Letter To Macie Cleary Milan by 344627J4


									Transportation Corridor Agencies
Ms. Macie Cleary-Milan
Deputy Director - Environmental Planning
125 Pacifica, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618-3304

Dear Ms. Cleary-Milan:

I am writing to express my outrage that alignments for the Foothill-South Toll Road have been planned
through a wildlife reserve set aside in perpetuity for the people of Orange County. The agreement to
protect The Donna O’Neill Land Conservancy in exchange for the development of 3,600 homes in the
Talega Planned Community was made in good faith. The Conservancy is a promise to our children—a
promise that THEY TOO will have the opportunity to enjoy the wild creatures we have been so lucky to

The Donna O’Neill Conservancy has more than 80 species of birds, greater than the number found in the
1100-square-mile Yosemite National Park. One year, for the North American Butterfly Association
Annual Count, which takes place all over the United States and Canada, our small Conservancy had the
record for greatest number of individuals in a single species of butterfly.

The Conservancy was established after many long negotiations between the county, the city of San
Clemente, Rancho Mission Viejo, Talega, and local citizens. The legal documents establishing The
Conservancy state:

        “The Area’s natural elements, ecological, scientific and aesthetic values are of great
        importance to the people of the State of California and the people of the County of Orange,
        and are worthy of protection and preservation.”

        “The parties desire that the Easement Area’s ecological elements, scientific and aesthetic
        features be preserved and maintained in PERPETUITY...”

A road through the The Conservancy is NOT consistent with conservation. The Conservancy is a
promise—made by the County of Orange, made by the city of San Clemente, made by Rancho Mission
Viejo, Talega, and all of the citizens who worked to preserve it. It is a promise to Donna O’Neill, to us,
our children, and to the future. It is a promise that must not be broken

Sincerely yours,

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