begin

 7   Since I profit from mistakes, I have little fear of failure

 8   I see myself as a decisive individual

 9   I have a vast reservoir of undeveloped ability to draw on

10 I am a person who creates opportunities rather than wait for them

11 I have a very favourable self-image

12 I am basically a self-starter

13 I believe most people are willing to be helpful if they are asked

14 I have the motivation and ability not to be limited by my past

15 I expect to become highly successful in anything I do

16 I am highly motivated to strive for excellence in whatever I do

17 I have very little tendency toward self-doubt and worry

18 I have a clear concept of what I want from life

19 When I decide what I want, I usually get it

20 I live with a strong sense of purpose and direction

                  Use the insights you have gained to help you identify things that you would like to change in your life
                                              Affirmations and Limitations
When we were children we were like sponges. We were taught by our parents, our church, our teachers, our community and our society
what was good and bad, beautiful and ugly, right and wrong. Our reality was shaped by those around us and we accepted everything we
were taught. Some of what we were taught worked for us in a positive way and affirmed our view of the world, but some of what we were
taught didn’t work for us and limited the way we dealt with life. If you can answer YES to some of the following statements, they are your
affirmations. If you answer NO they could be your limitations, holding you back from your true potential.

Money                                                                                                                            Yes     No

I see money as a good thing and am comfortable asking for what I am worth
I get the money I deserve
I see money as a means to extend the good I can do in the world

Assets / Liabilities

My assets exceed my liabilities
My assets include my own home, the car I desire and the toys of my chosen recreation(s)
I have savings for future needs - emergencies, pension, medical, education


I put in an honest day's work every day
I give my customers (internal and external) an exceptional standard of service
I constantly upgrade my product knowledge


I am healthy, reasonably fit and exercise in some way 3 times a week.
I believe in the adage "everything in moderation" and I ensure that I eat healthily
I go for regular check-ups, take care of my health and pamper myself

Mental Development

I am a curious person and like to read widely
I like to attend training courses and seminars, and attend at least one each year
I have a wide range of interests and enjoy finding out new things

Spiritual Development

I remain calm under pressure and don't "blow my top"
I am honest with myself and look for the good in others
I do unto others as I would have them do unto me


I have sufficient human relations skills to deal with others and am a good listener
I am involved in at least one charity or community project where I give freely of my time
I go out at least once a month to the theatre, a dance, a concert or a cultural event


I encourage an attitude of equality and mutual respect at home
I encourage a positive attitude in my home
My family respects the example I set


I make an effort to keep in touch with my friends
I am there when my friends need me
My friends like to involve me in their plans because they like my company


I know that whether I believe I can, or believe I cannot, do a thing - I am right
I know that others can stop me temporarily, but only I can stop me permanently
I see opportunities in every difficulty and not difficulties in every opportunity
Our attitudes are revealed in the words we use, the company we keep, the results we get in all aspects of our life. Use the questions below
as clues to your attitudes.

What of my habits don't I like?

What don't I like to do?

What annoys me in others?

What makes me afraid?

What don't I like to look at or hear?

What words do I use regularly?

What do I procrastinate over?

How are the results in my life?

What do I stress about?

How can I accomplish more?

Why do I have the friends I have?

What do I believe about Money?

My beliefs about acquiring assets?

How much do I like the work I do?

How is my health?

How am I growing mentally?

How am I growing spiritually

How are my social relationships?

How are my family relationships?

What attention do I give to my friendships?

What are my strongly held attitudes?
                                                        Personal Insights
Here is an opportunity to think about the important things in your life – not your job or your responsibilities, but the things that feed your soul.
And then you can look at how much of your life is spent doing other stuff. Your transition is an opportunity to shift the balance.

The activity I enjoy the most is

The thing I like the most about my best friend is

What I admire most in other people is

The person I admire the most is

My greatest accomplishment has been

My greatest strength is

What I want to change in my life is

The goal I want to accomplish most is

The thing I value most in life is

Summary – what is it that I want to change?

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