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       FACES magazine is now an assured lifestyle resource and
        Oman’s best known and most widely circulated leisure
        magazine, with instant recall in readers’ minds.

       Launched in 2007, FACES has proved to be an immediate
        success with readers and advertisers alike, and a much awaited
        feature on Muscat’s publishing schedule.

       FACES brings all the important local personalities, latest trends
        and products to its discerning audience with wit and style,
        from fashion and accessories to design and interiors,
        technology and cars, to watches and jewellery, food and
        health, to luxury and glamour, men’s interest and also travel.

       FACES’ in-depth, intelligent articles cover general interest and
        lifestyle topics while providing unique perspective for readers.
        It caters to the needs of discerning consumers and is read when
        they are in a relaxed frame of mind.

       Published monthly, FACES magazine is printed on quality high
        gloss stock, delivering a rich, full-colour environment that
        reflects the outstanding art direction and design for which it is

       The timely release of FACES during the end of every month is
        when readers are likely to be making purchasing decisions also
        makes FACES a viable choice for clients.
       FACES is truly the widest circulated and read magazine of its
        kind in Oman. Distributed FREE every month, more than
        20,000 copies reach out to its readers.

       The timely release of FACES during the end of every month
        helps its readers to decide in their purchasing choices.

       Distributed FREE with leading national daily Times of Oman,
        FACES promises a guaranteed reach to the newspaper’s
        subscribers in Muscat and various satellite towns of Oman like
        Nizwa, Barka, Sohar and Salalah etc.

       This reach also spreads out to corporate offices, government
        organisations, ministries, travel agencies, clinics and many

       An additional distribution channel reaches restaurants, hotels,
        cafes, health clubs and other leisure activities places.

       Well to do Omani and expat households with capacity to
        subscribe to a daily newspaper costing RO 0.200 per day

       Target Age Group : 18 - 45 yrs

       Local & Expatriate readers of both sexes primarily decision
        making, brand conscious individuals

       Areas of interest : Lifestyle, Fashion, Health, Travel, Family
        matters, Entertainment

       Supported by its online presence,
        FACES now also reaches out to a Pan-Gulf audience who
        have keen interest in establishing their presence in Oman.

    Regular Sizes             Rates in Omani Rial
    Full Page                 RO 900/-
    Double Page Spread        RO 1600/-
    Half Page                 RO 650/-
    Quarter Page              RO 450/-
    Horizontal Strip          RO 350/-
    Vertical Strip            RO 350/-

    Covers                    Rates In Omani Rial
    Outside Back              RO 1800/-
    Inside Back & Inside Front RO 1400/-
    Gate Fold                 RO 2700/-

    Sizes                Trim               Bleed
    Full Page            21W / 30H (cm)     22W / 31H (cm)
    Double Page Spread   42W / 30H (cm)     43W / 30H (cm)
    Half Page            21W / 14H (cm)     22W / 30H (cm)
    Quarter Page         12W / 14H (cm)     No Bleed
    Horizontal Strip     18W / 6H (cm)      No Bleed
    Vertical Strip       24W / 5.5H (cm)    No Bleed
    Covers               Trim               Bleed
    OBC                  21.5W / 30H (cm)   22.5W / 30H (cm)
    IBC & IFC            21.5W / 30H (cm)   22.5W / 30H (cm)
    Gate Fold            42.5W / 30H (cm)   43.5W / 30H (cm)
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