Rovia Preferred Customer Form by 0D23zh


									Vacation Preferences (Please circle/check all that apply)
When is your preferred travel time?
    Summer                  Fall                  Spring                   Winter                Holidays

How far in advance do you make your travel arrangements?
        1 month                 3 month                  6 month                             Longer

What destinations would you like to travel in the future?
Africa                            Australia                                Canada
China                             Europe/Western                           Middle East
United Kingdom/Ireland            USA/Hawaii                               USA/Disney
Asia                              Bermuda                                  Caribbean
Europe/Eastern                    Mexico                                   South Pacific/Pacific Rim
USA/Alaska                        USA/Las Vegas                            Central/South America

What kind of vacations do you prefer?
 Cruise      Tour-Escorted     Vacation Package            All-Inclusive     Tour-Non-Escorted         Resort

Have you been on a cruise before?     Yes    No
If yes would you go again?    Yes     No
Which lifestyle best describes you?
Single 18-35               Single 36-60               Single 60+                    Single w/ children
Couple w/ no children      Couple w/ young children   Couple w/ teens               Couple / Senior Citizen

What is your annual income?
  $0 - $25,000        $25,000 - $50,000     $50,000 - $75,000          $75,000 - $100,000        $100,000+

What are your interests?
Adventure                  Hiking/Walking             Spa, Health                   Gambling
Golfing                    Snorkel/Scuba              Food/Culinary                 Museums
Skiing/Snowboarding        Family Travel              Luxury Resorts                Sun/Beach
Disney                     History                    Sports

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