Zone 7 Girls Spring Tryout Letter by 344627J4


									                                                                                     July 29, 2012

Dear Athlete:

2010 will be an exciting year for Softball in Alberta, as it is a Summer Games year. The Alberta
Summer Games is a multi-sport event with eight different zones from across Alberta coming
together with their teams to compete in one central location for the right to “Go for Gold”. The
2010 Alberta Summer Games will take place July 22-25 in Peace River/Grimshaw. Similar to
the Olympics, each zone will send representatives to participate in sports like beach volleyball,
track & field, basketball, and softball to name a few, all of which take place with the same
intensity and fun that the Olympics offer its athletes. Teams travel to the games, stay in dorms,
and eat at one central location giving each participant the true feeling of the spirit of the Games.
There will be minimal parental contact, only at the diamonds should time permit.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to try out for the opportunity to represent your zone.
Information on your tryout is as follows:

   April 24, 2010 10am – 4pm in St. Paul, Alberta
   Bring a lunch, water, and all required gear (catchers full equipment).

Any female players “Under 16 as of January 1, 2010”, or any player who plays on a team at the
Provincial Bantam B, C, or D levels and the PeeWee A, B, C, & D levels are welcome to
participate in a tryout. There will be a $10.00 registration fee per player to cover associated
costs (payable at camp) and $20.00 for those players not affiliated with Softball. This will be 1
of 3 try-outs; the final team roster of 14 players will be chosen by the June 1, 2010.

To participate in this exciting once in a lifetime opportunity, please complete the attached form
and return it to me via email or Canada Post. Please forward your application to me whenever.
Just show up and tryout out, the more the better.

Yours in softball,

Lorne Sarich
Lorne Sarich
Head Coach
                             Zone 7 Girls Fastball; Alberta Summer Games 2010

                             APPLICATION FORM
                       2010 ALBERTA SUMMER GAMES
Name:                      __________________________________________
Birthdate:                 __________________________________________
Address:                   __________________________________________
City:                      __________________________________________
Postal Code:               __________________________________________
Phone:                     __________________________________________
E-Mail:                    __________________________________________
Team Played for in 2009:        _____________________________________
Category: (ex. PeeWee B):        _____________________________________
Positions Played:
1:      ________________(Primary)
2:      ________________
3:      ________________
Years Playing Softball: _______________
Other Sports Played:       _________________________________

Please return completed application form to Lorne Sarich.

               Lorne Sarich
               149 Warren Way
               Fort McMurray, AB T9H 5H7
Phone:         780-743-4033

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