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									                       Reagan High School
                     Campus Advisory Council
                                   February 4, 2009
Present at this meeting (taken from the Sign-Up Sheets):
Administrators / Faculty / Staff: Elaine McGinty, Van Savage, Glenn Stirrat, Randal
Franklin, Jheri Rivers, Rhonda Simmons, Van Kirk Johnson, Eric Sanchez, Anabel
Garza, Faith Garganta, Rick Fowler

Students: Arturo Garcia

Parents/Public: Deborah Warren, Laura Rifkin, Janice Johnson, Sgt. Roman Lopez,
Allen Weeks
Meeting chaired by:
Jacqueline Chatham and Oscar Arroyo
Old Business:
[If you did not receive the Minutes from the last meeting and would like a copy, contact
the CAC Secretary.]

      Ms. Garza gave the group a packet: Attendance Monthly Summary. The packet
       presents data broken down by both grade and by Small Learning Community
       (slc). It spans the dates from 11/11/08 – 12/18/08. The average student
       attendance for this period was just over 85%. If you would like to see this packet,
       a copy is in the CAC binder in the library -or- contact the principal =
      Ms. Garganta, the Campus Manager, both distributed a packet and gave a
       PowerPoint presentation. Both were directed at Work Orders submitted for this
       campus. The packet is five pages. If you wish to read it, a copy is in the CAC
       binder in the library -or- contact Ms. Garganta = .
                The PowerPoint showed photos of the ongoing outdoor work, “Beautify
       Reagan Project”. This is the work of John Blazier, a local philanthropist who
       does much work for the district’s schools. His group will beautify the front of the
       campus as an experiment. If we maintain it, they may do more work. If we allow
       it to fall into disrepair, they will do no more.
       (Mr. Blazier =
      Ms. Garganta also told the group that the present DELTA room would be moved.
       The space will be converted into science labs. She could not say when work will
       begin. This may cause a problem since Reagan High will again be one of the
       district’s Summer School campuses.

       Mr. Fowler spoke about the tardy sweeps that are conducted periodically during
        the school day. He said the sweeps are effective because fewer and fewer
        students are being detained (Only three students in one sweep.). The sweeps do
        multiple things:
                When students are “rounded up”, their attendance records are scanned as
        well as their academic standing. If a student is a multiple offender, s/he is to
        attend Saturday School. When the student is at Saturday School, the student
        attends tutoring in his/her weak subject. If you want more information, contact
        Mr. Fowler =
       Eric Sanchez, the Dropout Intervention Specialist, along with Larry Johnson, the
        Parent Support Specialist, has been working with students who have attendance
        problems. He went into detail about the steps involved when he meets with the
        student and his/her parent. In some cases all that is needed is a meeting and a
        warning to change the student’s bad habits. In other cases it is necessary to
        involve the courts (A parent may have to pay as high as a $500.00 fine for their
        son/daughter’s absences.).
                Some students leave Reagan High because we are not the “right fit” for
        this campus. Mr. Sanchez can direct the student to alternative education. If a
        student enrolls in Alternative School X and attends just one class, s/he no longer
        affects Reagan High’s attendance or academic records.
                If you want additional information, contact either Mr. Sanchez
        ( -or- Mr. Johnson (
       Roman Lopez, Austin Police Department, spoke briefly about how the police can
        assist us with truancies and tardies. He showed a poster that local businesses can
        have and hang at their entrances. In effect it tells that if a student enters during
        school hours, the proprietor is obligated to call the police. This does double duty:
        the student knows to avoid this business; the proprietor has “an out” if students
        challenge the telephone call.
       Ms. Garza addressed TAKS tutoring. She said that students in need of extra help
        have been identified and are tutored during elective classes. Furthermore,
        Saturday School is always available. Each of the major departments has at least
        one teacher present at every Saturday School.
                She told of the method used by the Language Arts department to spotlight
        needy students and to assist them as the TAKS approaches. If you want
        information on this method, contact the Language Arts Department Head, Angela
        Gatto Buckingham ( .
New Business:

       The campus has lost three important members in the last few months: Barbara
        Ray (administration), Stephanie Fletcher (Social Studies), and Cheryl Alexander
        (Senior Class Counselor). Members of the group expressed concern that while
        we may put people “into their chairs”, qualified people might not replace them.

            -The district has placed an administrator on campus to fulfill some of Ms.
    Ray’s responsibilities. Her position has been posted on the district website.
            -Ms. Fletcher’s position has been posted. A certified teacher is teaching
    her classes in a temporary capacity (Mr. Grady, a Reagan High graduate). He
    said he would stay until we hire someone or until the end of this semester,
    whichever comes first.
            -The three remaining counselors will absorb Ms. Alexander’s duties (Her
    job has been posted.). Instead of segregating the Seniors, they will be absorbed
    into their respective slc’s. There is a chance the district will provide a substitute
    to help with graduation. If you have a question about this, contact one of the
    counselors: -Ms. Paredes (
                    -Ms. Rodriguez (
                    -Ms. Simmons (
   Along those same lines, the group was told that this campus has too many adults
    for the number of students enrolled. In years past, the administrations had used
    various monies to pay salaries for the “extras”. While this may seem like a good
    idea, eventually this campus will have to be weaned from the practice because it
    depletes funds. For example, now that Ms. Alexander has departed we have the
    correct number of counselors for our student population: three.
   There was discussion of how this campus was celebrating Black History Month.
    Three things were mentioned, two of them ongoing:
            -A Obama T-Shirt Day was celebrated. Anyone who was wearing one
    was invited to the cafeteria for a group photo. Ms. Garganta displayed one of the
    photos. If you would like to see it, contact her (above).
            -A daily Black History-related question is posed to the campus via the
    intercom. Students may give their answers. Teachers then Email the answer(s) to
    Ms. Simmons (above).
            -When students enter the library Reference Room, they’ll see a Black
    History Contest poster. The contest is challenging and entry blanks are available
    from the library staff. Please visit the library before 2/20/09, the last day of the
    contest, to see the poster and tto get your entry blank.
   Mr. Weeks gave the group a handout advertising a combination community
    dinner and production of Dreamgirls, being put on by the Reagan High Drama
    Department. The dinner is scheduled for 2/5/09 at 5:30 PM in the school
    cafeteria; the play is being put on through this weekend. Everyone who attends
    the dinner will receive 50% discount for the play. For more information about
    Dreamgirls, contact the teacher, Nikki Guckian =
            Mr. Weeks also reported that there are over 20 schools in the state that are
    in danger of being closed or modified, much like Reagan High. He said there is a
    possibility that a bill may reach the floor of the state legislature that may take
    away the Texas Education Agency’s power to close schools. On 3/16/09, people
    from around the state will meet at the Capitol to speak to their representatives.
            State Representative Dawna Dukes oversees this area. If you wish to
    contact her, you may do so at her office =

      Ms. Garza said that the Reagan High Positive Behavior Support (pbs) has been
       recognized as one of the best in the area. If you wish to find out more about pbs =
 If you wish to place an item on the agenda for an upcoming CAC meeting, please contact
 the co-chair well in advance of the meeting:
       Ms. Chatham =
       Mr. Arroyo =

At this writing, no agenda has been set for the next meeting. The next meeting is
scheduled to meet in the campus Conference Center on 3/4/09 at 5:30 PM. Any
interested party may attend.
Any errors should be pointed out to the CAC Secretary immediately.
Respectfully submitted,

Jordan Grams
Secretary, Campus Advisory Council


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