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									           The Setting – Central Health, Town of Grand Falls-Windsor

       a) a description of the Centre for which the SPE program is proposed including its
          history and any existing SPE programs

Health Care is provided through four regional Health Boards in Newfoundland-Labrador. The
Central Health Authority assumed responsibility for health services in Central Newfoundland on
April 1, 2005. Central Health’s service district extends from Charlottetown in the east, Fogo
Island in the north, Harbour Breton in the south, to the Baie Verte Peninsula in the west. This
geographical area encompasses more than half of the total land mass of Newfoundland. Central
Health is the second largest health region in Newfoundland and Labrador, serving a population
of approximately 100,000 and offering the full continuum of healthcare services. There are 845
beds throughout the region: 268 acute care, 517 long term care, 32 residential units and 28

Central Health in Grand Falls-Windsor provides primary and secondary health services to 60,000
residents and is the referral hospital for the Central West Region. Regional medical services
provided include emergency and trauma services, laboratory medicine, diagnostic imaging,
family medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, mental health, obstetrics and gynecology,
pediatrics, anesthesiology, and ophthalmology. In addition this region also provides specialty
services in urology, dermatology, neurology, impatient psychiatry, dialysis and ENT.

Central Health is affiliated with Memorial University of Newfoundland School of Medicine, and
the College of the North Atlantic. Family practice residents do regular rotations in Obstetrics
and Gynecology as well as in electives in other disciplines. The Rehabilitation Services
Department is affiliated with Dalhousie University for students of physiotherapy and
occupational therapy, and with Queen’s University for students in physiotherapy.

       b) a description of the population to whom the students will minister

During a typical year the more than 600 staff of this 130 bed facility in Grand Falls-Windsor will
treat 5000 patients, assist in 400 deliveries, perform 6000 operations and examine 42,000
patients in its Out-patient/Emergency Department. The majority of patients served are of
Caucasian origin (mainly the British Isles), with a minority of native Innu and Inuit. Amongst
the professionals and others who were not born in Newfoundland, there are peoples of a greater
variety of racial, ethnic and religious background. At present in Newfoundland there is a wave
of young people emigrating to Western Canada to find employment. This puts stress on the
family members left behind, as they are older and the departure of the younger people puts them
in need of greater community support and services.

The Carmelite House Senior Citizen’s Home is located adjacent to the hospital and is a 60 bed
accredited long term care home for senior citizens with Level 1 to IV care. Residents are
admitted to the facility via the single entry system which is coordinated through Community
Health. Additional services available at Carmelite House include consultation with occupational
therapy, dietetic services, speech and language therapy, and weekly medical clinics.
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