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									NOKIA E7: everything for business and not only thatmore

This In the spring of 2011 saw Nokia E7 has come into Kazakh market being penetrated by Nokia E7, a long-                     Formatted: English (United States)
expected awaited business smartphone from the World’s leader of the mobile phones market. In order Tto learnget
more details about regarding the release of this model, its technical performance characteristics and market
positioning we have applied for an interviewinterviewed to the head of Nokia’s representative office in South CIS
countries, Mr. Karel Holub.

Mr. Holub, what is the target audience for this new model?

We believe that this superb device has been designed primarily for business people i.e. – for those who, on the one
hand, needs powerful tool for business communications, using corporate email or LANs, and, on the other hand –
who also needs excellent multimedia features with possibilities ability of to downloading useful applications from Ovi
Store or access to social networking websites of social networking.

Nokia E7 is our latest business smartphone, which helps users to which has been devised to connect users with to
what is so important for them – their friends, family, business partners and also with to various places and services.
We anticipate that this model will be especially demanded in demand in Kazakhstan and we are confident that the               Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
business community will appreciate this modern, powerful and unique smartphonewe are sure that business people                (United States)
will appreciate this ultra-modern, powerful and unique smartphone for its merits.

Is this device a successor continuation of the qwerty-smartphone series like Nokia Е71, Nokia Е72?

Yes, we will warrantare confident you that Nokia E7 is going to continue the successful line of Nokia E71 and Nokia
E72 models, which are rightfully considered to be (and they have actually been!) the best business-oriented
smartphones on the market., At the same time Nokia E7 significantly outperforms its predecessors, both in terms of            Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
software and technical characteristicswith Nokia E7 being well ahead of its predecessors, both in terms of its                (United States)
software and in terms of its technical characteristics. Here I would like to specially highlight an important feature of
Nokia E7 which distinguishes it from other proposals in the business smartphones market - a great convenient 4-inch           Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
screen and a unique designthat makes it outstand from and favorably compare with other offers of business                     (United States)
smartphones on the market – its big and handy 4-inch screen and unique design of the handset itself.                          Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt
                                                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
Are there any software upgrades expected for Nokia E7 owners as if compared to those of Nokia E71 and                         (United States)
E72?                                                                                                                          Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt
                                                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
The owners of Nokia E7 will be able to use all advantages of the upgraded Symbian software, such as multi-touch               (United States)
data input support, possibility of using individual settings for several desktops, fully-featured multitasking (you do nnot
only just see the icons of open applications, as in the caseimplemented of in other other software packagesoperating
systems, but also you can easily switch between several minimized windows of simultaneously working applications),
tight integration with the social networking websiteswebsites of social networks. It is noteworthy that when
designingin development of software platform for this mobile software platform we have took into accountconsidered
the best aspirations and wishes of our users who have had used our devices inwith previous earlier versions of
Symbian software.

Business PDA smartphone Nokia E7 provides its user owner with really broad great opportunities: the device is sold
comes with pre-installed support of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Mail For Exchange, with possibilitiesthe ability of
to reading read and editing MS Office documents through the QuickOffice applications plus as well as read function
for PDF documents. Additionally, our smartphone supports Nokia Messaging (3.0), SMS chart for quick
messaginginstant messaging, common calendar, appointment meeting reminder and, of course, Ovi maps with toll-
free navigation.

The opportunity of to creating create and editing documents undoubtedly will certainly be highly appreciated
by our businessmen. You have just said mentioned that Nokia E7 would have pre-installed maps with free
navigation. Does it mean that they are really free of charge for the phone user owners and could be used in
Quite rightAbsolutely, smartphone users of the PDA phone may can access and use free Ovi maps which showing
display Kazakhstan locations with pedestrian and automobile navigation. Maps with voice support commenting of the
route are available across 80 countries. You can also record your own version of the voice commands using using a
special application from the Ovi Store and you can record your own version of voice commands.

For bBusiness people find it especially important to assure safe storage of their email messages, records,
notes. What safety tools does this model provide?

First of all, it is necessary to point out that Nokia E7 is very convenient and user-friendly due to Symbian software.
This also applies to security solutions such as the ability to lock and secure access to corporate Intranets and device    Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
management including encryption and controls for camera and BluetoothThis also regards the issues of providing             (United States)
data security and safe storage. Such safety and security features are realized through locking abilities, safe access      Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt
to corporate Intranet and safe telephone controls, including ciphering and control features for the cameras and            Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
Bluetooth. In addition to compatibility with IPSec VPN, the device also supports the Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN              (United States)
protocol.                                                                                                                  Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt
                                                                                                                           Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
Indeed, with this security toolkit the users will becan be confident in their data safety. You have already                (United States)
mentioned quite a long list of various applications. Is there any quick way to access them? Does the user
have to navigate through a few opening windows with icons and tags or needs to search look for them
through in the menu?

With Nokia E7 it is possible to simultaneously operate several desktop screens, widgets and applications. Every
desktop contains a few different fields, to any of which you can assign either one widget or 4 applications. Alongs ide
with the opportunity ability of to assign ing a certain background for every desktop field, you have get a tremendous
opportunity a very good scope of tools to set up and customize your smart phone in accordance with your personal

What do you mean by “tight integration with social networks”?

In practice this means that users may can use several social networks, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in one
application. TheU user may can also access several social networks by entering all of theminto a single Ovi gate,
continuously receive constant upgrades on the main screen in real-time mode; exchange share photos and mark
them in the networks; publicize share your status and show your current location; add new events in the phone
calendar; call Facebook contacts from the Facebook and do many other things.

We have learnt much about the software stuffing of Nokia E7, but still don’t know if there are any hardware
innovations prepared by Nokia for its clients? Tell us about the hardware component of this model.

I must would like to especially highlight emphasize that Nokia E7 has been equipped with fantastic hardware.
Another important feature of the phone is its unique design, which has been noted by many experts and users.

As for the technical characteristics, Nokia E7 is a business-oriented smartphone with a full qwerty-keyboard and a 4-
inch touch-sensitive AMOLED display based on ClearBlack technology, which provides clear and bright imaging
even in a bright daylight. Nokia E7 is equipped with ambient illumination sensor, magnetometer (compass),
orientation sensor and proximity sensor. The device is equippedruns on with ARM 680Mhz processor having with a
Broadcom graphics accelerator. Nokia E7 has 16 Gb built-in memory and also 256 Mb RAM and 1024 ROM. Nokia
E7 has an in-built battery with power capacity of 1200 mAh. Also Nokia E7 has a full-focus 8Mp camera equipped
                                                                                                                           Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
with a twin LED flash and a front-panel VGA camera. In short, it has a full kit of state-of-artadvanced features for the   (United States)
most demanding and technically advanced user.
                                                                                                                           Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt
                                                                                                                           Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
True, amazing characteristics! Does this model have a feature of connecting flash maps through via the USB                 (United States)
port and video playback via HDMI port like in Nokia N8?
                                                                                                                           Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
                                                                                                                           (United States)
Yes, E7 has combined all these functions, which (as far as we know) are currently unique for the smartphones. HD
                                                                                                                           Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt
video shooting and playback imply use of big-sized files. Keeping this in mind, we’ve made it possible to connect
flash memory cards and hard drives via USBwe made a provision for connecting flash cards and HDDs to the USB               Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
                                                                                                                           (United States)
port. And in order to watch video on the big screen, users can connect their E7 to the TV via the built- in HDMI
                                                                                                                           Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt
connector.А для просмотра видео на большом экране userи may подключать свой E7 к телевизору через                       Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
встроенный разъем HDMI. Video playback is also possible via HDMI with Dolby Digital Plus stereo sound through a         (United States)

home theater cinema system.                                                                                             Formatted: English (United States)
                                                                                                                        Formatted: English (United States)
What useful applications are now available for Nokia E7 users in the Ovi Store?                                         Formatted: English (United States)
                                                                                                                        Formatted: English (United States)
First of all, Ovi Store now has offers a lot of local Kazakhstani applications, which may be easily accessed and used
by Nokia E7 owners, e.g. Nur.Kz, Zakon.Kz and others, which is very important for business people. One of the most      Formatted: English (United States)
useful applications, to my mindin my opinion, which I use myself with pleasure is called Mobile Documents. This         Formatted: English (United States)
application allows to browsebrowsing heavy file attachments in your email account without uploading having to           Formatted: English (United States)
download them their relevant heavy applications and and also you can also re-attach the files to new emails. This       Formatted: English (United States)
application saves much your internet traffic and your time.
                                                                                                                        Formatted: English (United States)

Summarizing conclusions: Nokia E7 is a powerful PDA smartphone for business. It has impressive technical features       Formatted: English (United States)
and modern tool kit for communication, which will be worthily appreciated by the major target audience of the product   Formatted: English (United States)
i.e. – by business people. Another prominent feature of the phone is its handy convenient screen and attractive         Formatted: English (United States)
design. This is crowned by broad multimedia functions and top performance parameters, which in many respects is         Formatted: English (United States)
similar to the leading model - Nokia N8,resemble much those of the champion model of Nokia N8, and and exactly
                                                                                                                        Formatted: English (United States)
this makes E7 very interesting for other audiences who find the value in its entertainment and socializing functions.
                                                                                                                        Formatted: English (United States)
                                                                                                                        Formatted: English (United States)
                                                                                                                        Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
                                                                                                                        (United States)
                                                                                                                        Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt
                                                                                                                        Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
                                                                                                                        (United States)
                                                                                                                        Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt
                                                                                                                        Formatted: Font: Nokia Sans, 11 pt, English
                                                                                                                        (United States)

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