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					          NEW ACTION
                      SFPIRG always welcomes new Action Groups.

What is an Action Group?
An Action Group consists of volunteers who come together with an interest in a similar
issue related to social and environmental justice. Each Action Group operates under the
banner of SFPIRG and receives financial and organizational support from SFPIRG.
Action Groups have access to a semesterly budget ($500), skills training (i.e. facilitation,
event organizing, anti-oppression), resources (photocopying, supplies, computers),
storage and meeting space.

Being part of an Action Group can give you the opportunity to explore issues that you are
interested in and promote positive social change on campus and in the community.
Action Groups usually meet once a week for 1-2 hours to work on campaigns, events or
other projects that is decided up by the members of the group.

Examples of Current and Past Action
Ancient Forests, Climate Change, Environmental, Food Not Bombs, Letters For the
Inside, Rhythm Collective, Anti-war Group, Anti-Capitalist Propaganda Machine, Chat
SFU, Organic Garden Group, Latin American Issues Discussion Group, People of Colour
Collective, Queer Ally Project, Radical Cheerleaders, Respect Refugees, Scarlet Tide
Brigade, Students Against Sweatshops, Student Transit Action Group, Students For a
Free Tibet, Technology Action Group, Women of Colour.

How to Become an Action Group
If you are interested in starting a new Action Group, please fill out this application and
submit it to the Board of Directors of SFPIRG for consideration. The decision is based on
whether the mandate of the Action Group falls within SFPIRG’s mandate as a social
justice and environmental resource centre. You also need four active members to start an
Action Group. If you have more questions about this process please read the attached
Rights and Responsibilities of Action Groups or contact a staff person.

               SFPIRG - SFU’s student-run social and environmental justice centre
               TC 326, SFU. Burnaby BC V5A 1S6
Proposed Action Group Name:

Contact Person




Desired email address for Action Group: (

General Basis of Unity/Objective:

Main Goal(s):

Specific Plans and timeline for the semester (please be as concrete as possible):

One liner for SFPIRG promotional materials:

One paragraph for SFPIRG website:

               SFPIRG - SFU’s student-run social and environmental justice centre
               TC 326, SFU. Burnaby BC V5A 1S6
        Please include the members of your potential Action Group:

          NAME                           PHONE                                EMAIL


SFPIRG provides Action Groups with:
   Webspace on
   Email address (
   Mailbox and locker space at SFPIRG
   Access to resources: office supplies, computers, photocopying, digital camera,
     mini disk & iRiver recorder, meeting room space, campus room bookings, weekly
     poster run
   Event organizing and campaign support
   General publicity (promotion on our website, PIRGIE News, SFPIRG leaflets etc)
   Semesterly budget of $500
   Volunteer appreciation, socials
   Workshops
         Consensus & facilitation
         Minute taking tips
         Layout and design
         Other skills building and issue based workshops

Some Tips for New Action Groups:
   The semester flies by. Make your plans as far in advance as possible.
   Be realistic about what you can do.
   Ask as many questions as you need. SFPIRG and the staff are here to support you
     and your work.

All new Action Group volunteers should:
          Attend an SFPIRG orientation/been oriented to the SFPIRG space
          Fill out Volunteer/Library User Form
          Received a copy of:
                 Action Group Resource Guide Handout
                 SFPIRG New Volunteer Package
                 Consensus brochure
                    SFPIRG Policy and Procedures Manual (copy available in office)

             SFPIRG - SFU’s student-run social and environmental justice centre
             TC 326, SFU. Burnaby BC V5A 1S6

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