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					                                               Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
                                               Customer Solution Case Study

                                               Rijksmuseum Gains Unified Messaging and
                                               Mobility Options with Exchange Server 2007

Overview                                       “Exchange Server 2007 means a jump forward in our
Country or Region: The Netherlands
Industry: Libraries and museums
                                               communication through PDAs, e-mail messaging,
                                               faxes, and telephones …. Then it is possible to
Customer Profile
Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum is known
                                               communicate and work together from any workplace—
worldwide for its collection of seventeenth-   fixed or mobile.”
century Dutch masters, including 20
                                               Rob Hendriks, IT Manager, Rijksmuseum
Rembrandts, and works by Vermeer, Frans
Hals, and Jan Steen. The museum employs        The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, renowned for its collection of
400 people.
                                               Dutch masters, sought a creative and efficient solution for its
Business Situation                             overburdened e-mail messaging system. The museum wanted to
The Rijksmuseum wanted to provide
employees with easy access to their e-mail     provide its employees with an integrated messaging solution. It also
and voice messages. It also wanted to          wanted to give visitors to the museum the ability to retrieve
provide information about the museum’s
collection to visitors.                        information on its collection directly through their mobile phones.
                                               With the help of Microsoft Partner BRAIN FORCE – VAI, the
The Rijksmuseum deployed Microsoft®            Rijksmuseum deployed Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 with its
Exchange Server 2007 on a BRAIN FORCE          support for unified messaging and mobile communications. The
– VAI infrastructure and began exploring its
possibilities for integrated messaging and     Rijksmuseum achieved both aims: It gained the ability to provide its
mobility support.                              employees with access to e-mail, fax, and voice-mail messages
Benefits                                       from almost anywhere. And, the museum, which is under
 Achieves unified messaging                   renovation, will eventually deliver information on its masterpieces
 Offers mobility support
 Provides for future needs                    to visitors through their mobile phones.
                               The Rijksmuseum, located in Amsterdam, is         But there are many messaging systems
                               known worldwide for its collection of             available, and van Kooten wanted to make
                               seventeenth-century Dutch masters. The            sure the system that he chose would be
                               museum, which has a collection of nearly 1        efficient and would work with the museum’s
                               million objects, employs 400 people and uses      Microsoft infrastructure.
                               250 PCs.
                                                                                 In addition, because mobile phones are so
                               The museum relies heavily on its e-mail           popular, the museum wants to provide
                               communications. “E-mail is just as important      visitors with information on its extensive
                               as the telephone here,” says Paul van Kooten      collection through their mobile phones. So
                               of the Rijksmuseum. “If either goes down just     when the Rijksmuseum began a renovation—
                               once, we are in a bit of a fix.”                  moving part of its collection to nearby
                                                                                 Lelystad and another to an annex at
                               And van Kooten expects the volume of e-mail       Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport—the IT

“When our museum               to increase. The demand on the messaging
                               system is multiplied because employees
                                                                                 department saw the opportunity to set up a
                                                                                 new communication system for both visitors
reopens in a few years         often send e-mail messages with                   and staff.

….People will walk             attachments, which are typically images and
                               photos. “Our staff sometimes sends images         Solution
through the collection         through e-mail that are unnecessarily large,”     On the invitation of Microsoft partner BRAIN

and receive information        van Kooten says. “They might send a color
                               photo of high resolution to a newspaper, for
                                                                                 FORCE – VAI, the museum participated in the
                                                                                 Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) of
on the object in their         example, and it is printed in low resolution in   Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, a

proximity through their        a black-and-white image.” The museum plans
                               to install a special machine to ask a user for
                                                                                 familiarization phase for a select group of
                                                                                 organizations that were early adopters of the
own mobile phones.”            the purpose of the requested image so that        product. “I generally do not put off what I can
                               the correct format can be determined              do today,” says van Kooten. “So the offer to
Paul van Kooten, Rijksmuseum
                               automatically. Although that should help the      get to know Exchange Server 2007 came at a
                               strain on the system, the number of               good time. It seemed very interesting to me,
                               messages is still expected to rise.               especially because I could count on having
                                                                                 support from the best specialists in the RDP
                               The museum’s employees also need access           phase and could acquire both knowledge and
                               to their e-mail and voice-mail communi-           experience.”
                               cations when they are home or are out in the
                               community. The Rijksmuseum has used the           Working with Eric Walraven from BRAIN
                               Microsoft® Office Outlook® messaging and          FORCE – VAI, the Rijksmuseum deployed
                               collaboration client and Outlook Web Access       Exchange Server 2007. “The Rijksmuseum
                               for several years, and it is receiving new        has a modern workplace infrastructure and
                               requests for access now. “There is an             server infrastructure set up in accordance
                               increasing demand for mobile applications,        with the BRAIN FORCE – VAI Infrastructure
                               mainly because our staff and management           Framework, which means that stability is very
                               see more people who are checking e-mail on        high.”
                               a mobile telephone,” says van Kooten. He
                               also notes that personal digital assistants       The deployment did face some complications
                               (PDAs) are popular for retrieving e-mail          with its hardware. “The hardware that we had
                               messages.                                         in use was not the very latest,” says van
Kooten. It was already written off in financial     of work with their scheduling software,” says
terms, and more importantly, it would not           van Kooten. “At the Rijksmuseum, we not
have been able to cope with the 64-bit              only carry out reservations, but also must
computing of Exchange Server 2007.” The             deal with exhibitions, events, and more.” For
museum purchased part of its new hardware           van Kooten, the built-in support in Exchange
for the RDP.                                        Server 2007 for calendaring and scheduling
                                                    in Outlook makes it an attractive choice for
“Since e-mail communications are essential          replacing the scheduling software that it had
for the Rijksmuseum, there had already been         installed previously.
talk of using a clustered server infrastructure
for years,” says Walraven. “The concept was         The next step for the Rijksmuseum is to
a mail cluster, consisting of two linked server     install a wireless network to support
computers running Exchange Server 2003.             connections for Windows Mobile® powered
But in a clustered environment, the mailbox         Pocket PCs. “Because the Exchange Server
servers cannot fulfill any other role. If that is   2007 deployment has gone so well, that
what you want, then you have to assign extra        installation should be put in place quickly,”
servers for that purpose.”                          says van Kooten. “I am very happy with that,
                                                    because after we can gain experience, we
For the RDP, the deployment group selected          can also provide our visitors with information
a non-clustered setup. “This structure made it      on the collection through their mobile
possible to run and test several roles on one       phones.”
server computer,” says Walraven. “Once the
new solution is deployed across the whole           Benefits
organization, the Rijksmuseum will use a            The Rijksmuseum finds the deployment of
clustered environment.”                             Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 a definite
                                                    asset. With the new software, the museum
With the RDP, the IT team began migrating           can achieve integrated communications for
mailboxes to the new environment. “We now           the first time. Mobile communications are
have some mailboxes on Exchange Server              enhanced, and the messaging system can
2007 and some on Exchange Server 2003               expand as needed.
right next to each other,” says van Kooten.
                                                    “Exchange Server 2007 means a jump
Walraven felt the migration went well. “The         forward in our communication through PDAs,
migration of mailboxes from Exchange Server         e-mail messaging, faxes, and telephones,”
2003 to Exchange Server 2007 seemed to be           says Hendriks. “It means staff members will
a seamless operation,” he says.                     receive e-mail, faxes, and voice mail from
                                                    colleagues, suppliers, and business contacts
Both Microsoft and its partner receive credit       from within Outlook. Then it is possible to
for the smooth deployment. “The                     communicate and work together from any
collaboration with Microsoft and BRAIN              workplace—fixed or mobile.”
FORCE – VAI meant an optimum
implementation,” says Rob Hendriks, IT              Achieves Efficient Unified Messaging
Manager, Rijksmuseum.                               System
                                                    The museum had already made one attempt
The museum is also evaluating the                   at integrated communications in the past, but
reservation options of Exchange Server 2007.        that required a separate directory for IT and
“In addition to mail, our staff also does a lot     telephony. That technology was not
adequate, according to van Kooten. “For              collection and receive information on the
example, it was no easy matter to log on with        object in their proximity through their own
your name on a numeric keyboard,” he says.           mobile phones.”
But things are different now. The museum is
still implementing the unified messaging             The museum plans other improvements as
features of Exchange Server 2007, yet van            well. “The vision that I am describing
Kooten already glimpses the advantages. “To          regarding communication with visitors to the
receive voice-mail messages in your inbox            museum is also interesting on an internal
and to listen to e-mail messages remotely            level,” says van Kooten. “The integration of
means that you are becoming less dependent           information platforms is of fundamental
on your actual workplace.”                           importance. I am thinking of providing some
                                                     form of digital dashboard, where all the
Van Kooten also appreciates the latest               information comes together. Our
version of Outlook Web Access that works             management is going one step further and
with Exchange Server 2007. “The new                  envisages being able to obtain an overview of
properties of Outlook Web Access are a real          the whole organization through something
asset. We have 15 collective mailboxes that          like Windows Live™. We only have ideas on
are not linked to any organizing unit,” says         this for now, but these thoughts are
van Kooten. The 15 include mailboxes for the         increasingly becoming a reality.”
Press Office, Library, and Rijksmuseum Fund.
“Now, these mailboxes can easily be opened           The Rijksmuseum plans to standardize on
alongside one’s own mailbox.”                        Exchange Server 2007. “Because we are now
                                                     running two similar packages in the
Offers Mobility Support                              production environment—Exchange Server
The mobility support in the software will help       2003 and Exchange Server 2007—I want to
museum employees stay in closer touch.               standardize on just one program as soon as
“Exchange Server 2007 is coming at just the          possible,” says van Kooten.
right time,” says van Kooten. “Our managers,
in particular, have wanted their mobile              Walraven points out that with the BRAIN
devices to be unlocked, so to speak, for a           FORCE – VAI Infrastructure Framework and
very long time now. Exchange Server 2007             Exchange Server 2007, the museum has a
connects seamlessly to mobile telephones,            stable foundation—help desk inquiries are
which are powered by Windows Mobile 5.0.             minimal—and the infrastructure supports
They can therefore have access to their mail         long-term growth, including setting up
and scheduling software at all times.”               mobility support. When an organization’s IT
                                                     environment is not properly organized, the IT
Provides for Future Needs                            managers spend their whole day solving
One of the advantages that the Rijksmuseum           incidents, running from one problem to the
sees with its deployment of Exchange Server          next. But for Paul van Kooten and Bob
2007 is that it will be able to fulfill its vision   Hendriks, emergencies are rare. They have
of providing museum visitors with information        time to map out a strategy for the coming
using the latest technology. “When our               years where staff can send faxes, send e-mail
museum reopens in a few years, after the             messages, and call other staff, suppliers, and
renovation has been completed, I do not              business contacts from one application.
expect visitors still to be walking around the
building with a walkman or CD player,” says          From the perspective of Walraven, the initial
van Kooten. “People will walk through the            deployment was a success that the
For More Information                                            Rijksmuseum can build on to create an              Microsoft Server Product Portfolio
For more information about Microsoft                            integrated messaging environment.                  For more information about the Microsoft
products and services, call the Microsoft                       “Exchange Server 2007 is a fantastic first         server product portfolio, go to:
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                          step in that direction for the Rijksmuseum,”       www.microsoft.com/servers/default.mspx
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                             he says.
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                                                                            For more information about Microsoft
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                        As for van Kooten, he is enthusiastic about        Exchange Server, go to:
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                      the new software. “I would like to comment         www.microsoft.com/exchange
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in                         on the quality of Exchange Server 2007,” he
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in                          says. “It is really good software.”
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and
Canada, please contact your local
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information
using the World Wide Web, go to:

For more information about BRAIN FORCE
– VAI products and services, call (31) 318
560 360 or visit the Web site at:

For more information about Rijksmuseum
products and services, call (31) 206 747
000 or visit the Web site at:

                                                                 Software and Services                            Technologies
                                                                  Microsoft Server Product Portfolio              − Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access
                                                                   − Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
                                                                  Windows Mobile 5.0                          Partners
                                                                                                                  BRAIN FORCE – VAI

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT

Document published November 2006

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