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because first impressions count au


									because first impressions count

The Australian label began over 15 years
ago, with the belief that the hallmark of a
true man is one who knows how to wear
a suit and make a lasting impression. The
knowledge that it takes just one first glance
for someone to evaluate you, is the reason
Zenetti began their pursuit to deliver stylish
and accessible menswear for any formal or
special occasion. Today, more than ever, from
head to toe, suits, shirts, vests, neckwear...the
label continues to define the finer points that
make all the difference.

Zenetti...because first impressions count.
Pocket Hanks
This season, try to add a ‘little’ style to your next
occasion. The pocket hank is the most overlooked
accessory and often marks the difference between
a nice and a perfect look! It is not meant to be
a flower substitute, so avoid scrunching it, and
instead quarter the fabric to show just a sliver from
your chest pocket. Most Zenetti silk ties come with
matching hanks.

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Fine wool charcoal suit with detailed Colombia stitching
ZSU011                                     $699.00 RRP
Luxurious Silk tie and hank set in Ivory
ZTH001                                      $69.95 RRP
Pure white shirt with French cuffs
ZSH009                                      $69.95 RRP     ZSU011
The Dinner Suit
The dinner suit is probably the sexiest, most manly
suit you will ever wear! While some call it a dinner
suit, others prefer calling it a tuxedo. Either way, a
black tie suit traditionally has a satin trim lapel on
the jacket.
Zenetti defines formalwear; choose from a variety
of styles in the 2010 range.

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Super Fine Wool dinner suit with satin notch lapel
ZSU004                                     $799.00 RRP
Fly front, swiss pleated bib front shirt in white
ZSH010                                          $74.95 RRP
Long black classic satin tie
LTSATIN                                       $39.95 RRP     ZSU004
ZSU003   ZSU002
because first impressions count

Zenetti Ties
Whether it be thin or thick, the tie is there to
compliment not overpower your shirt. Tasteful
and subdued will always define your outfit for the
right reasons. Select soft silk ties that have a natural
sheen with smaller patterns, colours and textures to
complete the look.
Zenetti ties are made only from luxurious fine silk
with stylish patterns and textures to meet any
requirements for your next occasion.

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Pure wool grey with subtle pin stripe
ZSU005                                    $499.00 RRP
Matching vest
ZV005                                     $129.95 RRP
Lilac shirt with single cuff
ISH003                                      $49.95 RRP
Lilac silk tie
ZLT009                                      $59.95 RRP     ZSU005
Three Piece Suit
All good things, like suits, come in threes and
nothing screams style, class and sophistication
more than a three piece suit. All of Zenetti’s range
of suits come with matching vests to compliment
the jacket and pants to ensure a timeless classic.

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Pure wool charcoal suit chalk pin stripe
ZSU006                                     $499.00 RRP
Matching vest
ZV006                                      $129.95 RRP
White fly front with French cuff shirt
ZSH008                                      $69.95 RRP
Silk tie and hank set Charcoal
ZTH003                                      $69.95 RRP   ZSU006

The finer points make all the difference - but can
also attract attention for all the wrong reasons.
Avoid novelty themes and never be too flashy
with your cufflinks - stick to classic metals, colours,
shapes and patterns. Zenetti has a full range of
accessories from neckwear, shoes, belts, cufflinks,
braces and even socks to individualise your next
outfit the right way.

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Silk bowties                          from $49.95 RRP
Cufflinks                             from $59.95 RRP
The great thing about a vest is its versatility.
You can wear it with the suit jacket, without a
jacket or even with jeans and a shirt. With a range
of stylish vests in different colours and fabrics,
Zenetti will ensure the vest becomes your favourite
item of clothing...

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Soft patterned vest to match tie in a natural shine
ZV012                                         $99.95 RRP
Silk tie and hank set Black
ZTH005                                      $69.95 RRP     ZV012
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