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									Consumer Brand Perception—
 Who’s in the Driver’s   ?

Melissa Brookshire, DVM
North River Enterprises
Messaging in Today’s Marketplace
            SO What’s The Point?

• “Whether you are selling
  online, through a direct sales
  force, or through distribution
  channels, what people are
  saying about you online is now
  more important than your
  advertising.” From Social
  Media Metrics by Jim Sterne
•   )
          Why is Now THE Time?

• Consumer trust in the pet food industry is at an all-time
• Misinformation is at an ALL TIME HIGH
• MOST households consider their pets to be family
  members and gravitate to the super premium brands
Increased      Service


Business Success
• If you’re NOT managing your corporate
image online, Someone Else Is.

• Are you aware of what is being said
  about your company right now?

• Does it matter if what is said is correct?
 The Powerful Effects
 of False Information
Spread on the Internet
Pet Food Rating Sites
    The Top Pet Food Rating Site:

• Has ~ 293,000 posts with ~30,000 different
  topic threads
• Has ~28,000 posts solely regarding pet food
• Affords freedom in posting while monitoring is
      With this ONE site:

How much could one malicious posting
   about your company cost you?
     Potential Cost of 1 Unmanaged Angry Claim:
1)   Avg. customer sale:                                                   $40.00
2)   Times / year the avg. customer buys product:                               6
3)   Average amount customers spends / year:                              $240.00
4)   Dollars spent by one customer (10 year lifespan of one pet)         $2400.00
5)   So, now we make this one customer angry and she tells 10 people she
     knows about it. Let’s say 6 of those were our customers and they leave out
     of loyalty to their friend. All 7 of our customers would have spent $16,800
     over the lifetime of their pets.

      So, a conservative estimate of lost revenue in a traditional
                   marketplace would be $16,800
Cost of 1 angry customer’s unmanaged claim and loss of 6
             people they tell = $16,800.00

What if this angry customer posts her experience on a site
                  with 17,000 members?

How much can 1 malicious, unmanaged
  posting on this 1 site really cost???
                    Thank You!

Melissa Brookshire, DVM
North River Enterprises

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