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									                                                                 DJ Kits Enterprises Ltd.
                                                       Address: #134, 11788 River Road, Richmond BC V5P 3Z1
                                                    Tel: 604-838-2218, Fax: 604-323-8883. Email:

                  DJK Authorized Dealer Account Application Form
In order to open an account with DJK/ FENG Int’l Inc., please complete this Dealer Application Form and return it with copies of
company void cheque, business license & PST certificate (if applicable).

Company Profile
Legal Company Name:                                                                         _________________________

Trade Name / DBA:                                                                                     ___________________

Address:                                                          City:                               Province:

Postal Code:                                   Phone #:                                      Fax #:

E-mail Address:                                               Web Site:                                         _____

Rent or Own:                                   Size:                               sq.ft    When Purchased:

Or Landlord Address:                                              Phone #:                            Contact:

Type of Business:                                                 GST #:                              PST #:

Years In Business:                                       No. Of Employees:                   No. Of Location:

Trade References

Company Name:                                                              Credit limit & Term:

Address:                                                                   City:                      Province:

Postal Code:                          Phone #:                                     Fax #:

Company Name:                                                              Credit limit & Term:

Address:                                                                   City:                      Province:

Postal Code:                          Phone #:                                     Fax #:

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Bank Reference
Bank:                                            A/C #:                      _____ _____ Credit Limit: __________


Phone # :                              Fax # :                                  Contact :

Principals of Company
Name:                                            ____     ______ Title:                          ___      ___________________

Name:                                                     ______ Title:                                   ___________________

Account Payable Contact:                                                        Purchaser:

Customer Acknowledgement
I hereby warrant that all information in this application form is true and correct. Where the Customer is a company, I warrant that I
am authorized to sign his form on the Customer’s behalf.
I agree to pay the Net Invoice Total in full within term of invoice date. I acknowledge that a Finance Charge of 2% monthly will be
added to my balance should I become delinquent. In the event that this account becomes delinquent and is turned over to a collection
agency or attorney, I agree to pay collection fees and/or attorney fees and court costs and any other reasonable expenses incurred by
DJ Kits Enterprises Ltd. as a consequence of my failure to pay.
I agree that title of the goods remains with DJ Kits Enterprises until the payment has been received in full.
I authorize DJ Kits Enterprises to make whatever credit inquires that it deems necessary relative to this application. I authorize and
instruct any person or credit reporting agency to compile and furnish DJ Kits Enterprises any information that it may have or obtain in
response to such inquires and agree that such information, along with this application, shall remain the property of DJ Kits
I agree that DJ Kits Enterprises may disclose my information to a credit reporting agency (including information contained in this
application and information relating to the conduct of my account).
I acknowledge that no insurance coverage is provided to cover shipping damages or loss on products shipped and consigned to us. All
products are shipped without insurance unless specified on the purchase order. When the whole of part of the shipment is loss, I
should be responsible to pay DJ Kits Enterprises for the loss value according to the invoice.

Authorized Signature:                                     __        __ Title:                                              __

Printed Name: ____________________________________ Date: ______________________________________

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